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  1. What you think about derby of this round? Atletico vs Bayern! Bayern is a little favorite, but Atletico with "crazy" Simeone can make surprise. My tips for this game is BTTS, do you agree?
  2. The best betting option for me is win on Monaco. I found excellent odds on the twitter @betinasia, from big bookies, such as: SBOBET, Pinnacle, IBCbet and other. What are you think about my tips?
  3. @StevieDay1983, I will share odds of mollybet with handicap. But for good winnings, I need a suggestion of other punters such as you. Do you have any tip for this weekend?
  4. Odds of mollybet for the derby between Arsenal and Chelsea. My prediction for this match is BTTS, in support of my prediction, I will share next stats: Arsenal have seen over 2.5 Goals in 83% of their domestic games this season, with 83% of them also ending with both teams having scored. Chelsea have seen over 2.5 Goals and both teams score come in in 86% of their games this term. Do you agree?
  5. I made a big mistake with this prediction. Before this match I was thinking like this: "While it is a very bold move to oppose Juventus, the fact they have conceded a league-high of three goals from set pieces suggests they are currently very vulnerable. They have only kept one clean sheet in the league so far this season and Cagliari are certainly capable of causing an upset." But I was wrong.
  6. @StevieDay1983, hard game for the beting, like every derby. But I think that Barcelona can win Atletico, and expect BTTS, do you agree?
  7. Haha, thank you for the compliment :). In support of my brave prediction I want to share odds from mollybet about game between Juventus - Cagliari. Do you think it's worth of the risk with these odds?
  8. For brave punter my prediction for match Juventus - Caglari is: Caglari have a better record at Juventus than a lot of other teams in Serie A, having claimed three 1-1 draws in their last five visits to Turin. While it is a very bold move to oppose Juventus. At massive odds, Cagliari Double Chance at is certainly a risky selection but it is my pick for this game.
  9. Hi to everyone, what are you think about match between Barca and Atletico? I'm searching odds and tips,today I found odds on twitter @betinasia, and I will share them on the screenshot, but I can't found any tips, can you help me with your suggestion?
  10. I hope that you are kidding with me. Can you find better odds of big bookies, which provide unlimited betting? Mollybet provides awesome odds for me, but this time tips from #TopBroTipster were bad and with this part I agree with you mate.
  11. On the twitter @betinasia I found great tips and odds, which I'll share on the screenshot. I'm sure that you also can find more tips and odds and please you to share with us, how we could make better discussion about it.
  12. Odds courtesy of MollyBet. On the screenshot you can see odds for Italy Serie A and B. These odds are from big bookies, which provide unlimited betting. But without good tips, we can't make big winnings, do you have tips for this round?
  13. Last night favorites won. For tonight, I expect a similar results like yesterday. Because of that my tips for tonight are: Real Madrid - 1 and 3+ Juventus - 1X Tottenham - 1 Do you agree?
  14. For today's matches I found odds and betting tips on twitter @betinasia. What you think about this prediction? On the screenshot you can see tweets from BetInAsia.
  15. I absolutely agree with you. But for me PSG never was a favorite for the title in Champions League. Beside clubs such as: Real, Barca, Bayern and Juventus. PSG looks like an easy prey for them. Without Zlatan, they are much weaker team.
  16. Very miserable weekend for me in La Liga. Barca left on the bench stars such as: Messi, Iniesta, Alba and Suarez. Very stupid move, and defeat for Barca. Also Mendes club - Valencia has a big problem and if they don't change anything they will be the desperate club. Real, Atletico and Sevilla are justified the role of favorites. What you think about next round, I'll share odds from mollybet on the link below!
  17. Yeah mate, you're right. PSG is the biggest favorite, but I say similar like you, the other teams in Ligue 1 are better than before. And because of that, I expect uncertain championship, if you understand me.
  18. I expect return for Valencia and Atletico in championship, and because of that my prediction for this round are wins for them. Also I think that Las Palmas had good start, but Sevilla is a big prey for them, and my favorite in this match is Sevilla. My predictions are sure wins for Barca and Real!
  19. Okay bro, I only want to help you, but if you have your betting broker, it's good solution. Also, I want to thank you for information about Greece Super League. For next time, I'll avoid betting on matches from this league.
  20. No mate, my tips for these matches are only singles, not Asian handicap, if you understand me. But, if you want, I'll share odds from mollybet with Asian handicap for this round of Premier league. You can look odds on the screenshot. I hope that helps you.
  21. Mate, very helpful information. I want to help Greek punters, and I'll share my opinion about this situation. This is a big problem, when problematic people enter the world of betting. But my advice is that you must find betting brokerage service, which provide you to bet on big bookies outside the boundaries of the Greece. Also, I use big bookies outside of my country. I used different betting agents, but now I use BetInAsia, because they provide me betting platform mollybet. On the mollybet you can connect all your accounts into one account. This is my solution for your problem. I hope that I helped you.
  22. I think that manchester derby isn't good option for betting. My tips for this weekend are: Arsenal -1 Tottenham - 2 Liverpool -1 Chelsea - 1 West Ham United - 1! Mate, do you agree with me?
  23. Hi mate, I saw that you have a very good prediction. Do you have any tips for next round of Eredivisie? In support of this, I'll share odds of mollybet on the screenshot. And with your predictions and with my odds, we together can beat big bookies!
  24. Mate, I hope it will be so. Without Atletico in the race for the title, LA Liga will be the place where we will see the fight between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Two clubs with the best players on the world. Atletico with Diego Simeone, entries passion in fight for the title.
  25. Mate, you were right! Very brave move for correct result 0-1. Maybe I can help you with odds on Man City win, of betting platform for big bookies mollybet! What are your opinions about these odds from big bookies?
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