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  1. Veria has the second worst defense in the division with 26 conceded goals. Olympiacos has the best attack in the division when it is not a serious problem to win any opponent in the Super League. The over 2,5 is quite possible
    VEROIA FC vs OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.79

    PAOK in the six most recent games has five wins and one unlucky defeat, and together with the cup has nine wins in its last 10 games. It has the fourth best attack in the division and the second best defense with 11 goals passive.
    The Panetolikos is not at its best, in the last six games has only won AEK at home, has beaten four times and one draw. Recently, faced with defense matters, accepting too easily the goal and be allowed to get the desired results. PAOK is in excellent condition, shows that most can win and away, I do not know if it will change many things in the Chavos his team will follow the form of PAOK

    Atromitos home making small scoring has 6 to 8 under 2,5, while PAS whole league has 11 to 17 under 2,5 and 12 to 17 no goal. I expect close game with few goals, which is likely to determine the score would suggest the under 2,5
    ATROMITOS ATHINON vs PAS GIANNINA @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.50

  2. Alaves has low scores, because it has the third worst offensive line and the fourth best defensive line with 20 conceded goals. Overall league has 12 to 19 under 2,5 and 6 to 9 under 2,5 home.
    Atletico Madrid has a total of 14 to 19 no goal and 8 to 10 no goal away. It has the second best defensive line in the Primera Division with just 16 conceded goals.
    CD ALAVES vs ATLETICO MADRID @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.67

  3. Xanthi whole league has 11 to 17 under 2,5 and so no goal, while the stadium has 6 to 8 under 2,5 and so no goal. AEK away from OAKA not doing well, has only two wins, two draws and four defeats with goals 9-12
    A.O XANTHI vs AEK ATHEN @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.50

    In Tripoli today, I expect both teams to give us a nice game with many goals, have very good offensive lines and can score both teams and confirmed the Goals
    ASTERAS TRIPOLIS vs PANIONIOS @ Both team to score, odds 2.20

  4. Osasuna is in the bottom of the table, having just nine points after 19 games, with stock 1-6-12 and 20 goals for and 42 against. Malaga counts four consecutive defeats and has not managed a win in six most recent games has two draws and four defeats. Away from home is not even win in ten games, but four draws and six defeats, with 10 goals for and 20 against.
    Today I will give one last chance to Osasuna, if wants to have any chance to remain in class must now win Malaga yet to win away from home, the ace has risk
    CA OSASUNA vs CF MALAGA @@ +0 AH CA OSASUNA, odds 2.33

  5. The Vitesse counts only one defeat in the latest seven games of the championship, with 4 out of 7 over 2,5 and 6 at 7 GG. In front of the audience of the Vitesse has account 4-2-3, keeping only 1 in 9 white passively while she has found the net in 8 out of 9 of these the games (6/9 over 2,5, 7/9 GG)

    So, still leads the race of the Eredivisie, keeping even five degrees difference from Ajax. Counts five consecutive wins in the league and just one defeat since the beginning of the season (15-3-1), having by far the second, the best attack of the class, with 50 goals assets.
    VITESSE ARNHEM vs FEYENOORD ROTTERDAM @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.72

  6. The two groups have opposite forms, I do not believe that PAOK will have trouble getting the qualification, with the help of Touba, you can get the victory and finally to aggressively clean a flooded will risk with over 2,5
    PAOK THESSALONIKI vs PANAITOLIKOS @@ +2.50 Over, odds 2.15

  7. Olympiacos, away in total has 6 to 8 under 2,5 and so in no goal.
    The two groups expect, due to the repetitive, be especially cautious, do not believe that nobody wants to be lost from the first leg, will fight to keep the clean sheet, I suggest the few 
    ARIS THESSALONIKI vs OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.83

    The Levadiakos has not win in nine most recent match, where these games have taken just two points, conceding a total of 22 goals indeed. It has by far the worst defensive record in the division with 34 conceded goals

    I do not think Levadiakos burned the cup can be changes in the composition of AEK with Jimenez on the bench is improved and can get the victory and the lead in the qualification to the next phase

  8. Juventus whole league has 15 to 20 over 2,5 and 11 to 20 goal goal. AC Milan aims cup today will give everything to qualify, leaving out even a big favorite, will fight with all the strength to continue in the institution, expect an open match with many goals, which can score both groups
    JUVENTUS TURIN vs AC MILAN @@ Both team to score, odds 1.95

  9. Juventus whole league has 15 to 19 over 2,5 and 11 to 19 goal goal, while the stadium has 9 to 10 over 2,5. Lazio whole league has 11 to 20 over 2,5 and goals scored away from home has shared results with goals
    It will be a good match between two good teams, Juventus has defensive issues last while ahead score, one of the Lazio itself can score at least once, will go to the Goal goal

    JUVENTUS TURIN vs SS LAZIO ROMA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.95

  10. Kassiopi in 15 games has scored 13 in favor and 18 against, has a total of 11 to 15 under 2,5 and no goal, home has seven to eight under 2,5 and six to eight no goal.
    Panathinaikos before the previous match had seven straight under 2,5. Marinos Ouzounidis has improved the defense of accepting the very difficult goal. Total has 10 to 16 under 2,5 and 11 to 16 no goal, away from home has 6 to 8 under 2,5 and the same no goal
    In today's game I expect to determine a goal, after all, both groups do not open match with many goals

    AO KASSIOPI vs PANATHINAIKOS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.90

    Levadiakos in home has 5 to 8 over 2,5 and same goal goal, while Atromitos has 6 to 8 over 2,5 and 5 to 8 Goal goal away.
    I expect to do battle both teams to give it their all to win, so they can score at least once to confirm the Goals

    FC LEVADIAKOS vs ATROMITOS ATHINON @@ Both team to score, odds 2.05 

  11. Napoli offers the best attack in the division with 45 goals in 20 games, which is why it has 14 to 20 over 2,5 and 13 to 20 goal goal. Away from home has four wins, three draws and two defeats with goals 18-10. Moreover from six consecutive over 2,5 and five goal goal. In defense will no question of the defense Ghulam and Coulibaly have national obligations in the Copa Africa.

    I expect to see a great game, both teams are in good racing condition and can offer us a game with goals. Score readily accept the goal both teams, I expect a lot of goals

    AC MILAN vs SSC NAPOLI @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.84

  12. Panionios is in fourth place with 28 points and review 8-4-4 and scored 21 in favor and 13 against. On the other hand, Panetolikos has fallen to 11th in the standings with 19 points and 5-4-7 record and 21-22 goal, has seven degrees away from the penultimate position.

    Today, I expect an open game where you can score both teams will take chances to score goals given us an excellent performance at odds, with return value worth the risk.

    PANIONIOS vs PANAITOLIKOS @@ Both team to score, odds 2.20

    As shown this rating match is important, whichever team wins will lead to stay. The home comes from two defeats, while Veria two positive results got four points. Iraklis has a balanced outcome in goal, while Veria has 11 to 15 under 2,5.
    I expect to have strong duels both groups being particularly cautious with defensive commitment, so I'll go with a few goals

    PAE IRAKLIS 1908 vs VEROIA FC @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.47

  13. Bastia scored less than one goal per match and receives approximately 1.5 goals per game, which is why it has a total of 12 in the league in 20 under 2,5 and seven in ten under 2,5 home
    The Bastia scored less than one goal per match and receives approximately 1.5 goals per game, which is why it has a total of 12 in the league in 20 under 2,5 and seven in ten under 2,5 home
    The Nice has the best defensive record in the category and that is one reason, which is in second place. And this total has 12 to 20 under 2,5 and seven to nine under 2,5 away
    SC BASTIA vs OGC NICE @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.72

  14. PAOK is refreshed after did not race Sunday, it is possible at home and do not believe that will again pressed again, the Levadiakos is out of form, easily accepts the goal and do not believe that it can resist the momentum of fielding

    This time Panathinaikos expect even difficult to win Platania, who away is not as strong due to the many under 2,5 and no goal to have two teams will go to the few goals

  15. Malaga whole league has 12 to 17 goals scored and 6 out of 8 Goals within edras.I Malaga score and easily accepts the goal, especially at home, it is no coincidence that it has a lot of goals scored, I expect because of the seat to score at least once and the other the Sociedad exploit any defensive weaknesses fielding
    CF MALAGA vs REAL SOCIEDAD @@ Both team to score, odds 1.78

  16. The Turin score and readily accept the goals, for this reason it has 13 to 19 over 2,5 and goals scored, while the stadium has seven to nine and over 2,5 goals scored. I expect a beautiful game between two good teams, I expect Milan to be seduced by the open game of Turin and see plenty of goals
    FC TORINO vs AC MILAN @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.93

  17. Cagliari by far has the worst defensive line in the category with 43 conceded goals, which receives more than two goals average per match. The defense has contributed to Cagliari has 15 to 19 over 2,5 total in the league and nine in nine over 2,5 home.

    So as struggling Cagliari many goals have significant fortune as readily accept the goals, both scored before, it is possible to see another match with many goals
    CAGLIARI CALCIO VS GENOA CFC @@Over +2.50, Odds 1.88

  18. Each derby is special, so tips are very difficult, however I expect to score both teams, Liverpool has the best attack in the league, while Manchester can exploit the defensive shortcomings of rivals and score at least once
    MANCHESTER UNITED vs LIVERPOOL FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.73

  19. Panathinaikos in avenue in six games has only been beaten by Xanthi, scoring 12 goals and conceding just three goals is the best home performance.
    The two groups do not want in any way to make another negative result, I expect these absences and the specificity of the derby to be quite cautious and pay particular attention to defense, so few goals in first hand
    PANATHINAIKOS vs AEK ATHEN @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.62

    The match will be beautiful with phases on either side, will take the chance to break the streak of under 2,5 Peristeri and will propose to Score Both Teams
    ATROMITOS ATHINON vs PANIONIOS @ Both team to score, odds 2.15

    Xanthi whole league has 9 to 14 under 2,5 and no goal, while derived from four consecutive no goal.
    The PAS Ioannina has 8 to 14 under 2,5 and 9 to 14 no goal, while derived from four consecutive under 2,5 in recent games.
    I expect a close game with few goals as both teams have solid defensive lines
    A.O XANTHI vs PAS GIANNINA @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.50

  20. The two groups did not burn for points, so we can see an open game with many goals, Olympiakos can only score with the quality and Platanias can take advantage of the absences in defense of Olympiakos, Goals
    PLATANIAS CHANION vs OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS @@ Both team to score, odds 2.15

    The local Veria to eight degrees is in the penultimate position of the table while Levadiakos is a position above 12 degrees, so any team should feel confident of the continuity and the game can be described as exaponto stay.

    Veria has yet to win at home in six games where these games have scored just twice, along with the worst offensive line with just six goals in 14 games. Total has 9 to 14 under 2,5 in the league and five in six home.

    The Levadiakos counts five consecutive defeats, scoring just one goal and received 15 goals. Away from home in six games has only one point, having only scored two goals in these paichnidia.Se this match will line up with new coach Giannis Christopoulos but will not be able to change many things because of the short time that is in the team.
    VEROIA FC vs FC LEVADIAKOS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.45

    Hercules remains a laggard in the league table with just seven points and one win, while Corfu has 13 points without a win away. The two current opponents have scored nine goals in 14 games so far, performance which is the second worst performance in class.

    Corfu has 11 to 14 under 2,5 whole, while away from home in six games have scored just one goal. Today will have available the best striker in Thuram who has scored four times.
    PAE IRAKLIS 1908 vs AO KASSIOPI @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1,50

  21. Barcelona in the final match seems to have some problems defensively conceding goal in almost every game, while the same score with comfort.

    Both teams score and concede a goal, which is why they have 11 to 17 goals scored in total in the league, at home Barcelona has 5 to 8 goals scored, while Las Palmas away has 6 to 8 goals scored.

    FC BARCELONA vs UNION DEPORTIVA LAS PALMAS @@ Both team to score, odds 2.10

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