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  1. The last round of Prem games there were 4 teams over 4/1

    Brighton 5.5

    Burnley 7.0

    Huddersfield 21.0

    West Brom  8.5

    1point on each to win would have returned a 10pt profit

    Only 1 team with odds over 4/1 lost!

    Food for thought....

    @Sir Puntalot can you get that lazy sod @StevieDay1983 to back test this over the summer. It's about time he did something useful........:ok

  2. Interesting stuff on here chaps, gonna have to carry on this conversation.

    @Phileas, good luck with the corner betting. Let us know how it goes please as I would like to follow your system. Can you start a thread in "systems and strategies" when you get up and running & tag me, so I know it's live.

    Be careful though, as @StevieDay1983 will be all over it like a rash and start copying you! :loon

    Its about time bookies were forced to operate properly. They are little better than banks. They want your money but hate giving any back!


  3. 8 hours ago, StevieDay1983 said:

    @Tiffy was absolutely killing the corners market for a while. Not sure he's tipping on it so much now but would be good for him to come out of temporary retirement! :ok

    Retirement! It's been manic at work and Weekends are full on at the moment too.

    id like to get back into corners, but not had much luck this season. Ideally I would like to give up work and go full time punting, but with my track record I'd end up in the poor house!

    i need to find a market/system that works. One with guaranteed results! Lol

  4. On 24/04/2018 at 12:45 PM, StevieDay1983 said:

    Derby vs Cardiff

    Huge game for my beloved Bluebirds tonight as we take on Derby away at Pride Park in a 7:45pm kick-off. It's the re-arranged match back from when the snow fell. The whole situation has been farcical. Even down to the verbal exchanges between the club officials, fans, and players. Yes, if you haven't seen the Sean Morrison Whatsapp video then probably best you don't waste your time!

    This is a crunch game for Cardiff. A win here could potentially set it up for us to be automatically promoted this coming weekend away at Hull. Those that want us to fail are claiming this is a do or die game. It's not. It's a freebie. It's a chance to really move to the cusp of the Premier League.

    I was delighted with the win last weekend against Nottingham Forest. I think given his own pre-season with the players, Karanka will do something with Forest next season. They are clearly a capable team already. It was a potential banana skin we avoided. One of the main reasons for that was the return of Joe Ralls but also the return to form of Aron Gunnarsson. His match-winning goal and THAT block after the Sol Bamba error summed up just why we are at the top against all the odds.

    It'll be interesting to see what squad Warnock opts for here. He's done well to calm down the furore that had built between the clubs after snow-gate by being complimentary about Derby as a club. It's all mind games. He doesn't want Derby firing with a chip on their shoulder.

    The form of the Rams has been woeful lately. Exactly like it was at the back-end of last season. It's suggested that Rowett pushes his players too much throughout the season so when it comes to the business end they have nothing left. Just 2 wins from their last 13 matches and 4 losses from their last 6 games appears to back that. Their home record isn't great either as they haven't even hit the 50% win ratio on home turf.

    All the talk is about Cardiff's promotion hopes here but there's more pressure on Derby. We can afford to lose and still have matters in our own hands. If Derby lose tonight then their fate is taken out of their control. It's in front of their own fans and they'll get twitchy if things don't start well. I know. I've been there as a Cardiff fan. I'm quietly optimistic we can win this and look to seal promotion at the KC Stadium on the weekend. I think the draw no bet and less than 2.5 goals scored are the best bets here. Cheeky small wager on Kenneth Zohore to score anytime as well if you fancy it.

    Cardiff Draw No Bet @ 1.80 with Betfred

    Total Goals Scored Under 2.5 @ 1.83 with 188Bet

    @waynecoyne, @sajtion, @arvee, @canaries91, @Mindfulness, @betcatalog, @Magic0024, @malabgd, @CloughandTaylor, @Tiffy, @PokerWolf1, @teddybear3011, @skyblues88, @allyhibs, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @willie82, @Neubs, @Papa Lazarou, @kulikTS, @Valkovets, @harry_rag, @Pipoca, @padman, @Marek76, @silver fox, and @the bastardian, will any of you guys be betting on the two matches taking place tonight? Agree or disagree with my thoughts on the Cardiff game?

    I warned you they were going to bottle it!

    ill have to call them the BlueBottles from now on:ok

  5. On 20/04/2018 at 6:48 PM, allyhibs said:

    Hibs v Celtic.

    Celtic are by far the best team in the country but they've had issues all season with their defence, with the movement and pace Hibs have up front we can definitely cause them problems and I think we'll score at least once here. I was going to tip Both Teams To Score at 2.05 which is a great price but if we're winning with 10 minutes to go that can f##k right off. Hibs to score at 1.70 is my bet.

    Nice work, I was t on it unfortunatley, but a great result also for your boys

  6. 2 hours ago, sajtion said:

    there are too many lowly teams that are picking up ridiculous results now. their motivation is an all time high as they try to avoid relegation but anyways for those who follow my tips i suggests to try this acca


    crystal palace, birmingham, aston villa, preston, rochdale, charlton, rotherham, exeter, notts county

    £25     returns £15.000

    good luck

    Yeah, you are right, too many freak results this season. I've only backed PSG twice. They lost the first  and drew the 2nd!

    good luck with the acca, fingers crossed for you

  7. 7 hours ago, StevieDay1983 said:

    Don't even joke! We all know it's coming! Nah, in all seriousness, it would be great to be back at the top table next season in blue! I still don't count our last Premier League campaign as a genuine one. It was farcical. I also didn't see any of it because my son was born so I couldn't afford it. I also didn't really make much effort to try and afford it either because of the re-brand. You must be delighted with you boys staying up. I suspected you might be OK this season but it's always a tall order for new teams. I am surprised that the bottom three are the bottom three. I thought Swansea, Huddersfield, and Crystal Palace would all struggle more. Glad to be proven wrong... except for the Jacks! :lol

    Yes, I am delighted that we look like staying up this season. I always thought there would be 3 worse than us & so it proved. I think I predicted as much earlier in the season too. It's interesting to see that all 3 promoted teams stayed up & kept their managers too. Bournemouth were the only other team not to change theirs outside the top 7.

    if you do come up, I can see Warnock going. He's not a Prem quality manager!

    Good luck in the run in, at least your Cardiff tips have done well this season:ok

  8. On 16/04/2018 at 7:13 PM, Mindfulness said:

    Hope you've recovered from the weekends events. Agent Murray did a great job of clearing one off the line for us in the last seconds. Beautiful.


    @Sir Puntalot TROLLING ALERT!!!!! It's not fair that there are people on here, who can't be bothered to post for ages, and then when their team actually wins a bloody game, they go all out to rub our bloody noses in it!

    its just not fair I tell you! Maybe just ban him for a year or 2? :loon

    And as for you @StevieDay1983, "silence is deafening" is it? I'll get SirP to stick you on the naughty boy list too if you are not careful. There won't be much silence when Cardiff blow it at the end of the season, I can tell you:loon

    Hello @Mindfulness, (don't worry, I can take the stick, well done by the way)

    It looked like a cracker of a game on Saturday. Some shocking defending from us, and an inability to covert several great chances gave you a deserved victory. Felt it was coming to be honest as we have gone off the boil & you are getting going at long last. That bloody Zaha bloke though, I hope he goes to a club with real top 6/European ambition (like Burnley) in the summer. He loves scoring against us doesn't he?

    Looks like we will be pitting our wits against each other next season, which is great. I always felt there would be a couple of poor teams in the prem this season, but next season could be tougher with Wolves/Villa/Fulham coming up.

    lets hope its Cardiff and MILWALL who come up, then there's a guaranteed 12 points already!.

    By the way, how is your "Top 6" bet looking this season?:ok


  9. @Sir Puntalot 


    Did I read somewhere that punters would be in profit if they backed teams at odds of over 4/1?

    it went through my head when I looked at the odds on WBA to beat Man U away this weekend. Is there any chance someone could back test this over the current season to see if it is worth doing.

    Im tempted to do it next season, and put results  it in the SYSTEMS & STRATEGIES thread.

  10. On 02/04/2018 at 11:44 AM, StevieDay1983 said:

    West Brom manager Alan Pardew has left the club after just four months in charge. An awful appointment to start with. Damage has been done. Whoever they appoint now needs to have Championship experience. Personally, if I was the Baggies owner, I would look to get Mick McCarthy in seeing as he's leaving Ipswich at the end of this season.

    I think the caretaker has done his chances the world of good, beating Man U away! What odds him to be appointed on a permanent basis?

  11. II've been following your bet this season via this thread. I am a LUTON fan, although I generally post about Brighton as I have a season ticket there. I have 2 fourfold, in a 5 team Accra, and have LUTON to get promoted rather than win. They have been too inconsistent this season, and it will be typical if they let your Accra down. Accrington have taken everyone by surprise in L2, but let's hope they have a dip in form over the last few games and LUTON clinch the title. 

    Good luck, and thanks for sharing your story. It makes interesting reading.


  12. On 13/04/2018 at 9:53 PM, allyhibs said:

    Peterhead v Cowdenbeath / Montrose v Berwick

    Two of the best teams in League Two against two of the worst, can't quite believe you can get odds against for the home win double, absolutely nailed on. Peterhead and Montrose double at 2.03.

    Well done allyhibs on the above. I managed to actually get on one of your tips for a change, and it topped my weekend off nicely!

    cheers pal:cheers

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