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** October Nap's Competition Result: 1st Zilzalian, 2nd Mickyftm32, 3rd Joales, 4th internetmails KO Cup: redno2009, Most Winners: Xtc12**
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st MrJol, 2nd buga00, 3rd glavintoby, 4th Boulder5111, 5th bobsyerunkle **

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Less than an hour to ko here so I don't think this will be seen by too many.Two 1/10 bets for me here to test out the bookies odds.FELDA +1AH @ 1.725...Bet366.....the odds were 1.775 when I tried to put on the bet and then dropped twice before finally settling at 1.725.Kelantan are a good team but away from home they are 4-2-3 for 14 ag 12 and Felda at home are 5-3-1 for 13 ag 6.That 1 loss was to Selangor(1st place away form 7-2-1 for 15 ag 6 by 1-0).Also this is Kelantan's 6th game since the 3rd may while it'll be Felda's 4th in the same time. The other pick is TERENGGANU @ 1.9 0,+.5.....bet366.They are 5-3-3 away and have only lost one of their last 15 games.Muda are 3-4-2 at home so I think the odds hold a bit of value for the away team.Terengganu already beat Muda 3-1 at home and seem quite capable of getting a point here. No team news but small stakes bets based on stats/form etc......

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