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  1. Bookie Buster

    If you like asian bookies, bet-ibc have the best ones, also, if you like trading on betfair or bet365, acc-ex have both accounts.
  2. So, who's traveling to Russia?
  3. Golovkin v Alvarez Predictions

    Sorry I'm late, ended up in draw (I'm not a fan of draws) but was a good fight, although the result of the judges were very strange. Let's hope for a second match
  4. brokers

    Nope, Asian connect is another. Don't know them. bet-ibc's website is
  5. bet shop

    Yes, all data is yours of course. But the broker will intermediate your relationship with the bookie. That's all. When you deposit they will be responsible for transfering the money to your new account and from your account to your Skrill, Neteller, whatever, address. Brokers are a solution to facilitate bettors who lives in restricted betting countries. They can open an account and use VPN, because there's no way you can create a betfair account directly with them if you live in US for example.
  6. brokers

    I only know 2 to be honest: BET-IBC and ACC-EX. Also if you're a horse racing bettor, there's Turf7 which is specialized in horse and dog racing.
  7. brokers

    I already told you about brokers, bet-ibc, acc-ex, etc... Take a look at their website and contact support.
  8. Damn bro, sorry for you. Hope everything goes as well as possible.
  9. bet shop

    The broker creates your account, manage issues that might come up between you and the bookie, and is responsible for sending you the money (withdrawl) and send the money from you to your account.
  10. Mayweather may be a little old, but come on! He has done this his entire life, his body still a punching machine, and his defense abilities hasn't gone away. He's untouchable, I don't think he'll let Mc gregor win for rematch and more money, the guy is swimming in money already, he must have a damn money pool at home.
  11. bet shop

    The VPN will change your IP address to the country of your choice while you use it and the broker will provide the bookmaker account you want.
  12. Betfair Agent

    As far as I know there are a few brokers that accept, like Acc-Ex. Did you heard about them?
  13. New betting accounts (Bet365)

    The best way to know the conditions and benefits of the account is contacting them. Some users will say its awesome, some will say its not. Depends on how good bettor are you and how much you're willing to deposit on your account.