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  1. I did not post on every game tonight. Just for the Greek teams.
  2. I am Greek so I will speak my mind about the Greek teams playing tomorrow at Europa League. Slovan Liberec - PAOK. PAOK is in good shape and it is expected of them to win this or at least get away with a draw. Especially after the 0-0 result against Fiorentina. A loss would be nothing short of a disaster. Even the bookies give out odds in favor of the team from Thessaloniki. Celta - Panathinaikos/. Panathinaikos' enemy is not Celta. It's their own coach Stramazzoni or whatever is his name. He is clearly intimidated by the challenge and he cannot stand up to the occasion. Celta on the other head just got in shape so at the best of circumstances Panathinaikos could only hope to get away with a draw. But it weill probably be another loss for them. Olympiacos - APOEL This is actually a lot tougher than it looks. While Olympiacos play at home and they have better players, their psychology is low and their coach Bento is still experimenting as he did not hav e a chance to set up this team. On the other hand APOEL is in shape and could very well win this. So everything goes on this one even though the bookies say it will be an easy victory for Olympiacos. Let's check out some odds here: BET365 STOIXIMAN PAME STIXIMA BETFAIR PINNACLE SLOVAN LIBEREC - PAOK Victory for Slovan 3.75 3.45 3.25 3.46 3.58 Draw 3.30 3.25 3.10 3.25 3.35 Victory for PAOK 2.20 2.22 2.00 2.16 2.21 CELTA - PANATHINAIKOS Victory for Celta 1.70 1.67 1.57 1.67 1.67 Draw 4.00 3.75 3.60 3.77 3.84 Victory for Panathinaikos 5.50 5.50 4.60 5.24 5.82 OLYMPIACOS - APOEL Victory for Olympiacos 1.50 1.50 1.40 1.48 Draw 4.33 4.15 3.75 4.40 Victory for APOEL 8.00 7.00 6.50 8.15
  3. Nicequy got the right idea. Avoid betting in this league. Stop funding the destruction of football in Greece. Use your money elsewhere and get better odds and better value at more credible leagues than what will come out in the next few days which will be nothing else than a farse in Greece.
  4. Actually you did not but I appreciate the effort. Actually I want people to stop placing bets on the Greek championship altogether. Your solution fpr a broker has already been investigated. For me it's BET-IBC and its VIP platform. Like you I have one account and I can place bets across many bookmakers at very high limits and with even lower commissions. It does look like a nice alternative for those that look for something better than what is offfered here.
  5. And the absolute farse continues... FIFA and UEFA came. And instead of expelling the Greek teams for state intervention as per their mandates, they helped a stalinic idiot get what he wanted. An ousting of a board with an independent voice and the presence of character to oppose him. And the idiot still does not let the championship begin because a new board that is to his liking is not yet in place. Taking into account that 2 out of the 4 TV licenses were given to 2 football club owners it is easy to make corelations. Corelations about the downfall of a championship that is assisted with every penny paid to the state owned gambling establishment. Greeks need to stop paying them money. They need to find alternative gambling establishments. If necessary they need to seek betting agents for even more options. But they need to let those people pay out of their own pockets.
  6. The idiot is determined to bring everything 40 years back. For a very simple reason. If it happens then all investors will withdraw, the whole thing will become amateur again and not subject to UEFA's demands for an independent GFA. Which means that the trio (Kondonis, Melisanidis, Savidis) will be able to control all of it and monopolize eveyrthing to their interests. Greeks can take out Melisanidis by not gambling at the monopolized gambling establishment of OPAP. That's where he gets all the money to invest in Kondonis endeavors. If this money is lost then he will have to back down. Greeks must stop gambling at OPAP. There are other options available for more winnings and a better investment of their money.
  7. I would say this is a special for the Greeks of this forum and is a message not to donate their money freely to Mr Melisanidis but look for alternatives for their gambling habits elsehwere outside the country. This man is going to dip into their pockets so deep that when they realize what is going on it will be too late. Melisanidis needs money fast. He needs to pay for new player acquisitions, a new stadium and the money owed to IRS. He was counting for a few million Euros to come in from the Europa League games. Now AEK is disqualified so that money will not be coming in. In a most characteristic scandal he manages the state owned gamb;ling establishment OPAP and therefore has access to its billions. Billions paid by Greek bettors and gamblers. And all he has to do is lay his hands on that money to cover the deficit. And the Greeks will get to pay the money that should have come out of his own funds.
  8. If there were a few teams that I would consider as sure bets, those were Olympiacos, Shakhtar, Anderlecht and Bate Borisov. And I would have lost all four... Something is terribly wrong this year....
  9. 2-2 on regulation, overtime and 2-4 on overtime? Seriously? Who wrote the script for this one, Hitchcock? I guess I have to admit that your prediction on Ludogorets prooved correct...
  10. Not really! Let me remind you want happened when Machester City and Barcelona broke the rule. The first penalty was for no buying or selling of players for 2 years! Paris Saint Germain was almost disqualified!
  11. 2.3 vs 3.1 (average) is not that much of a favor. It says one goal difference between the two. I.e. bookies expect one of the two to win this and not draw. That's an interesting development!
  12. It is true that the Serbian league is weak and that there are only a few teams that measure up. But Red Star is a brand name and brand names fight that much harder. Ludogorets is a newbie in comparisson. Apart from that the thing that counts in the European scene is experience. And Red Star has a lot more experience than Ludogorets.
  13. I don't think that UEFA has anything to do with that either! I think it's a decision of the Welsh Football Association. If they decide to create thewir own league then UEFA is involved only in deciding if the Welsh league will be accepted as a separate entity like the Scotish League. UEFA does not care about the money involved in the English league unless the "financial fair play" rule is broken.
  14. You must be Bulgarian. Sorry I just don't see it happening. Ludogorets has very little chance of going through.
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