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Japan J League 2011 Thread

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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread Shimizu vs Nagoya Away side has been not so clever on the road in last games and will target an improving tomorrow in this game. They can do it as they are very in form and very good overall. Shimizu made a mediocre season and will a real tough test here. I fancy an away win as the guests are fighting for something called "Title". away win @ 2.10 with Ladbrokes

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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread Gamba vs Urawa Home side are the leading champions and will fight here for the win. Against a weaker opponent, they must win. Away side is 2 points above the last relegation spot and they must fight hard to survive. But the value is on Gamba which has a thrilling 10 wins, 3 draws and just 1 defeat at home and an incredible goal difference of 35 goals cored and 21 conceded. home -1 AH @ 2.09 with 188bet

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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread

Saturday 22 October 2011 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Montedio Yamagata v Gamba Osaka (06:00 BST) 6 4.4 1.66 99.39 %
maximize.gif Omiya Ardija v Nagoya Grampus (06:00 BST) 4.5 3.7 1.95 100.53 %
maximize.gif Sanfrecce Hiroshima v Kashiwa Reysol (06:00 BST) 2.76 3.55 2.72 101.17 %
maximize.gif Vegalta Sendai v Kawasaki Frontale (06:00 BST) 2.26 3.7 3.5 99.85 %
maximize.gif Yokohama F. Marinos v Urawa Red Diamonds (06:00 BST) 1.97 3.5 4.5 101.56 %
maximize.gif Kashima Antlers v Vissel Kobe (09:00 BST) 1.6 4.2 6.4 101.93 %
Sunday 23 October 2011 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Shimizu S-Pulse v Ventforet Kofu (05:00 BST) 2 3.55 4.2 101.98 %
maximize.gif Albirex Niigata v Avispa Fukuoka (06:00 BST) 1.57 4.1 6.2 104.16 %
maximize.gif Júbilo Iwata v Cerezo Osaka (06:00 BST) 2.2 3.55 3.4 103.04 %
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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread

Thursday 3 November 2011 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Gamba Osaka v Kashima Antlers (05:00 BST) 1.95 3.5 3.76 106.39 %
maximize.gif Kashiwa Reysol v Albirex Niigata (05:00 BST) 1.72 3.65 4.75 106.59 %
maximize.gif Kawasaki Frontale v Omiya Ardija (05:00 BST) 1.95 3.45 3.8 106.52 %
maximize.gif Nagoya Grampus v Cerezo Osaka (05:00 BST) 1.72 3.73 4.7 105.98 %
maximize.gif Ventforet Kofu v Yokohama F. Marinos (05:00 BST) 3.51 3.3 2.1 106.41 %
maximize.gif Avispa Fukuoka v Shimizu S-Pulse (08:00 BST) 4.55 3.45 1.81 106.21 %
maximize.gif Urawa Red Diamonds v Júbilo Iwata (08:00 BST) 2.05 3.35 3.65 106.03 %
maximize.gif Vegalta Sendai v Sanfrecce Hiroshima (08:00 BST) 1.9 3.4 4.15 106.14 %
maximize.gif Vissel Kobe v Montedio Yamagata (08:00 BST) 1.68 3.65 5.17 106.26 %
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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread Gamba Osaka vs Kashima Antlers Gamba Osaka definitely needs a win in order to keep alive their chances of getting another title. There will be a tough game, but as Kasima has nothing to play for and being after the hangover after the win in Nabisco Cup, I found a reliable result. Home side is a force on home ground with 11 wins, 3 draws and 1 defeat. Despite the great form of Kashima of just 1 defeat in last 17 games, I think in this game will be hard for them to stay undefeated. home win @ 1.91 with Coral Kashiwa Reysol vs Albirex Niigata Home side is the leading team in japan, a new promoted side with a lot of quality. With a great evolution at home, having 12 wins and 3 defeats are meeting a team that stays 8 points above the relegation line, Albirex Niigata. Home side is in a great form with 4 consecutive wins in last 4 games. away side never been a team to impress on away games and so it is this year too. Despite winning last game away to Frontale, they have just 4 wins and 3 draws. I expect away side to lose the game and home side to remain in top of the League. No major absentees in the teams! home win @ 1.79 with 188bet Kawasaki Frontale vs Omiya Ardija Home side is in a painful situation with just 2 wins in last 13 games and will meet a team that is very good on away games: 7 win, 4 draws and 4 defeats for Omiya. 2 important players will be absent from the midfield of Omiya, Murakami and Watabe, while Frontale will not be available Igawa, Yokohama and Saneto. Due to the appetite for getting points from away games and due to the fact that Omiya is just 5 points above the red line, I expect them to stay undefeated in this match. away +0.5 AH @ 1.98 with 188bet

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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread Ventforet Kofu vs Yokohama F.Marinos Home side needs the win here as they are 2 points from salvation. Will be very hard for them as they meet a very good side, but the away side it is totally out of form. With 5 win less games, Marinos are not fighting anymore for title or for a ACL place - being 7 points from it. They have lost 1-2 home with Urawa and that is why Kofu is under Urawa now. With 2 great strikers like League top scorer Havenaar and Paulinho, Kofu can win the match. home +0.25 AH @ 1.92 with >Victor Chandler Nagoya Grampus Eight vs Cerezo Osaka Home side is the former champions of Japan and now are just 3 points from defending their title. Cerezo is almost safe from relegation, but are a very unpredictable team - 0-4 with Kofu at home for winning 4-0 to Iwata against Jubilo. Nagoya is a force and mainly due to their topscorers, Tamada 13 goals and Kennedy 16 goals. Nagoya is a good team at home with 9 wins and 5 draws, only 1 defeat and plays a match that is more important for them, than for the away team. home win @ 1.73 with Coral Avispa Fukuoka vs Shimizu S-Pulse Home side is relegated already, but that doesn't mean this will be an easy game for Shimizu. Home side has made 4 victims at home like Hiroshima and Frontale.Both were in poor form when playing here, but the wins of Avispa were deserved. Shimizu is in a great run with 3 wins in last 4 games and with 1 draw, the other result.They have just 3 wins away this season and 7 draws.I believe in an away win, first one for Shimizu after many games on foreign venues. They are better than Avispa and I think the players will want to show to the coach they deserve to remain at the team also next season. away win @ 1.91 with 188bet

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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread Vissel Kobe vs Montedio Yamagata Only a fool can think that away side can escape from relegation. But knowing the Japanese, I think Montedio will come here at least to try. But Kobe is very in form and made an excellent 1-1 to Antlers. being 7 points from Kofu, home side will try to win to clarify their stay into this league. Montedio has been crashed 0-5 at home by Gamba Osaka and taht must have ravaging their morale. For me is a clear home win in this game. home win @ 1.82 with Canbet

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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread

Event Kobe - Montedio Yamagata
Selection Under 2,5
Strength 10/10
Date 03/11/2011
Bookmaker/Price Canbet @ 1.97
Reasoning A home win here will seal the maintenance of Kobe and the authomatic relegation of Montedio Yamagata. With four game sto play, the scenario is not for desperation for the hosts and the visitors knows that only a miracle could avoid them to fall on relegation. They use to be stronger than Kobe in the recent games between the two teams, with three wins and a draw in the last four games. This season they are much worse, with a low budget. But depsite that, they will resist as far as they can. In this specific game, i think it will be a poor spectacle and also with few goals as the teams will play closed, not risking too much.
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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread Urawa Red vs Jubilo Iwata Home side must win! I will place this bet now as the result from Ventforet Kofu vs Marinos is already 1-0 with 15 minutes to go. Urawa must win now in order to stay safe. Iwata comes after a thrashing defeat, 0-4 home with Cerezo, and must be a low morale team. Uraw was seen by many a title contender, in the end they end this season fighting for survival. I expect although a win for them against Jubilo here. home win @ 2.10 with Coral

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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread Haven't found the proper thread but I will go here! Gifu vs Kusatsu Gifu is relegated already, but that is not something that stops them from making victims: 4-4 with Sagan Tosu and 2-1 to Okayama. Away side looks good in last 6 games having 4 draws and 2 defeats. Thespa lost 2 times with Gifu away and won once. When playing at home, Thespa won in all the matches. I will give credit to the stats and I believe that Thespa will win the match. Will not be easy, might be a match of fight with 1 or 2 goals , but I think away side will get the win! away win @ 2.30 with betsafe Yokohama vs Shonan Home side is in a painfull situation and might get relegated. Win less in last 13 games, with just 3 points they are on 18 spot and only a miracle might help them. Away side is 6 points from the area and will want to stay unbeaten here. Shonan was a J-League Team last year and I think they will want to get back on winnings. My bet goes on their side! away win @ 2.60 with William Hill

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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread

Saturday 19 November 2011 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Albirex Niigata v Gamba Osaka (05:00 GMT) 4.2 3.85 1.96 100.80 %
maximize.gif Júbilo Iwata v Ventforet Kofu (05:00 GMT) 2 3.6 4.5 100.00 %
maximize.gif Sanfrecce Hiroshima v Kawasaki Frontale (05:00 GMT) 2.16 3.55 3.65 101.86 %
maximize.gif Urawa Red Diamonds v Vegalta Sendai (05:00 GMT) 2.37 3.45 3.45 100.08 %
maximize.gif Yokohama F. Marinos v Nagoya Grampus (05:00 GMT) 3.2 3.45 2.4 101.90 %
maximize.gif Montedio Yamagata v Avispa Fukuoka (08:00 GMT) 2.04 3.55 4.2 101.00 %
maximize.gif Omiya Ardija v Kashima Antlers (08:00 GMT) 3.65 3.35 2.27 101.30 %
Sunday 20 November 2011 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Shimizu S-Pulse v Kashiwa Reysol (04:00 GMT) 3.4 3.4 2.26 103.07 %
maximize.gif Cerezo Osaka v Vissel Kobe (07:00 GMT) 1.91 3.75 4.2 102.83 %
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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread

Saturday 26 November 2011 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Gamba Osaka v Vegalta Sendai (05:00 GMT) 1.57 4.3 6.4 102.52 %
maximize.gif Kashima Antlers v Shimizu S-Pulse (05:00 GMT) 1.91 3.5 4.3 104.18 %
maximize.gif Kashiwa Reysol v Cerezo Osaka (05:00 GMT) 1.52 4.4 7 102.80 %
maximize.gif Kawasaki Frontale v Yokohama F. Marinos (05:00 GMT) 2.44 3.35 3 104.17 %
maximize.gif Nagoya Grampus v Montedio Yamagata (05:00 GMT) 1.25 6 15 103.33 %
maximize.gif Avispa Fukuoka v Urawa Red Diamonds (08:30 GMT) 5.2 3.85 1.75 102.35 %
maximize.gif Sanfrecce Hiroshima v Omiya Ardija (08:30 GMT) 1.89 3.5 5 101.48 %
Sunday 27 November 2011 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Ventforet Kofu v Albirex Niigata (04:00 GMT) 2.3 3.45 3.25 103.23 %
maximize.gif Vissel Kobe v Júbilo Iwata (04:00 GMT) 2.5 3.3 3 103.64 %
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Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread

Saturday 3 December 2011 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Albirex Niigata v Nagoya Grampus (06:30 GMT) 5.5 4.1 1.72 100.47 %
maximize.gif Cerezo Osaka v Avispa Fukuoka (06:30 GMT) 1.47 4.9 7.8 101.26 %
maximize.gif Júbilo Iwata v Kawasaki Frontale (06:30 GMT) 2.49 3.55 3.05 101.12 %
maximize.gif Montedio Yamagata v Sanfrecce Hiroshima (06:30 GMT) 4.25 3.7 1.94 102.10 %
maximize.gif Omiya Ardija v Ventforet Kofu (06:30 GMT) 2.3 3.5 3.5 100.62 %
maximize.gif Shimizu S-Pulse v Gamba Osaka (06:30 GMT) 4.33 3.9 1.9 101.35 %
maximize.gif Urawa Red Diamonds v Kashiwa Reysol (06:30 GMT) 4.33 3.65 1.96 101.49 %
maximize.gif Vegalta Sendai v Vissel Kobe (06:30 GMT) 2.13 3.4 4 101.36 %
maximize.gif Yokohama F. Marinos v Kashima Antlers (06:30 GMT) 2.58 3.35 2.96 102.39 %
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