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  1. Shame about Cagliari but Torino Vs Juve should be good
  2. Cagliari may be tougher for Napoli than it shows, they seem better on Sardinia. I just hope Juve lose at Torino who are really pretty decent.
  3. Mainz have concerned 22 goals. Bayern should win the fixture therefore. Bayern's form does not give us confidence they will however. Failure to win here should be taken seriously given that Leipzig seem hard to stop. Bayern scraped a 2-1 home win to Leverkusen last out. However the outright odds still massively favour Bayern.
  4. Surely Juve will win. Anything else and the league would be blown wide open. Atalanta have already imploded in the odds. Napoli Vs Inter Milan is hard to read. Inter are playing better in the last 3. Both are favourites to challenge Juve in the league. A draw here would benefit Juve and with a Juve win the league odds could get boring again.
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