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  1. Online casino betting with someone elses debit card

    I agree that it's the casino's fault on this one. If they didn't allow this kind of thing to happen then you wouldn't have found yourself in the situation.
  2. Little things that Piss you off!

    Playing poker against a massive fish!! I actually like playing the house rather than other players, too many fishermen!
  3. SkyBet worth taking to a Small Claims Court ?

    I would have taken the deal, it's pretty fair. The rules do favour them so the outcome isn't surprising.
  4. I know a few people who have worked in bookies, generally it's terrible from what I've heard. Not surprisingly all these people have now moved on to other jobs, in some cases completely new careers!
  5. Class Action Against Paddy Power

    If they are limiting punters quickly and on request etc then what more can they do?
  6. Live casinos rigged or not?

    Good work on the codes above. I just wanted to chip in (excuse the pun) and say that any operators that are properly licensed, I'm talking about the Bet365's, PaddyPower etc in Europe for sure will not be rigging anything. All games including live are tested by a 3rd party operator and there's no way these decent companies would risk losing their license or worse. I'd say like anything, do your research and pick sites with good reviews etc and you won't go far wrong.
  7. What am I doing wrong?

    Agreed, playing higher stakes will typically mean better quality of player. Not always, but it's often the case. If you wanted to play higher stakes, maybe try increasing gradually and learn how to adapt against those better, more experienced players.
  8. Hi

    Welcome to the forum guys. What do you look for in an online casino? Good customer service? Fast payouts?
  9. Cheated by Betfred Casino

    Agreed Shade, it's recommendations and good experiences that people should follow or else it's literally another gamble!!
  10. Cheated by Betfred Casino

    Honestly this is very frustrating that sites are able to get away with this kind of thing. It should be totally fair with punters spending hard earned cash with these online casinos. I can recommend a few that are fair and do things by the book: - 888 Poker - PlayOJO - Sky Vegas
  11. Racing Chat - Saturday June 24th (Ascot Day 5)

    I had a pretty poor Ascot betting wise, but thought the ITV coverage was pretty awesome. I won nicely on Ribchester and Big Orange but a lot of the horses I liked didn't show up!! Back to online poker for me!
  12. Does anyone here play the Casino Slots

    Haha, I sometimes think the same but recently I've been landing some nice payouts. I'm on Sky Vegas, for their new slot games. Some of them are awesome, very interactive and PlayOJO also because they give a lot of free spins which is always nice!
  13. bet shop

    Hi Mikel, No you can't do that unfortunately! Tom
  14. bet shop

    1) Odds are usually better online 2) To place a bet, you write it down on a bet slip and hand it to the bookie working there 3) They don't usually show internet odds in store, use your phone for that!! Hope this helps!
  15. New start

    Good luck out there, enjoy and hopefully you'll find somewhere decent to gamble!