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  1. I'd like to know why is that UK wants to leave EU, since I'm not english and I've been too busy to see the news about it.
  2. If you register through a broker you wont have these problems. At least I've never had any.
  3. Anybody on it? I think Joshua will take his belt back home again, although Klitschko is full of motivation and well prepared, its not his moment right now.
  4. Real already won this b!tch
  5. Sure, I heard of the advantages of a broker on the web and I wanted to try one that was reliable among bettors I knew. They told me about betibc, I looked out for their support and they explained to me how VIP acc worked. Its an acc with multiple bookmakers which I can choose which one I want to bet on. The markets update every minute, they only show the best odds available at the moment. I can select the bookies individually that I want to see the odds from. Its nice You should contact them and see it for your self, they offer a test acc.
  6. Real Madrid is the winner already! \o
  7. Try to clean up your cookies before access it
  8. I bet without limits with my agent
  9. My friend's betting page and blog news on 3 Grand Prix's we're having this month:
  10. Im with betibc at the moment, and I really like it. They have good odds, incredible support service to its customers, no issues wit payment, the minimum deposit isn't high, only 100 euros depending on which bookie you choose, its pretty much it. I encourage you to contact them and see it for yourself.
  11. You can access their website and contact support to get some info.
  12. I'm currently using betibc VIP account and its working just fine for me Fast payment, no problems to deposit, all good.
  13. hahahahaha, but the whole purpose of renting this room was for the video, no problem with that What did you think about it?
  14. Anybody lookin forward for the Grand National as I am?