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MLb: August 26th Picks


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Re: MLb: August 26th Picks Going a little bit harder today to make up for some recent losses :loon Philly -2.5 @ 2.39 pinnacleOswalt is 6-7, with a 3.51 ERA as he has allowed 3 runs or less in 7 of his last 10 starts, and looks to win his 3rd successive start. His record does not reflect how good he is and he will be looking to make up for that with another strong performance here, as he allowed just 8 hits in the 5-0 road win over Washington. He is 1-0 with a 3.72 ERA in 3 starts against Florida. Hensley is 1-5, with a 5.47 ERA as he has allowed at lest 3 runs in his last 5 starts and going 0-3 in these starts. The Phillies are hitting well and are 9-3 against Florida this season, including 5-1 at home, and winning 3 of their last 4 at home by at least 3 runs Atlanta -2.5 @ 2.93 pinnacle Hudson is 13-7, with a 3.01 ERA as he has allowed 2 runs or less in 7 in his last 8 starts, with 7 runs allowed in his last 5 home starts. He allowed just 3 hits in the 4-1 road win over the Mets earlier this month, and is 7-0 with a 1.64 ERA in his last 10 August starts. They have been hitting well and like them to get to Capuano who is 9-11, with a 4.71 ERA and has allowed at least 4 runs in 6 of his last 7 starts, with 15 runs allowed in his last 4 home starts. Atlanta have won 16 of their last 21 games while the Mets have won just 5 of their last 21 games, so with the Braves the form they are in and with the better pitcher, like them to win this and continue their quest for a wildcard spot in the playoffs Detroit -2.5 @ 2.87 pinnacle Porcello is 11-8, with a 5.17 ERA and has allowed 17 runs in his last 3 games, so he is due to bounce back, especially against a Minnesota side that is not hitting the ball all that well. He allowed 6 runs in the 9-6 home loss to them, so here is another reason why he should be much better this time around, as he had a 2.55 ERA in winning all 3 of his starts against them this season. Diamond starts for the Twins and he is 0-1, with a 4.26 ERA and he allowed 4 runs in the 6-3 loss to Cleveland in July. The Tigers are hitting and like them to get some runs against him. LA Dodgers -2.5 @ 3.72 pinnacle Lilly is 7-13, with a 4.58 and has pitched well in his last 3 starts, allowing just 6 runs but has lost all of them. He has allowed just 2 runs in each of his last 2 home starts and has gone 2-0 with a 3.24 ERA in 3 starts against Colorado this season, and allowed 3 runs on 3 hits in the 7-6 road loss to them last weekend. He was opposed by Rogers who allowed 4 runs on 12 hits in that game. He is 6-2, with a 6.00 ERA and is 1-5 with a 5.59 ERA in 6 games against the LA Dodgers in his career. Rogers also allowed 3 runs on 4 hits in 1 innings comng out of the bullpen in the 8-5 road loss to them in July this year, so they have hit, and like them to do so again August picks: 39-67 (-15.96) July picks: 54-62 (+3.14) June picks: 53-72 (-2.95) May picks: 31-73 (-30.18) April picks: 45-56 (+2.52)

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