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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd muttley, 3rd Burnley Joe **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st MrJol, 2nd buga00, 3rd glavintoby, 4th Boulder5111, 5th bobsyerunkle **

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Re: Database Error try this : - open a few browser windows on different locations, preferable with moving picture, like hotmail and yahoo etc... - in the browser where you have PL click on Refresh, or any page will do - immediately visit the other browser windows and click on some stuff - go back to the browser with PL and you should get the error after a few tries. worked straight away on my PC, then again it is prehistoric :cry

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Re: Database Error persistent connections being switch on in your config.php file can cause issues like this. And running the Repair / Optimise Tables in the admin cp can be useful. Along with Storing CSS Stylesheets as Files......makes pages slightly quicker to display. However, this is coming from somebody that has just spilt pepsi over his tower unit :\

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Re: Database Error Anyone else still having speed problems witht the site? Seems to be very random, some times the site zooms along & other times it takes a good few seconds to open a page, or to add a reply etc... Seems to be getting worse for me recently ohwell.gif

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