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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
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  1. Was a good win for Germany, but they didn't get the clean sheet I wanted them to. Sucks that the handball happened, however they deservedly won so that is something. Tonight then France v Ireland in Paris. When taking a look at the statistics between the two teams, a couple of things stand out to me. Firstly, A LOT of goals are being scored when those two meet it would appear. 3.8 on average is a huge number, even more since 1.4 of them are being scored by Iceland. Now, this tournament they have been extremely effective, which I expect to go on tonight. Having scored in 13 straight games, they will do so again against a lineup without Rami and Kanté. Who is even there to come into defense still? Umtiti? Great odds for BTTS tonight and I think that's a no brainer with Iceland's qualities and France's position as the favourite.
  2. Took a look at the early odds ahead of the 16-17 season. According to Interwetten, Bayern Munich have 1.30 odds of retaining the title for a fifth straight time. Not Bayern gives you 3.20. Next best chances are given to Dortmund 6.00 and Leverkusen 20.00. Deadlast: SV Darmstadt at 1000.00. If you want to try your own Leicester bet, there's your chance
  3. I think they'll be done against Belgium tonight, as much as I'd like to see them make it over that hyped team. It's also the first serious opponent for the Welsh team after a really easy tournament so far.
  4. Oh you are totally right of course. But previously Italy had that "unbeatable" status and then they got destroyed - friendly or not. I think it was very important mentally for the players as in "hey we can beat those guys". Whether it actually happens on Saturday we will have to see, since Italy have been quite good so far too. Probably the best two teams of the tournament so far facing each other.
  5. 2. Bundesliga will be really interesting next season. Just by looking at the newly released schedule itself, we have some fantastic games in the first week. Kaiserslautern v Hannover Stuttgart v St. Pauli Dresden v Nuremberg Bochum v Union Berlin Makes you wonder who is even a favourite to go up to the first league with that amount of quality teams. I'm German and I literally have no clue. Anyone can go up.
  6. Anyone see value in the ton of games that are going on today? Games are starting at 4pm CET and going on until way after midnight. With half of them I don't even know where they are from might take a look at the Scandinavian teams' games, AIK from Sweden is playing for example.
  7. I watched the game, at least the first half, and it was quite a close one. Lincoln was alright, even with Tallinn being the better side at home. A 2-1 leaves all the options for Gibraltar's champion to hit them back in the second leg. Even the New Saints game was surprisingly close by the looks of the result, 2-1. Are the gaps closing between those small teams too? Basically every single tie can still be turned around in the second leg.
  8. Not too bad odds for Germany I'm seeing. Especially with how they recently performed and finally managed to beat Italy 4-1 last March, they should be able to do well in the quarterfinal on Saturday. However, Italy is Italy and who knows what they will be doing. Their game against Spain was quite impressive I thought. I'm wondering about France vs Iceland. I mean France win seems so obvious, but when you look at all their recent games at this tournament, which one was really convincing? Anything more than the second half against Ireland? Lucky against Romania, Albania, a goalless draw against Switzerland and then down at HT against Ireland. All of them rather weak opponents. Iceland are determined and on fire throughout the Euro 16, so I will maybe take an outside shot on them.
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