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  1. The one type of bet which I always like to play on Grand Slams is:will be tie break in match ? Odds are usually really tasty. Any ideas where is the highest possibility ? Skipping Opelka-Isner because there is 1,05
  2. Strange results again, sorry if somebody followed- Rodionova had her moment in second set where she had balls to lead 5:2 but instead of these we had 4:6... I don't get Sebastian Korda, guy whose main weapon should be his serve and it was absolutely horrible. I liked to bet on underdogs but recently no luck with me so I will try to share some lower-odds bets but more confident.
  3. Ayeni is a total disaster, maybe talented but totaly stupid guy. Total fail but I believe that is time to recover. Australian Open Qualifications Korda S. - Soeda G. bet: 1 @3,50 (Bet365)/ stake 5/10 Sebastian Korda is no doubt very talented player. One year ago he was ranked as top junior on the worth. Also a year ago he did the best achievment of his career so far- won youth Australian Open so now is time to start a serious career (maybe not correct words because in 2018 he played already professional tournaments but I meant that now he should raise a lot in ranking in really short time). First opponent Go Soeda was quite solid, ranked 47th but it was in ..2012. Currently he is 34 years old and slowly going down, his results are not impressive and I believe Korda is capable to win here. Australian Open Qualifications Womens Rodionova A.- Muchova K. bet: 1 @5,74 (Pinnacle)/ stake 5/10 I don't get these odds. Karolina Muchova is still young (22 years old) but probably never will be top player, in my opinion is not even material for top 50. What's more she rarely plays on hard courts as it is not her favorit one. Arina Rodionova till 2014 was Russian but since then she is under Australian flag and here residence is Melbourne so motivation is 100% and what means she should feels great on those courts and also hard surface is her natural where she plays all the time so I believe her chances are much bigger then odds suggest.
  4. Da Nang Challenger Ayeni- Boluda Purkiss bet: 1 @2,50 (Bet365)/ stake 8/10 I like these bet so much I've been following Alafia Ayeni for a while, he is definitely interesting player- he has great physical conditions (over 190cm high), looks like a younger brother of Gael Monfils. He used to be a solid junior (ranked 27th in 2017) and now is time to prove that he can be a solid professional aswell. He will play against a 25 years old Spanish player Carlos Boluda Purkiss, player ranked on 352 position, and the highest rank of him was 254 and probably it was his maximum. He plays mostly on ITF tournaments and is definitely only a clay-surface player. Generally he has record 96-52 on hard courts which is not bad but like I said- 95% of those results were against very weak players. That's no surprise- Boluda Purkiss is just 173 cm high and so thin so it is hard for him to hold serve. I believe Ayeni will serve well here and break opponent at least 3-4 times and it will be a comfortable win.
  5. Olga Danilović and Iga Świątek know each other very well, first time they played match was when they were 12. Both are absolutely talented, it smells here like a close match- maybe 3 sets but I think Iga is much better on hard courts at the moment. In the mid-week she practiced with Wozniacki and Carolina said that she looked really good.
  6. Canberra challenger Qualifications Fancutt T.- Benchetrit E. bet: 1 @5,59 (Pinnacle)/ stake 6/10 I am quite surprised with odds here- maybe Thomas Fancutt is not the guy who is capable to beat top players (or even top 200) but with Elliot Benchetrit he should have bigger chances then odds suggest us. Mainly because he is local guy and all life spent on those kind of hard courts. Benchetrit completly opposite- he used to be a very solid and no doubt talented junior but he spent all career playing/practicing on clay grounds, rarery on hard surfaces. He started current season in Noumea and proved that he is just average on those fast courts. Generally he beated there Escoffier and Robredo, but hard to say it was something special: Escoffier lost his server 7 times and had 13 double points which is absolutely strange, on other side Benchetrit lost then his serve 5 times what is also a lot. In second round it looked better but his opponent was Tommy Robredo, 36 years old veteran who actually never was strong on hard courts. Finally in 3rd round he was eliminated by Delbonis (who next round was outplayed by Mikael Ymer)- lost 6:3 6:2 in very bad style: just 3 aces comparing to 6 double faults, lost his serve 4 times. On other side Tomas Fancutt already played here in Canberra one match- in first round of qualification he beated very comfortably Zihao Xia 6:3 6:2, looked there really solid, especially on serve so I think he is able to repeat it tonight and do a possible surprise.
  7. I would rather skip Polansky. Remember that he won tournament in Granby and between final there and match in Los Cabos he will have maybe 50 hours. But still he had to travel from Granby to Los Cabos 5500 km so I won't be surprised if he arrived there just a few hours before match and won't have chance even for 1 training session to feel the courts. Like you mentioned Galan is much less experienced on hard courts but still he spent some time in Los Cabos and could be better adopted- he is a lucky looser here and it happen quite offen that lucky loosers go far in the tournaments and guys who have just won some tournament lose in 1st rounds of next due to tiredness mainly. Worth to add that it is so hot in Los Cabos- around 30 degrees.
  8. Could you tell us what is the source which says about injury of De Schepper ? Thanks!
  9. Some bets from me for tonight- thank you guys for doing a great job here! Noumea challenger Rubin N.- Moutet C. Yesterday I was against Moutet but by his performence he convinced me to be definitely on his side tonight. I didn't expect such a good match but he totaly destroyed Liam Caruna 6:4 6:2 and had 90% first serve win and didn't give to opponent even a single chance to break his serve. So looks like his previous not impressed matches was connected just with a young age and problems with concentration. But without doubt Moutet is a future star- he used to be a top junior (reached semi finals of AO/ Wimbledon last year) and currently is 155th in ATP ranking and will surely raise soon. Noah Rubin should be a rival which style exactly fits to Moutet- both are small and thin (around 178 cm high) but on paper Moutet looks much better. Bangkok 2 challenger Oliveira G.- Nedovyesov A. Goncalo Oliveira looks to be in a good shape- he has been playing for all December with quite good results on Asian tournamens so he is well adapted to hard courts these days (althought he definitely prefers clay surface). First round here he had a hard opponent- Luca Vanni but reached a perfect win where he was naturally underdog. Vanni is much better player at least on hard courts than Nedovyesov so I don't understand why bookies sees Nedovyesov as a clear favorit, especially that he played yesterday just first game after 6 weeks, managed to win 6:4 6:4 to Takahasi so not high demanding opponent. ITF Hong Kong F6 Viola M.- Niki T. Meeting between 2 'veterans'- both will finish 31 years old soon. Matteo Viola was never a great player on hard courts and I definitely won't set him here as a favorit. On other side Takuto Niki spent all career on hard courts and these days he looked really solid- lost just 3 gems in two matches, maybe opponents were horrible but still it says something. On other side Viola looked to be far away of good shape: he won to number 1210 of ATP Ranking- Saito Takashi 4:6 6:2 6:4 but stats on paper are incredible bad: he served just 1 ace, did 5 double faults- just 60% first serve won/ 30% second and lost own serve 6 times.. Looks like Niki is underrated here. Bets: Rubin N.- Moutet C. 2 @1,75 8/10 Oliveira G.- Nedovyesov A. 1 @3,00 7/10 Viola M.- Niki T. 2 @2,55 9/10
  10. Football- Poland Ekstraklasa 20:30 Termalica Nieciecza- Lech Poznan under 2,5 @1,83 Lech Poznan after came back of key player- Pawlowski have won against Podbeskidzie in cup and also beated Cracovia in league at home. But still style of this wins was not the best- actually Podbeskidzie didn't care about Cup game and Cracovia was with many absences. Because of that a very strong rumors says that it is last match of Urban as a coach of Lech. Some big names like Ljuboslaw Penev (ex Bulgaria National team coach) are on the top of the list. On other side Termalica was destroyed by Pogon 5:0 in last round but this team at home comparing to away games is totaly different. Coach of them- Michniewicz like a defensive style so I believe today will be a boring game with a draw result.
  11. Poland Ekstraklasa 15:30 Zaglebie- Pogon 2 @4,30 stake: Medium Zaglebie will play 12th match in 30 days comparing to Pogon- only 6th. It is a big number of games every 3 days- most of polish teams don't have a rotation to play like this because players are not use to play 2 matches in a week. Zaglebie was knocked out from Europa League on Thursday so theirs morale are very low- especially that they was playing really good and defeat was unluck. Many players obviously are tired so in today's match we have in lineup a big rotation- many important players like Starzynski, Vlasko, Piatek are on the bench. Also they have sold Dabrowski- key defender to Legia. It looks like Pogon has a big chance to catch a win- they dissapointed at the beginning of season but still they are solid team with potential for top 8 definitely. More bets on PrivateTips
  12. Real Madrid Castilla- Leganes (hc -1,5) 2 @2,50 Leganes is a newly promoted team to Spanish Primera Division. It will be 3rd friendly (won previous 2 with weaker opponents) for them so preparing period is going to important phase. Castilla won 4:1 against Segoviana (amator opponent from 4th league). Actually today won't play Castilla but some young team u17 of Real Madrid- most regular players of Real Madrid B: Craninx, Luca Zidane, Achraf, Tejero, Lienhart, Llorente, Febas, Ødegaard, Enzo, Sergio Díaz i Mariano are with a first team + Campuzano is injured and Miguel Garcia was loaned to other club. Leganes need to treat this kidn of friendlies serious so I expect them to trash young players of Madrid. Barcelona- Celtic hc (-1,5) 1 @1,90 It first a first friendly game for Barcelona this season but they will treat is seriously as a revenge for a famous loose 0:1 (Messi underlined it). Naturally Barca with many players out but still Messi, Suarez, Arda, Sergi Roberto, Mathieu or even Denis Suarez and Munir will play. On other side Celtic will also use many reserve players- they will face Astana at home on Wednesday in Champions League Qualifications (first match 1:1) and it is definitely target number 1 these days for them. Barcelona with enough strenght to beat Celtic easily. Source: PrivateTips
  13. ITF France F16 Mina- Lipovsek Puches 1@3,00 Stake: High Gianni Mina was considered as a big talent- in 2010 he was number 1 in youth players ranking but later his career didn't go like expected but I think he didn't say a last word and soon he will continue raising his ranking. To reach this he has to win matches like today. Opponent: Lipovsek Puches presents nothing special- just a player who is playing quite solid but only on clay grounds which means that he will probably never reach a top level. Today players will face each other on a hard court which seems to be a advantage of Mina- he used to play some nice matches there and what's more tournament is in France so home ground should have also some influence. Odds are really nice to try.