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  1. I have been working hard the last six months on something for beach volleyball.... although it's definitely profitable I need more testing and data before I am comfortable to share the risk/reward with others Tennis I have no expertise, I just appreciate the sport and a lot of the competitive aspects actually match with beach volleyball. I'm sorry I can't offer something of value to this particular forum but I do appreciate the posts and hopefully I will have something profitable to share in the near future
  2. Boom on Victor Estrella...great week Czech and others!
  3. If Halep can get through this set might be nice to hedge on Cibulkova for match. Halep just needs to secure herself the set I think?
  4. Was a weird one alright. Serving 5-2 up and then was just like "yea na, think I'm done for today boys"
  5. Cool thanks a lot for your reply Paul Ross. I look forward to learning more!
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to the forums. I have a question regarding the betting tips which are posted publicly on this website. Is the winrates of the different picks posted anywhere already? I am started to log it on my own already but just curious if it's actually posted somewhere already. Also I am making my way through the forums, learning some great info and getting a feel for who the respected tipsters are. But is there like a list of the best tipsters on the website anywhere? Or I just got to do the reading and make my way through? Thanks
  7. Yes thanks again Czech! And we going to the 5th now with Ymer!
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