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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **

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Found 9 results

  1. (I hope I understand virtual odds. I do understand back/lay concept) Context For the sake of simplicity, take a tennis event. We have two runners A, B and for both we have back and lay offers, so we are dealing with 4 price lists of offers. Thanks to the virtual odds, if we exclusively monitor and analyze back A and back B offers, all the offers on the lay A and lay B will be available as virtualized odds within the back A and back B offers (transformed by Betfair's virtualization algorithm respectively, lays on B will be transformed as back A with the appropriate odds and amount, etc). The same true for the lay offers: the lay A and lay B offers virtually include all the back offers transformed, virtualized Question Am I missing something? My conclusion is, that analyzing the 4 price history is redundant, having virtualized odds included, it is enough to analyze backs, all the market lays information included. After virtual odds included, only two informational odds time series are necessary for strategy analysis: back A and back B (preferred, but the following three will do it also:) lay A and lay B back A and lay A back B and lay B ...again, am I missing something, or can my observation be confirmed?
  2. My account was closed by Betfair security as a result of check without the right to a refund money(on my account was more than 32k EURO). (sorry for my English I am not native speaker) For the first time when I tried to log-in the account on August 21 I saw a message:«Access to this account is denied - this account has been closed. Please contact us if you have any questions». When I saw this message, I naturally started contacting with the live support and wrote to the email. I received a response that my account is being verified. Next day, August 22, I turned to the Russian-speaking support by email to find out the deadlines of the verification (see photo 1) On the same day I receive an answer (see photo 2). They said that I must to send them a documents like passport, skrill screenshot and proof of the living-address. and I have sent it and asked What is the reason of the closing my account and Is using VPN legal(see photo 3) The next day I got an answer(see photo 4) : «Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, this is a periodic check.. Using VPN and Proxy is contrary to our rules and regulations, but for players from Russia we make concessions and do not prohibit using our site in this way.» I answered: I understand, thank you very much. I will wait for the result. The next day - August 24, I received a response from the security service regarding verification(see photo 5). They asked to change a format of the photo from HEIC to Jpeg or pdf. So, I sent it to JPG format. The most interesting begin from this moment : documents were sent on August 24. Average verifying time is 72 hours : «Verifying your account: Average Time to answer is 72 hours». Two days has passed, I began to write in live chat…. They apologized for the delay and wrote that they are needed more time (see photo 6) The next day, I called directly to the English-speaking support - they said that all of the documents were accepted except the utility bill and they needed more time. Then, on August 28, I wrote again for Russian-language support and try to find out if everything is fine and when my account be unlocked (see photo 7) I have not got a reply to this message, I waited a couple of days before August 30 and wrote to Russian-speaking live support (see photo 8 ) She sent a request to update the data to security department. She said that they will answer me during the day on email. So, I did not get an answer and August 31 I wrote to Russian-speaking live support again(see photo 9). She wrote that my account is closed and I can not withdraw my money! Also they will not tell me the reason. +letter which is confirming the closing my account (see photo 10) On possibility to dispute this decision, money back or receiving the result of the security check I got the answer that this decision is final and I can not(see photo 11) I wrote to the higher department of the "Escalation Management Team" they answered the same (see photo 12) I will try to back my money from account because I didn't do anything illegal I really need your support guys, any ideas what can be done
  3. Just checked through my Betfair account and am a bit shocked to see that I am being charged 10% commission on a lot of Australian markets. Wendy on the helpdesk couldn't provide an explanation - can anyone here? Here's Wendy's version: You at 22:08, Jan 25: Hi, why did I pay 10% commission on some races overnight?Read Info at 22:09, Jan 25: We are currently dealing with high volumes of contact, one of our agents will be with you in a couple of minutes. Let us know how we can help. Info at 22:09, Jan 25: Wendy has received your message & will usually be with you within 2 minutes. Wendy at 22:11, Jan 25: Good evening Ian, Welcome to our messaging service. Checking into it, one moment please. You at 22:16, Jan 25: Hello?Read You at 22:16, Jan 25: Anyone there?Read You at 22:20, Jan 25: Wendy, are you there?Read Wendy at 22:22, Jan 25: Yes still here I've had a look into your last few bets, from my end it's showing 5% commission, can you provide me one bet id as an example so I'll be able to look into the reason of 10% commission please? You at 22:22, Jan 25: OK,Read You at 22:24, Jan 25: Bet XXXXXXXXX, £5 win, 50p commissionRead You at 22:24, Jan 25: This has been happening for a whileRead You at 22:25, Jan 25: XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX etcRead You at 22:27, Jan 25: bet XXXXXXXXXXX on 10th Jan etcRead Wendy at 22:29, Jan 25: Thanks for the bets. I'm checking into it bear with me for a moment please. You at 22:29, Jan 25: I can't find anywhere saying you charge 10% to UK customers (or any customers)Read You at 22:32, Jan 25: XXXXXXXXXXX on 5 Jan, 10.4% on XXXXXXXXXXX and others 1st JanRead Wendy at 22:35, Jan 25: The standard commission rate is 5%, however some markets may have different commission. I'm just checking on the markets. You at 22:39, Jan 25: "The 'Market Base Rate' (MBR) is the maximum commission rate you pay on a market and is determined by your country of residence."Read You at 22:40, Jan 25: https://support.betfair.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/412/c/483/Read You at 22:41, Jan 25: Max anywhere is 7%Read Wendy at 22:45, Jan 25: I'm afraid that commission rate was because it was an Australian Market. All the bets you have provided are on an Australian Market hence why the 10 % commission. In this case what I can do is run this by the management and see if there's anything we can do in relation as I'm afraid that Australian markets may have different commission rate, it would be available on the information centre when you access the bet (i). Bear with me a little longer please. You at 22:47, Jan 25: Your help says MBR is determined by country of residence, nothing about where events occur...Read You at 22:50, Jan 25: 10% is excessive imoRead You at 22:53, Jan 25: Other Australian markets have charged 6%?Read Wendy at 22:56, Jan 25: I've tried to access the markets to check on the % but I'm afraid it's not letting me access those specific markets. What I can do in this case is raise it over to our team to have these markets looked into thoroughly. From there I can get back to you with what happened in relation and what we can do about this to sort it out, if that's ok with you. You at 22:57, Jan 25: Sure. I'll check on the betting forums to see whether it has happened to others - someone will have an explanation.Delivered
  4. I will be starting with £5 and staking £1 per bet. Im not aiming for fixed odds so odds will vary. I will be using Betfairs inplay feature to see who is the better team. I will only be betting on teams that are dominating the opposition. I will also give reasoning behind my selections Fingers crossed this method goes well and i can quit my job lmao
  5. I came across this betting strategy a while back on a forum and it seemed to work well for the fella so im going to give it a try. Odds have to be 3 or over and the team i place the bet on of course has to be at home. Im also going to stake £1 per bet im hoping this goes well fingers crossed
  6. Hey all, I've just spent a little time browsing the forums here and it appears to be quite a tight-knit community. I arrived after briefly talking to one of the guys that runs the show. I wouldn't normally post up like this but he assured me you're a welcoming bunch with a keen interest for taking value! @Sir Puntalot approved text below. -------------------------- Punters Lounge EXCLUSIVE Deal - Caan Berry Trading Software Punters Lounge has done a deal where PL itself makes no money from it, they have passed this on in full to PL members by way of the following: 3 FREE Pre Race Training Guides to Trading on Horse Racing - Normal Price £39.99 - See here https://caanberry.com/product/pre-race-trading-guide/ After the Free Guides have been claimed, PL Members get 60% Discount on all product purchases. Other sites have only a 10% discount to put that into perspective. Terms and Conditions 1. You must be a forum member with 10 posts to claim either of the above. 2. The first 3 members to email Caan will get the Free Pre Training Guide. Email Template to Use Email: [email protected] PL Forum Username: Your Forum Username Here Product: Free Pre Race Training Guide or 60% Discount Code (once the free products have been claimed) 3. New forum members posting 10 posts all in the same day to get the deal will be discarded. 4. Promo Code will be sent back via email once your Forum Account has been verified as valid. 5. @Caan Berry will be available to answer any queries on this thread. ------------------------ Caan's Story Some may have already heard my name before as I've been featured by both Betfair, Betdaq and appeared as a guest speaker for Matchbook. Around 9-10 years ago I fumbled my way into the world of betting. At first I started posting on forums much like this, most of them don't exist anymore although it was great to bounce ideas and opinions off each-other. Quite frankly, I was clueless then! Fast forward a decade and things couldn't have turned out much better. Early on I was sidetracked into a small betting niche; sports trading. It started when another forum user mentioned betting software that allowed one-click betting. I don't actually think many understand it well now even; but in short, sports trading on the betting exchanges is where you place both back and lay bets on the same selection to lock in a profit. Just like cash-out, except it was around years before (and you only pay commission on winnings). I blog about it regularly here. But I'm not just here to plug a link to my site, I'd like to open up the debate here on this forum. Have you tried sports trading? Maybe you have a couple of questions? I'd be happy to contribute and answer all that I can. Either way; if tradings for you or not, it'll certainly help you understand value in betting a little more. Which is of course; the only way to make a significant profit Cheers! Caan p.s. Before I go; I want to be totally transparent; trading may not be as easy as it first seems. Unless you're serious it may not be a money-spinner, either way I suspect it'll help your betting knowledge.

    Lay bets

    Are there any punters out there who only lay bets.. Would love to chat
  8. Starting a new thread for the new football season hopefully with some success with a Starting Bank of £475
  9. I have been looking for a good horse race trading enthusiasts, to swap ideas, come up with new possibilities. I have a few ideas, but really want people to chat to, swapping ideas etc. If you are interested, drop us a line, and we will see what we can come up with
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