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  1. It's a bit of a lottery when it comes to the play offs. League form goes out of the window & instead we get cup ties. I think that the first legs will be low on goals. 

    Sheff Weds have the experience of losing the final last season, and it will make them stronger this time. The atmosphere at Hillsborough last season when they played Brighton was unbelievable, a proper football stadium with a passionate crowd to match. Huddersfield have done well this season but perhaps have run out of steam, & lack the experience of of being able to handle the pressure?

    What do think @Kenton Schweppes, Ate you confident? I think that SW will be using th experience of last season to motivate them. 

    Blackpool-Luton could be a tight under 2.5 game, perhaps low on corners too. Nathan Jones will want to come back to fortress Kenilworth (Rd) on an even keel, at the very least.

    Shou.d we be having the Glasgow double this weekend @Icongene? Surely Rangers will beat the Jambos? 

  2. 2 hours ago, Icongene said:

    Didn't have a chance to post but I was on LA Galaxy -2 corners v Chicago last night at 2.20 and they won by 6 :cheers

    @Tiffy we should be looking at this over summer.

    Yes, I had a quick peek today and saw it was 8-2 to LAG. I think we definitely need to be on this. My English season has been complete pants, and I need to get my teeth into something different like the MLS. Had a good winning double today, and then put it all on a tempting offer from the bookie. I must make myself a set of rules, as I always lose any winnings through rash stupidity.

    I should have a bit more time this week as I am working away, so will have some free evenings to do some research into the coming weekends fixtures (without the wife moaning at me!!)

    Well done on that winning selection though :beer

  3. Blackpool need a win at home to Orient to seal a play off place. Orient already relegated, with the club facing financial ruin. Which means players probably aren't being paid & they will all be looking to jump ship this summer.

    Blackpool AH -1.5 = 1.85 is about the best I can come up with.

    Also Plymouth & Portsmouth stand a chance of winning the title, but they must both win.

    Both playing teams with the proverbial "nothing to play for!!!"

    Plymouth away to Grimsby - 1.96

    Portsmouth AH -1.5 = 1.8 at home to Cheltenham

  4. On 29/04/2017 at 7:50 AM, allyhibs said:

    Good luck @Tiffy :ok

    thanks @allyhibs

    They were awful yesterday. When the club turn a game into an occasion, the team never live up to it.

    Everything was there yesterday,  atmosphere, flags, crowd, noise, TV, Wardy & Zamora, Goldstone Memories, and the team just couldn't rise to it. They were trying too hard in my opinion.. Lots of possession, but no shots on goal. Crossing was awful, everything in the final 3rd just no good. Fair play to Brizzle, they buried the only chance of the game and defended like lions. They earnt a standing ovation from the home fans at the end.

    Perhaps too much pressure was put on them.

    On the plus side,  from a punting point of view, Newcastle will have to win at home next Saturday, and it will be an all out attacking game in the hope that Brighton slip at Villa. It will be worth backing them on the corner markets I think.

  5. Well, seeing as Cardiff didn't manage to win the title for Brighton tonight, we will jus have to win it our bloody selves!


    Brighton win

    The game marks the 20th anniversary since the last ever game at the Goldstone. The programme costs a fiver, the pies have the premier league logo on & the opera singer is back for a pre match sing song.

    Everyone gets a free flag too.

    Lets bend these Geordies over, and shove this title where the sun don't shine!

  6. On 20/04/2017, 15:17:07, Icongene said:

    Chicago have been playing decent with Schweinsteiger whilst Toronto are struggling a bit to get going. You can gt on the double chance at around 2.10 which might be worth a look.

    LA Galaxy v Seattle see's the 2nd and 3rd highest corner AVG's in the league come together. The two are averaging 6.33 corners per match. 

    Given that Seattle has the highest corner count of any side in the division on the road (7.5 AVG) I'll take Over 10 corners at 2.25.

    BET WON- LA GALAXY 3 corners - SEATTLE 8 corners :cow

    Good shout on the corners here. Let's keep this theme going!

    The results markets have killed me this season. I am better off with the goals & corner markets

  7. Well, what a bizzare game last night.

    Norwich didn't have a single shot on target and yet won 2-0!

    Without two slices of good fortune it probably would have been a draw..

    when will you ever see two identical own goals in one half, by the same player again?

    Bizarre to think that Stockdale was on hat trick before half time.

    No real damage done to my pot yesterday, I will get it all back next week.

    You have to say Norwich will be stronger next season though, Pritchard did look decent when he was on the ball. Got some well deserved stick from the Albion faithful tho.....haha



    Does anyone else think that the Blues can nick something from Villa here?

    Birmingham were never a bad team, just outside the playoffs when Rowett was there. I always felt that  Zola was trying to put square pegs into round holes, and probably didn't get the bit of luck that he needed.

    Redknapp said on the radio earlier that he doesn't have a magic wand, and can't turn them into Real. Madrid, but he should be able to tighten things up to help them stay up.

    I think he will go back to basics & the players should respond to having a manager of his stature there.

    I know it's a Derby, at Villa Park, and their will be a sense of grief over the loss of Ugo, but my trusty gut tells me that the Blues could rise to the occasion.

    DOUBLE CHANCE 1.85? 

    Your thoughts



    • If Brighton secure the Championship title on Friday, it will be their fourth league title in 16 years, more than any other current EFL club. Manchester United are the only English club outside the EFL to have won more.
    • Norwich have lost just one of their last seven league meetings with Brighton (W5 D1), although it came in this season's reverse fixture, losing 5-0, their heaviest defeat in the Championship this term.
    • The Seagulls have won just once in their last 16 league visits to Carrow Road, winning 1-0 in December 2002 thanks to a goal from Steve Sidwell (D7 L8).
    • Brighton are looking to achieve a league double over Norwich for the first time since the 1951-52 campaign - this will be their 34th league meeting since then.
    • Anthony Knockaert has scored in 13 different Championship games and never ended up on the losing side this season (W12 D1). The French winger has ended up on the losing side just once in the 28 Football League games he has scored in (W24 D3), a 2-1 defeat by Sheffield Wednesday as a Leicester player in December 2013.



    Yes @StevieDay1983 My trusty gut feeling tells me they will win the title tonight. It's either that or the Smoked Salmon I had at lunchtime!

    I have just spoken to a Brighton Youth team coach who is full time at the training grouvd. He said, don't put any money on them tonight as the players have been on the piss all week. They have only trained once, and that was on Weds, then they travelled up yesterday, so may have done a bit more in the afternoon.

    However, I feel that professionalism will kick in once they cross the white line, and they will be raring to go.

    If they don't clinch the title tonight, then they will definitely win it at home next week against Bristol City. So any money lost tonight can be made back next week.

    BRIGHTON X2 1.53



  11. Looking at the ratings above, it has Norwich much higher than Brighton. This doesn't really concern me, as Brighton are good at soaking up pressure & don't worry about having too much possession. The corner market could be interesting here. Whilst I think Brighton will win, I can see Norwich having the most corners. Brighton often don't have lots of corners, They tend to go wide then cut inside, so


  12. Thanks @StevieDay1983 & to everyone for the nice comments.

    i can't believe we are 3/1 to win on Friday. The players had a night out on Monday  with the fans, & are really pumped up to win the title on Friday. Looks a no brainier for me. There will be a massive party in the away end. The club have paid for free coach travel & drinks & pies at the ground. Nice touch that.

    Also Newcastle to cover the corner handicap again. They have to try and win to keep Huddersfield at bay. Their corner count in the last 2  games is 26-2. The crowd will be urging them on to finish 2nd (he hopes) but they lack goals, so perhaps Preston can exploit that?


    -3 CORNERS 2.1

    -2 CORNERS 1.7


    TO WIN  2.7

    BRIGHTON X2 1.57


  13. On 16/04/2017, 23:12:09, Tiffy said:

    I am expecting Brighton to beat Wigan tmrw & seal promotion. They will need to get something as they are fighting relegation, but we should be too strong for them.

    After Newcastle. Slipped up on Friday, I expect them to take the game to Ipswich. The corner count against Leeds was 19-0. I reckon Newcastle could easily cover the handicap here. 

    Yep, we were too strong for them. They offered little in the final 3rd, although a late goal meant a nervy last 5 minutes. We also had 2 ruled out for offside, so it felt like we should have won by more. Anyway, we now have a massive chance to win the title on Friday, and to be honest I think that we will! I did post a few weeks ago and say that Newcastle are heading for a wobble, and they are positively wibbly wobbling into the play offs! Come on 'Udders', come and join us at their expense.

    Newcastle did manage to win the corner count though 2-7, so covered the -1 handicap at 1.85

    I have just spoken to a Newcastle fan, who has been on the forums this morning, and apparently all is not well with Benitez. Seems like he will be off at the end of the season whatever happens. Personally, I think he he may have been tapped up by someone already. It will all add up to an intersting end of season.

    PS- Yes that was me on the pitch after the game! Greatest thing of all, my 19year old son said it was the best day of his life. Although, on Friday,he is off to Carrow Rd, so it could be another greatest day for him. 

  14. On 13/04/2017, 22:47:56, Tiffy said:



    SHEFF WEDS 1.9


    DERBY DNB 1.83

    FUL V NOR 02.5&BTS 1.72

    Will wait for the Brighton game to finish before deciding on Leeds. They are a similar price to Monaco against Dortmund.

    Luton let me down (again), probably should have left this alone as Orient are scrapping for survival.

    Birmingham were looking ok until the 85th minute.

    What happened to Derby,! Their play off ambitions are surely gone now.

    BUT, took Leeds on the DC. The game looked like Newcastle were all over them like a rash, the corner count was 19-0!! But for all that they could only score once.

    Chris Woods will now be on the legends wall at the Amex, along with the Burton team.!

  15. Just managing to have a quick look at Fridays fixtures.

    Brighton could secure promotion this weekend, and I fancy them to get something away at Wolves. If they can manage to get 3 points in the 5pm KO, there will be huge pressure on Newcastle who play at 7.45pm at home to Leeds. I also fancy Leeds to get something here, as they are pushing for the play offs & Newcastle are feeling the pressure at home in front of their expectant fans.

    Agree with @Icongene that the Norwich V Fulham will be a goal fest.

    Surely Birmingham are due a win too? They were unlucky last week, losing to a last minute route one effort from Derby. They should get 3 points against relegated Rotherham.

    Sheff Weds may be too good for Cardiff (sorry @StevieDay1983), but again, a team pushing for play offs V a team with not much to play for. I agree that Warnock will have them fired up, but Sheff Weds may just be too strong at home here.

    Luton should thrash Leyton Orient too. Odds on the straight win are crap, so perhaps a -2 AH bet on this on, or HT/FT?

    Think we are leaving corners to the MLS this weekend!

  16. 13 hours ago, Icongene said:

    They're a wee bit out of date (2 fixtures) but I'll do some digging and try and post some tomorrow. Maybe we can get some corner pooling going in the MLS. 

    Yes,  good idea, MLS may be more reliable than EFL

  17. 2 hours ago, Sir Puntalot said:

    Pretty sure I can automate corner ratings from the ratings too. Just finishing off a couple of things with developers at the moment, then I'll get on that. :ok 

    That would be interesting, look forward to it

  18. 1 hour ago, StevieDay1983 said:

    Get those up here asap please mate! The urge is too strong to resist! @Tiffy, we've struck gold here son!

    Blimey, it's all going on without me! Yes @Icongene let's get some stats up. I should have time to research tomorrow am, but am stuck at work at the moment!

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