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  1. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Well seems like it wasnt third time lucky.Cant believe that not even a goal was scored.Im sure that Bayern will now go and put at least 3 past Aberdeen it what turned out to be a bigger price than the Hamburg win.
  2. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Mmm,doesnt look good this.0-0 with 8 minutes to go.
  3. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Thanks bowles,hopefully tonight will continue the trend. As the kick offs for the Uefa Cup games are staggered tonight, ive got the chance to do a couple of bets, one early k.o and one late k.o.I was going to go for Over 2.5 goals in the B.Munich v Aberdeen game at 1.55, but im going for something with little less odds but something im a bit more sure of: Hamburg v FC Zurich :£38.38 on Hamburg to win at 1.51 I now this is a little less than the odds i was aiming for in the first post, but as im looking for two bets tonight, this will just increase the bank slightly.Hamburg are awesome at home this year, losing no games in the Bundesliga and being third in the league they are no pushovers.FC Zurich wont be able to handle them. My second bet tonight will probably be Over 2.5 goals in the SPurs game, but i will post nearer k.o.
  4. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Well well well!Two on the trot now, and both bets near as damn it to evens.So now the £38.38 will roll onto tomorrow where there are plenty of opportunities in the Uefa Cup.Being a Yid im always attracted to Spurs games, and although i will post tomorrow afternoon, im pretty sure i will go for Over 2.5 goals in the Spurs game. Staked so far : £30 Profit Loss : + 8.38
  5. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up After looking at the markets for the games tonight, the Champions League games look very tricky and nothing really stands out.So im going to go outside of the European games tonight and look somewhere else... Motherwell v Inverness CT : £19.96 on Motherwell to win at 1.97 I thought Motherwell would be nearer 1.7 for this game, so i was pleasantly surprised at their price.Inverness have lost 7 out of 12 games away from home in the league this year, and i actually think they are worse than that! Motherwell are now without Barry Robson but i still think they have the strength to beat Inverness. Lets hope for two on the trot!
  6. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Ok then, we're off again.Glad there were 2 early goals in the game, because after that both teams sat back and were looking for the odd goal if it came, which it did!More tomorrow in an interesting night of football. Staked so far : £30 Profit/Loss : -£10.04
  7. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Apologies for the masses of people who were loooking forward to my next bet,lol.A dodgy start i know, but there are some good looking prices for this week, so hopefully i will get back on the winning trail.Tonights bet.... Roma v Real Madrid :£10 Over 2.5 Goals at 2.04 This looks a fantastic price on two teams that love to attack and who's defences arent too solid.With the likes of Van Nistlerooy,Higuain,Mancini,Totti and Vucinic on the pitch i cant see this being a defensive battle.So lets hope this starts the run we need.
  8. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Haha.Well this is going swimmingly well!I was almost tempted to lay Madrid when they went 1-0 up, but that would be against the glory hunt, in the early stages anyway.I may well lay teams in play when the money gets more serious.Thats if i ever get there!haha!I will be working out the profit/loss and money staked just based on the initial £10 rather than the later winnings (as i see that as other peoples money as opposed to my own).Oh and all these bets are on Betfair too.Roll on to tomorrow. Staked so far : £20 Profit/Loss : £20
  9. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Well thats the first bet done, completed well before full time too.:nana Ive got to go now, but i fancy a bet tonight, so i will post it now incase im not back in time. Athletico Madrid v Athletic Bilbao : £18.75 on Madrid to win. I think Madrid will bounce back from their loss to Bolton in midweek, and with the firepower of Aguero, Forlan, Mista and Luis Garcia they have more than enough to beat Bilbao who have lost 7 out of 11 games away from home, scoring only 9 goals. Staked so far £20 Profit/Loss : -£1.25
  10. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Wow.Thats really unlucky Kev.The game went very very quiet after those 2 goals, hardly any chances after that.My bets wont only be under/over 2.5 goals, they have just been the attractive ones the past few days.
  11. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Thanks.Always the way isnt it.You decide to put your knowledge to good use and it all goes to pot!Never mind, today we'll start properly, yesterday was a warm up.Ha!
  12. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Ok so we'll try to start it up again today,Im going to avoid the FA Cup, as both ties look tricky. Hamburg v Bochum : £10 on Over 2.5 Goals Hamburg are playing well at the moment, and there are usually goals when Hamburg play at home. They have plenty of attacking power in Zidan, Van Der Vaart, and Guerrero whilst not having the most sturdy of defences.So a good combination for this bet.
  13. Re: Knowledge Only Double Up Haha.That will teach me to start a thread when im picking winners!Maybe Peterborough arent on fire like they were earlier in the season.The ironic thing is that i had the same Over 2.5 goals bet in a double with Stockport v Bury and Ipswich v Blackpool.Never mind.Im not going to bet on the Man Utd v Arsenal game, its far too tight.And although i fancy Eduardo to score anytime at a nice price, its not appealing to start the bank going.More tommorrow Staked so far: £10 Profit/Loss: -£10
  14. Hi all.My name is Josh and this is my first thread on here so bare with me. Ive read through many posts on here and there are so many good ideas on systems, staking plans stc. But ive been wondering if just knowledge alone, in this case football, is enough to make a decent profit in betting. I recently turned £10 into £320, just doubling my money each time in 5 bets, and these bets were just on football. Without trying to sound like im stuck up my own backside, i think my knowledge on football is second to none and im going to try to see if i can do the same again (£10 to £320). This will be just on football bets and ones which are between 1.65 and 2.00. This may take more than 5 bets but im going to give it a go again. If i lose a bet i will just start again with a tenner. In the past few days ive had four out of four successful bets (not included in this system), so im in form at the moment.I may also put a NB bet here as well if im unsure as to what to go for. I wont have any spreadsheets going, no numerous amounts of statistical data, just my football knowhow and some league tables. I will be doing this for real so it all counts. Any help or advice people can offer will be more than welcome. There will be usually only one bet per day, but if there is a late game with something that attracts me i may well post that as well. Ok so the bet for today is a favourite of mine this season as im in profit just on this bet alone. Peterborough v Barnet and £10 on Over 2.5 goals at 1.94. There has been an amazing 55 goals scored in Peterborough home games this season, and with Aaron Mclean,George Boyd and Craig Mckail Smith upfront for Peterborough they are always looking for goals.They may well give Barnet a thumping today as in there last home game they drew 0-0 with Wrexham which Darren Ferguson wouldnt have been happy with. So thats basically it, not very original but its been working for me a treat recently. Im finding hefty singles are much more profitbale than long shot accumulators ( but i still love doing them anyway :lol).
  15. Re: Under/Over 4.5 Strategy Just checked the market on Betfair for Ajax v Sparta and i stand corrected, they do over/under 4.5 goals.But to lay it, its only 1.46.Kinda what i thought when Ajax play at home versus someone average.
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