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  1. I'll try it sometime
  2. So, its official! We're having Mayweather and McGregor boxing each other... Who's your bet? Leave your predictions!
  3. "History exam being delayed by 15 minutes so we could all watch" SO TRUE kkkk Yes, thats why they won the last Cup, this time although I really hope Brazil wins, I think France, Italy, Germany and Argentina are very strong competitors too. Besides those teams, I'm not really well informed about the others, I'll just wait and see who has the juice to get there! What you say?
  4. Absolutely! The time when Ronaldinho Gaucho and Ronaldo, Robinho, Romário, Kaka, Cafu, etc... use to play, damn it was a beautiful game to watch! I was a kid at the time, and already could see how nice it is to watch a great soccer game. Actually I like mostly to watch champions league matches, or world cup kind of game; good players, exciting games, etc...
  5. Its not a actual betting movie, but 007- cassino royale is a nice movie
  6. Its a shame Brazil won't be on it! There was the time when they had the best football in the world... :/
  7. I hate to say it, but... I TOLD YALL Real would win! Although I have to admit it was a beautiful goal, OMG so beautiful!!! Juventus did well, but Real did better
  8. Guys lets keep it cool and fun, doesn't worth fighting or arguing something that the teams will solve out there in the field.
  9. Champions final today!! haha, can't wait to see it
  10. Nothing for today... just work and study
  11. It will be a great game! Can't wait to watch Real lift that trophy, haha.
  12. Did anybody see wonder woman? Thoughts? Seems the movie its amazing...
  13. Don't worry, I'm sure you won't have. but IF you do, their customer support is there anytime.
  14. How to win on slot machines? I've never tried them before, and for what I know its almost impossible to jackpot!
  15. I knew Ajax couldn't beat Manchester Green