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  1. "Its all about the money!" ehe
  2. LOL
  3. RIP

    Linkin Park's singer Chester died yesterday, such a sad day! he was so talented! A real rock star.... RIP
  4. Did anybody see the show they put up on stage? haha so f*cking hilarious
  5. I know they offer betfair and bet365 accounts starting with 200 euro minimum deposit, remote already included and that's about all I know. lol get in touch with them
  6. That's why a broker like betibc is convenient, the bookies don't ask for KYC or any other personal info unless there is a security problem.
  7. Get a VPN and use a broker, such as betibc
  8. Conor is good, but no way he will beat Mayweather... Ok, he's not in his full power shape, but still, his boxing moves are too dope for Mcgregor haha
  9. Not really, most bet online...
  10. Ansiously waiting for GoT
  11. Send an email confirming your ID and a screenshot of your recent bets, and tell them that if they don't solve this within a week you'll contact the IBAS and spread the word on well known communities. Although there are no guarantee, I don't think they like bad propaganda, so... just try.
  12. The only thing you can actually do is spread the word on well known betting communities. You could try online casinos through brokers, such as betibc as well, it seems to be more secure than directly on the bookie, they do everything to satisfy their clients.
  13. Then you better just bet online, you can see the odds at home and also place your bet in your house. Why bother to go there when you have hundreds of good bookies online?
  14. I know acc-ex is legit because they're betibc's partners, and betibc is a great broker. Although I think it might sometimes have a few loading issues. Try to clean your cookies, etc and try again
  15. Yes, its similar! Contact them and see for yourself if they're a good fit for your needs, their online support is really helpful