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Found 1 result

  1. Hello again, First of all, I want to notice with capital letters that; THIS TOPIC IS NOT FOR ADVERTISING, MARKETTING OR SELLING ANY STUFF LIKE BOTS, SERVICES ETC. After trading in ten thousands of soccer markets in-play, it became my dream of improving an artificial intelligence which listens, learns and acts in the markets itself. The idea of Scalpy was born years ago but there were many difficulties to be solved. So it was 2016 March, we (me and a programmer) started to discuss about the project. After a 2-3 months trial period (which is full of lots of mistakes), it finally reached to a stable version. In this topic, I'd like to share its journey and to prove that, it is not always necessary to watch the live event everytime in soccer.I hope it will be successful. It has both pros and cons not to watch the even while trading: PROS: -Scalpy has no feelings (anger, anxiety, sadness, hapiness) so it always reacts like what it should do. -It can trade in many matches at the same time -It has a great ability for money management. -It can trade 7/24. It doesnt get tired, sleepy. CONS: -It misses unusual events in matches which affects odds (for example very long injuries, very dangerous free-kicks etc.) -It may make mistakes due to wrong data (time, score, redcard etc) which may occur rarely. Today, I am starting a 0 to 5K challenge for Scalpy and will share results from both here and mostly from twitter (psychofftrading). Scalpy is a bot project which completely works individually. We dont correct or edit its orders. It simply makes scalping inplay and just in soccer matches. It uses historical and actual data for the markets. It also learns from the market that how the odds change. The starting bank is €5000 and it uses stable stake of €50. It trades in the selected leagues and also checks the liquidty before entering any market. This topic reminded me my 100K challenge years ago which was completed with great success in only 5 months. I know that this one will be more challenging but it makes me excited like the first day. Have a nice trip Scalpy...
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