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Found 5 results

  1. This is my first post on this forum! I want to describe all my ups and downs in online poker and my observations on poker topics!
  2. I have £5 in my account and using free rolls, tournaments and regular cash poker. i am going to attempt to turn it into a large sum of money. Here i will post winnings and updates on how i get on. The thread will end when i have no money left fingers crossed it works so i can quit my job Rules : i will be playing free rolls but will only post updates when i win
  3. So where to start well it's fair to say that this last week did not start off optimal , first I started of playing spin games that are out of my usual buy in range and end up losing a few hundred pounds which won't really as effected me too bad and I could just chalk it up as a gamble that didn't work out and all still within my separate gambling bankroll. This gambling bankroll is my cut-off point and means i'm only gambling with previous winnings and therefore it doesn't impact my day to day living and on the whole ensures it stays fun. Unfortunately it didn't stay fun and instead of sleeping in between night shifts on Sunday and Monday night I went on a crazy session where I ended up making many deposits out of my personal bank account totalling about £2700 I think all said and done , now for some people that would be okay and within the world and poker sometimes we become immune to realising the different value that each given amount has to individuals. I fair to say I'm not an individual who can afford to take that kind of hit to my finances and just not even think about it. In fact it has swiped a highly significant portion of my disposable income that I clearly could of put to much more effective use , but it's fair to say it very much opened my eyes wider to how dangerous and addictive gambling can be and how it's possible that some people end up losing everything through it , given that I thought I was a relatively sensible gambler I didn't think that I would end up going through this kind of experience. The one saving grace for me in this is the fact that finally at 7pm I dragged myself away from chasing the losses still with money in my account to cover my bills without any issues , but I was obviously a bit devastated out how the day had panned out given that I should of been asleep for most of the day in between shifts and now I had t start work after already being awake 33 hours , this is again not advisable. I'm not posting this for any kind of sympathy but as an outlet to channel my recovery to sticking to winning at the micro's and maybe bringing awareness to just how close is the line between gambling for fun and chasing can be ,,,,, remember when the fun stops just stop. So where do I start given that I'm unlikely to be winning that money back in the very near future at my usual stakes , well I'm trying my best to mentally write it off as a learning experience and after each sleep since I feel a little better about it so hopefully i'll be able to focus on playing my usual stake on Pokerstars which I'm backed for grind it back up that way , I;d also like to go back to digging out some of the value tourneys I used to play on other sites possibly via some staking if anyone is interested I would be happy to discuss terms. I'll continue to post up in this thread my journey tracking my progress and seeing if we can have a positive end to 2018.
  4. sgNos

    Social poker

    Hey, guys, I have a question. I've recently started to play poker seriousely. I am planning to join some large championship this year I guess. So my question is do you know any really nice tutorials, any real poker players who share their knowledge. Video lessons or 5-6 min reading articles will be just fine! Currently I am training myself on GC Poker (PlayMarket Link) as they have web cameras. And this is actually the thing as you can see real emotions there, it's much harder to cheat in such a way, no bots.
  5. The Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) 2016 World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP). The eighth edition of the WCOAP will take place at Aspers Casino in Stratford, London, the main event starts next weekend Sat 26th March (Easter weekend) With buy ins ranging between £55 and £220, the WCOAP can best be described as a mini World Series of Poker for recreational players. It consistently draws players from across the world thanks to a unique mix of highly competitive, but friendly, competition. In 2015, Welshman Daniel Lewis outlasted a field of 397 players in the main event to take the title of World Amateur Poker Champion, a first prize of £8,500 and a trip to the WSOP in Las Vegas. The full schedule is as follows:- Day / Date Start Event Event Name Buy In Sat 19th Mar 12:00 #1 Hold'em Championship £50+£5 Sat 19th Mar 14:00 #2-1 *8 Game Players Championship - Day 1 (50k) £100+£10 Sat 19th Mar 16:00 #3 Shootout Championship £50+£5 Sun 20th Mar 12:00 #4 Hold'em 3X Championship (max 1R & 1A) £50+£5 Sun 20th Mar 14:00 #2-2 8 Game Players Championship - Day 2 (FT) - Sun 20th Mar 15:00 #5 Mix Max Championship £50+£5 Mon 21st Mar 12:00 #6 Antes Only Championship £50+£5 Mon 21st Mar 14:00 #7 Turbo (NLHE) Championship £50+£5 Mon 21st Mar 16:00 #8 Open Face Chinese Championship £50+£5 Tue 22nd Mar 12:00 #9 Stud Championship £50+£5 Tue 22nd Mar 14:00 #10 Mixed (ROE NLHE/PLO) Championship £50+£5 Wed 23rd Mar 12:00 #11 HORSE Championship £50+£5 Wed 23rd Mar 15:00 #12 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Championship £50+£5 Thu 24th Mar 12:00 #13-1 Team Championship - Day 1 £100+£10 Thu 24th Mar 14:00 #14 Six Max Championship £50+£5 Fri 25th Mar 12:00 #13-2 Team Championship - Day 2 - Fri 25th Mar 12:30 #15 Razz Championship £50+£5 Fri 25th Mar 16:00 #16 High Roller Championship - Day 1 £200+£20 Sat 26th Mar 12:00 #17-1a World Amateur Poker Championship - Day 1a £100+£10 Sat 26th Mar 13:00 #16-2 High Roller Championship - Day 2 - Sat 26th Mar 15:00 #18 Crazy Pineapple Championship £50+£5 Sun 27th Mar 12:00 #17-1b World Amateur Poker Championship - Day 1b £100+£10 Sun 27th Mar 15:00 #19 Pot Limit Omaha Championship £50+£5 Mon 28th Mar 12:00 #17-2 World Amateur Poker Championship - Day 2 - Mon 28th Mar 14:00 #20 Heads Up Championship £50+£5 Mon 28th Mar 16:00 #21 Irish Championship £50+£5 Mon 28th Mar 17:00 #22 Cash Championship £50+£10+£5 * The 8 Game Players Championship will feature: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Limit Hold'em Limit Omaha 8 Razz Limit 7 Card Stud Limit Stud 8 No Limit Hold'em Pot Limit Omaha