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  1. 23 hours ago, Mindfulness said:


    It's funny, I've got my eye on Birmingham at the momment but I don't think there's a whole lot of value in their prices just at the minute and I'm struggling to get involved with them.

    I agree 100% with you that they need a striker who can finish. They were the 3rd lowest scorers in the division in 2016/2017 with just 45 goals from 46 games. They seem to create a lot of chances but don't convert, they also had 4th worst home record in the division last season.

    After missing out on Terry, HR says he's trying to bring in 5 or 6 so they should improve from last year. My concern is that it's a funny mix of elements at Birmingham right now and you need all the various ships to sail in the same direction if you want to do well in the championship, or any league for that matter. My main fear here is that the HR boom and bust cycle could play itself out within the course of several months rather than several years :lol

    My play of choice would be Birmingham City top half finish but sky bet seems to be the only ones offering this market so far and 1.91 is not juicy enough since I believe 1.80 - EVS is correct value range for Birmingham in this market. Things would be more appealing around 2.4 imo.


    I am glad to see great minds thinking alike! We will keep our eye on it, but I may put them in a pres season Acca.

    I also think that Villa will not concede many goals this season & that SB will definitely get them up now.  JT will be a great addition to the Championship and his experience will be vital to Villa's promotion challenge.

    Goals win you promotion, defences win you titles!


  2. How about Birmingham for a top 6 finish?

    The clubs Chinese owners will be throwing money at HR in a desperate attempt to turn things around. He will lead the club through a period of boom and bust, just like he did at Pompey. He has the money & the name to attract good players. I still can't believe that Stockdale turned down a Premiership contract with Brighton to go and join them! They must be paying him £50-60k a week!

    I really facncy them to not concede many next season. Stockdale kept about 17 clean sheets in this division last season, and with a good defence in front of him, he could do the same.

    So if HR can attract a decent striker, then perhaps the "boom" could end up in the play offs.

    The "bust" will see them in L2 once he has left!

    Birmingnham top 6 finish

    Birmingham matches to be mostly U2.5 or BTTS NO

  3. On 19/06/2017 at 11:37 PM, StevieDay1983 said:

    So would we mate! :lol

    Don't worry, I'll keep being annoying and tagging you. You respond when you've quit your job and gone full-time as a corner tipster.

    Well you have destroyed the myth that I had built up of you!

    So, if you are not full time, how do you find time to run this site around work etc

  4. Yes, thanks @Mindfulness I am looking forward to seeing what the new season brings. We are all waiting to see what signings will be made over the summer, so I reserve judgment until then.

    Looks like we are still waiting for your mob to appoint a manager. I heard last week that Stockdale is set to sign for you, which can only come down to money. Brighton will have made him a decent offer, but probably not as high as you would go.

    I like the look of Bournemouth to get relegated at 7/1 at the moment. I have a feeling they will turn into the new Pompey, with a chairman spending foolishly on players before he invested in the infrastructure. If Howe leaves, then it will all fall apart there. I am convinced he will go to a better club sooner or later.

    Burnley too, for similar reasons, especially if you appoint Dyche.

    Dont forget that when Parrish says "Long term" he means 6 months max!

  5. I have just spent my valuable lunch break reading this thread, hoping to get a selection that I liked the look of. 

    Instead, it's descended into a bitch fest!

    FFS, come on you lot, I haven't got a clue on tonight, and was hoping that you lot, ( who have been fairly reliable all season) would use your superior knowledge to help my threadbare betting bank look a bit healthier.

    Result seems to hard to predict, what about goals/BTTS.

    RM Most corners?

    Stop bitching & start getting back to the serious stuff. 



  6. 12 hours ago, allyhibs said:

    Same as last week for me. East Kilbride were the better team in the first leg and can get the job done today, the bookies have them way overpriced. I'll be having a little slice of the 4.50 for the away win but the double chance of East Kilbride Or Draw at 1.95 is where my money is.

    On Sunday, it looks like one more chance to make a pile of cash on Celtics usual hammering of an extremely poor Hearts side. Celtic -1 at 1.50 looks too easy to me, I'll also be having a nibble on Celtic -2 at 2.73, Celtic -3 at 4.20 and Celtic -4 at 8.00. :loon

    Not biased in any way against the poor old Jambos there then!

  7. On 16/05/2017 at 11:05 PM, Mindfulness said:


    Yeh I'm interested to hear your thoughts on Brighton for next season. To be fair I've always liked Hughton as a manager, he is underrated imo and treated poorly by previous clubs.

    Can't be bothered to get into it on this thread but once all the EPL games have been played for this campaign I will open up an ante-post thread for 2017/2018 season and people can post their views.


    Me too, I think we are lucky to have him. Not only a good manager, but nice bloke & wins with grace & loses with dignity. 

    I'll reserve judgement until we see what transfer business has been done, but at the moment our squad will struggle. Nudge me when you put the post up.

  8. 11 hours ago, Mindfulness said:

    Don't worry @Tiffy, if history has taught us anything, it's to be positive about next season:



    Haha, still living off faded glories @Mindfulness :ok

    Think Brighton may have changed just a touch since those days. 

    There is only one aim for next season. It's not even to stay up, it's to finish above the Nigel's. 

    Bet you've got that as your screen saver!

    it will be great to have those 2 games back next season though, ads a bit more spice into the mix!

  9. Ok, lets get this show back on the road.

    Reading V Fulham

    Nicely poised at 1-1, and both teams have everything to play for. I couldn,t split them in terms of results, but you would like to think that both teams will be on the attack all evening. I would go for over 10 corners here. I can't see either team thrashing the other, so it should be an even, toe-toe contest.

    OVER 10 CORNERS - 1.9

    Sheff Weds V Huddersfield

    I think that Huddersfioeld, alkthough they have done magnificently, will come to the end of their season tonight. Sheff Weds were fantastic at home in the semis last season, and they will have learnt so much from going all the way to the final then.

    "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", this will apply to SW, like it did to Brighton this season


    SW TO QUALIFY - 1.5

  10. 12 hours ago, Icongene said:

    @Tiffy I've been looking at the double myself. Rangers should win as Hearts are woeful but both teams have nothing to play for and this could be a right stinker.

    I see it roughly 1-68% X- 20% 2-12%

    Ok, thanks for your input. Rangers are a bit of a bogey side for me, so perhaps I should swerve them.You would like to think that they would put on a show for the faithful who turn up every week though!

  11. It's a bit of a lottery when it comes to the play offs. League form goes out of the window & instead we get cup ties. I think that the first legs will be low on goals. 

    Sheff Weds have the experience of losing the final last season, and it will make them stronger this time. The atmosphere at Hillsborough last season when they played Brighton was unbelievable, a proper football stadium with a passionate crowd to match. Huddersfield have done well this season but perhaps have run out of steam, & lack the experience of of being able to handle the pressure?

    What do think @Kenton Schweppes, Ate you confident? I think that SW will be using th experience of last season to motivate them. 

    Blackpool-Luton could be a tight under 2.5 game, perhaps low on corners too. Nathan Jones will want to come back to fortress Kenilworth (Rd) on an even keel, at the very least.

    Shou.d we be having the Glasgow double this weekend @Icongene? Surely Rangers will beat the Jambos? 

  12. 2 hours ago, Icongene said:

    Didn't have a chance to post but I was on LA Galaxy -2 corners v Chicago last night at 2.20 and they won by 6 :cheers

    @Tiffy we should be looking at this over summer.

    Yes, I had a quick peek today and saw it was 8-2 to LAG. I think we definitely need to be on this. My English season has been complete pants, and I need to get my teeth into something different like the MLS. Had a good winning double today, and then put it all on a tempting offer from the bookie. I must make myself a set of rules, as I always lose any winnings through rash stupidity.

    I should have a bit more time this week as I am working away, so will have some free evenings to do some research into the coming weekends fixtures (without the wife moaning at me!!)

    Well done on that winning selection though :beer

  13. Blackpool need a win at home to Orient to seal a play off place. Orient already relegated, with the club facing financial ruin. Which means players probably aren't being paid & they will all be looking to jump ship this summer.

    Blackpool AH -1.5 = 1.85 is about the best I can come up with.

    Also Plymouth & Portsmouth stand a chance of winning the title, but they must both win.

    Both playing teams with the proverbial "nothing to play for!!!"

    Plymouth away to Grimsby - 1.96

    Portsmouth AH -1.5 = 1.8 at home to Cheltenham

  14. On 29/04/2017 at 7:50 AM, allyhibs said:

    Good luck @Tiffy :ok

    thanks @allyhibs

    They were awful yesterday. When the club turn a game into an occasion, the team never live up to it.

    Everything was there yesterday,  atmosphere, flags, crowd, noise, TV, Wardy & Zamora, Goldstone Memories, and the team just couldn't rise to it. They were trying too hard in my opinion.. Lots of possession, but no shots on goal. Crossing was awful, everything in the final 3rd just no good. Fair play to Brizzle, they buried the only chance of the game and defended like lions. They earnt a standing ovation from the home fans at the end.

    Perhaps too much pressure was put on them.

    On the plus side,  from a punting point of view, Newcastle will have to win at home next Saturday, and it will be an all out attacking game in the hope that Brighton slip at Villa. It will be worth backing them on the corner markets I think.

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