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PDC World Darts Championship (Dec 26 - Jan 3)

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Re: PDC World Darts Championship (Dec 26 - Jan 3) Totally agreed again Paul. He was going for that treble a lot last night (and missing!). He certainly didn't get his game together last night, and if Anderson had been on any sort of double hitting form it would have been very close. Dudbridge played superb to keep his game together after some of the pro Mardle fans seemed to get a little too vocal, and I think tonight could be a cracker. From memory Taylor won the World Matchplay against Dudbridge in the summer at Blackpool, but I don't think it was a cakewalk. Worth taking Dudbridge on the handicap? Will have to check out what is available when I get home from work - bloody firewall:wall Mind you if there was no firewall here, I'd be bankrupt probably:loon

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Re: PDC World Darts Championship (Dec 26 - Jan 3) Just found the match report from the World Matchplay final. Dudbridge kept it very close for a long time before Taylor pulled clear

Phil 'The Power' Taylor's relentless charge towards sporting immortality was given another boost in Blackpool as he claimed his fifth successive World Matchplay crown. Taylor was at his pulsating best to power to an 18-8 win over Mark 'Flash' Dudbridge. Taylor's victory was his seventh overall in the World Matchplay format and Phil seems to have renewed enthusiasm for the game. He stated at the beginning of the week that if anybody wanted to beat him they would have to average over 100 and practice every bit as hard as he does. Well, on this evidence the chasing pack have someway to go yet. Full credit to Dudbridge though. He has earned many admirers this week but he never really pushed Taylor. A case of nerves and possibly a lack of stamina after some long matches earlier in the tournament combined to just affect Dudbridge's accuracy around the treble. It all started promisingly enough for Flash with a 180 in the very first leg and it went with throw for the first four legs. But Taylor's knack of winning the very important legs is what sets him apart from mere mortals. He broke throw in the 5th leg and from that moment on Dudbridge was always chasing the match. The game then settled down with throw again up untill the 15th when Phil managed to break throw yet again to make it 9-6. At that stage Mark was still in the game but no-one was expecting the run of legs that followed. 10 legs in a row for The Power put the result beyond any doubt, the highlight of which being a 146 finish, Phil's highest of the week. Taylor also hit eight maximum's and averaged a magical 100. Dudbridge's moment of glory came with a 136 checkout in the 25th leg to stop the rot, a shot so good Phil gave him a high five. Dudbridge, who's victories in the earlier rounds over Wayne Mardle, Alan Warriner, Peter Manley and Ronnie Baxter did not disgrace himself and he will never go into a major tournament at odds of 80/1 again! But when you're up against the greatest ever player to throw tungsten it's always going to be a struggle. "I've worked very hard this week," said Phil. "I started off fantastically well and just took my foot off the pedal and got a bit slack towards the end and he won a couple of legs. "I'm very proud of Mark this week, he's played great and he's a lovely lad as well." Mark, while obviously disappointed, admitted that the week has been a learning curve. "I can take a lot out of this week, it's all experience for me in the long run but full credit to Phil, he's the greatest there's ever been
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Re: PDC World Darts Championship (Dec 26 - Jan 3) Well if Sid Waddell was here, he'd be telling you all about Phil Taylor's stacking technique (which let's face it, is the most effective system of throwing darts out there but only because it's being used by Phil Taylor!). ....if he's recovered from his throat infection, Sid will no doubt mention that at least once during the final. Stats could be telling but the only reason in my opinion why Mark Dudbridge has thown more 180s than Phil Taylor is because he's had more sets to do them in (Dudbridge had 31 sets in his matches compared to Taylor's 22). Number of 180s thrown by Phil Taylor in the finals: 2004: EIGHT (7-6 win over Kevin Painter) 2003: EIGHT (6-7 loss to John Part) 2002: TEN (7-0 win over Peter Manley) 2001: FIVE (7-0 win over John Part) 2000: EIGHT (7-3 win over Dennis Priestley) 1999: TEN (6-2 win over Peter Manley) 1998: SEVEN (6-0 win over Dennis Priestley) 1997: TEN (6-3 win over Dennis Priestley) 1996: TEN (6-4 win over Dennis Priestley) 1995: FOUR (6-2 win over Rod Harrington) 1994: FOUR (1-6 loss to Dennis Priestley) True, Dudbridge did incredibly well yesterday throwing THIRTEEN 180s against Wayne Mardle but that was over ten sets. Taylor can turn it up but he can also turn it down. Dudbridge however will have to maintain yesterday's incredible form. Hell, Anderson threw more 180s than Taylor yesterday so it's a good bet you've got going there. ....if Dudbridge can throw SEVEN more, he'll overtake Wayne Mardle's haul of 33 and that makes the 'buy @ 43' quote on Sporting Index's PDC 180s Index kinda tempting (50 points for the guy with the most 180s, 30 points for second, 20 third and 10 points fourth). Those funsters at Skybet have got their markets (will the final winning leg of the match be won on a checkout of less or more than 40.5?, etc). S'funny how both Dudbridge and Taylor almost got 9-darters yesterday but both missed out on the treble 19 with their eighth dart (it's just as well, Ladbrokes apparently haven't put up a prize for anyone doing a 9-darter this time around). The correct score could be anything. Taylor may let Dudbridge escape with a few sets but surely it won't got to a 7-6 scoreline thrice in three years?

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