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PDC Darts World Championship

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Congrats to everyone on Lewis:clap 2 Losses for me tonight but I was cheering Jackpot on all the way. Thought he deserved it most and a 9 darter in the final is magic:notworthy:notworthy He almost brought the 170 checkout home for me too.

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship A decent last couple of nights saved a bit of the embarassment the tournament had been up until then. I end it -19.76. Absolutely superb tournament from a darts point of view though. Well done to all who ended in profit :clap:clap.

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship

ok folks it's that time of year again when we cma look forward to the best dart players chasing THe title they all want and hope we have as many winnesr on thi site as last year when we had some astounding and sound advice being shared i will start with some early outirghts but have my eye on a few others bets just waiting for other markets to see various prices anyway lets get on with it. PAUL NICHOLSON 66/1 EW. Just for you Kev!, regular visitors here know how highly i rate this guy, qtr finalist here in his debut year, players championship winner, and for me the ability to be a top 8 player, the Asset is a big call here. Paul is undoubtedly in the toughest section of the draw which includes 4 world champions,TAYLOR, BEATON, WEBSTER, PART. and the likes of Lloyd, Stompe and Baxter, there can be no doubt whoever reaches the semi finals from this lot wiil feeel they deserve to win the whole thing. I don't think i have seen aqtr containing so many quality players before so i may take another one or two here, as this half contains Taylor the odds on th rest are very generous and if Taylor ain't back to his best one of this lot WILL take him out. Back to Nicholson though he played well at the GSOD a avg mid 90s and looking in good form throughout his finishing was back and he was scoring better than he had for a while. Yaeh he has a tricky first round tie in Steve Farmer who won a tour event this year earning him his debut here that for me is the telling fact Nicholson has played at this massive venue before whereas farmer has'nt and could be overawed i'll back paul to get past farmer and then he will have to get past Taylor, Part or Stompe just to reach the last 8! Paul has no self confidence issues he will relish the thought of playing any of them and on form the Aussie IS capable of knocking them out yes even Taylor , remember he beat an in form Taylor to win the PC along with consecutive 100+ finishing. this lad oozes class. and he is now a top 16 player on merit and with the real possibility of a PL place for 2011, he will want to impress i backed him at 80s to win the PC you trusted me then and hope i can give you another winner this time 7/10 ADRIAN LEWIS 25/1 EW. never thought i would see myself condoning the backing of Aidy to be world champ , but then again i never thought i would see him come back from behind and beat Taylor! the display from Lewis in that game in Ireland when he was 4 -2 down was without doubt the best display of darts i have seen for a long time he absouluely hammered the treble twenty, and rocked Taylor with a scoring burst he had no reply to. That win was a big monkey off Lewis's back he himself doubted he would vere beat Taylor and to do it by snatching victory from the jaws of defeat showed me a side of Lewis i have never seen before. He can now chase down opponents (some thing he was never good at before )along with Anderson, Thornton, Jenkins he was always a better playeer if leading. but never seemed to have that ability to stage a comeback if he went behind. He has now shown he has the bottle and in a qtr that includes only two players to have reached the final here before (whitlock, and Dudbridge) Jackpot will fancy his chances no one in this section can touch him when he is scoring at his best indeed only an on form Anderson is capable of matching Lewis's scoring and at 25s he is a very tasty bet for me i.m taking Aidy outight and needless to say i will be taking himto win this qtr too. 7/10
ok so nicholson was aboo boo but very happy with the other
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another outright from me in the 3rd qtr which really is the most open qtr of the draw. WES NEWTON 200/1. EW absoulute lunacy to rank Wes at these odds, i know he has struggled to make an impact on tv events but this guy everyone agrees is just so close to a good run in a tournament a reliable guy on the tour and is ranked in the top 16 so why he is this long is a mystery to me and as i alluded to earlier he is in what for me is the easiest section of the draw. ok Wade is the top seed in it but he is lower than a snakes belly just now, that Waites defeat at the GS i feeel has really got top James and his form is suffering ( could'nt happen to a nicer guy). anyway Wade apart it is hard to see any real stand outs in this qtr Jenkins, again has not got a great record here.Klaasen, Walsh, Painter and Tabern i think they would all fancy thier chances against each other but Wes for me has to make the break through soonand why not this time at a stupid price. 4/10 GARY ANDERSON 20/1 EW. i know , backing Lewis and Anderson i must be crazy but i have to go with a fellow Scot too. Gary is now a top 10 PDC player on merit and surely a shoe in for the PL 2011. so he goes into this event with confidence, runner up at teh UK open in May and on the back of just being edged out by Jones at the GSOD Gary is the real deal now. i know we cant trust him on his doubles even if he walked up to the board and palced them in by hand could we really trust him to hit them, i don't know. the advantage Gary has is his sheer scoring power onley Lewis can match a fully flowing Anderson an thaey are in opposite halves of the draw, but we still have that achilles heel of his arse going in Dublin 3-2 up against Taylor it went and likewise against Woody at Wolverhampton the same lost agame he had won, but i think that is something we are going to have to contend with for a while along with Anderson in this qtr is Barney (sorry for me he is now a spent force i don't like his mind set anymore and i think other players will know now get in front of him and he's gone ) KIng, still grieving for his father.oand Osbborne Caven and Bates all good tour players but yet to prove themselves at the sharp end so i think you might agree Anderson is the sensible choice for this qtr, can't believe i just said that think i'd better go and lie down ! 8/10
happy with this too should have had them facimg each other in the semis
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