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  1. Hello all. Well what can I say ! Something tells me that I'm going to find it harder to make a profit this season. Normally things start to settle down after the first six games but we are now twelve games in and I'm totally confused. Apart from maybe one or two teams in each of the Championship / League 1 and League 2 it is nigh on impossible to predict which way the result will go. What I have noticed is, the 19 teams I use of the 3 leagues have so far notched up a total of 72 draws over the twelve match days. There are two teams which are currently costing me dearly and they are Blackpool & Crewe. It's been so difficult to forecast the outcome of their games that I now find myself with their next match stakes being 34 quid & 144 quid respectively, which leaves me with a bit of a quandary - carry on and risk not forecasting the correct result which would then mean Crewe's next stake would be 233 quid - OR - I cut my losses and abandon my system for the rest of this season.
  2. My Fibonacci system bets this weekend are as follows : £1 singles : Bolton Win , Oxford Lose , Grimsby Lose. £2 singles : Wimbledon Lose , Colchester Win. £3 singles : Cheltenham Draw. £5 singles : Northampton & MKDons Draw, Blackpool Draw. £6 singles : Crewe & Doncaster Draw.
  3. Championship Promotion- QPR / Norwich / Wigan ... Relegation - Hull / Blackburn / Rotherham League 1 Promotion - Millwall / Bolton / Brighton ... Relegation - Southend / AFC Wimbledon / Oldham / Charlton League 2 Promotion - Portsmouth / Doncaster / Luton / Crewe ... Relegation - Crawley / Stevenage
  4. Here are my predictions - Championship : Winner / QPR - Relegated / Hull League 1 : Winner / Millwall - Relegated / Southend League 2 : Winner / Portsmouth - Relegated / Crawley
  5. Prior to last season I didn't use any recognised betting system. I used to bet on every game finishing as a draw in the Championship / League 1 & League 2. I would monitor the first 6 match days and start betting on the 7th match day starting with a stake of 10p. When a team failed to draw I would step up to 25p , then 50p, then 1 pound and so on. When a team drew I would go back to the start of 10p. This system proved to be expensive in season 2014 / 15 because Sheffield Utd went on a run of no draws for 22 weeks. before last season began a friend of mine told me about the '' Fibonacci System " so I sat down and studied it and came up with my adaptation - 6 teams from the Championship ( 3 relegated from Prem + 3 promoted from L1 ) - 7 teams from League 1 ( 3 relegated from Championship + 4 promoted from L2 ) - 6 teams from League 2 ( 4 teams relegated from L1 + 2 promoted from the National League / Conference. Instead of going for draws I decided I would try to predict the outcome of each corresponding match ie:- HW / Draw or AW. It has to be said that my strategy was a success because I finished last season with a total profit of 726 pounds. I made a profit on 30 of the match days which I consider to be a phenominal result. I am continuing to use the same system & strategy this season and it has started showing profit from matchday 1.
  6. Hello all. I didn't manage to find the time to post my predictions for last weekend and this mid weeks matches but I can tell you that got 6 of my 19 predictions correct of the weekend games - my stake was 19 pounds and my returns was 16.28 .... a loss of 2.72 but still showing a profit of 4.92. The results of the 19 teams from the Championship / L1 / L2 which were played Tues & Wed - I got 12 of the 19 correct again - my stake was 24 pounds and my returns was 38.45 ... a profit of 14.45 which increased my running total to a profit of 19.37 after 3 match days. I have done all my predictions for this coming weekend and my total stake is 24 pounds again. Aston Villa to LOSE at Derby / Barnsley to LOSE at Huddersfield / Burton to WIN at Blackburn / Newcastle to DRAW at Bristol City / Norwich to DRAW at Ipswich ( Sunday ) / Wigan to DRAW at Nottingham Forest. Bolton to Win at home against Fleetwood / Bristol Rovers to LOSE at Southend / Charlton to WIN at Walsall / MK Dons to DRAW at Rochdale / Northampton to WIN at home against AFC Wimbledon / Oxford to LOSE at home to Peterborough. Blackpool to WIN at home against Wycombe / Cheltenham to DRAW at home against Doncaster / Colchester to DRAW at Portsmouth / Crewe to WIN at Newport County / Grimsby to LOSE at home against Leyton Orient.
  7. My local Bookmakers is Ladbrokes and the maximum number of selections you can include in a accumulator is 16 but last weekend I challenged them and they said I can select up to 22 but it has to be input manually by one of the staff. This weeks 19 teams are covered by 16 matches so I can put it on the weekend quickslip without any problem.
  8. Hi Sajtion, as well as betting on the 19 teams as singles, I do bet on the 6 Championship teams as a accumulator - likewise the 7 League 1 teams - and the 6 League 2 teams - Then finally I do a accumulator including them all - It will pay off one of these days lol
  9. Hi Stevie, Yes, the same 19 teams every week. This weekend some of those teams in League 1 play each other. Here are my predictions :- Championship - Aston Villa to LOSE - Barnsley to LOSE - Burton Albion to LOSE - Newcastle to WIN - Norwich to WIN - Wigan to DRAW. League 1 - Bolton to WIN - Bristol Rovers to DRAW - Charlton to WIN - MK Dons to DRAW - Northampton to LOSE - Oxford to DRAW - Wimbledon to LOSE. League 2 - Blackpool to WIN - Cheltenham to LOSE - Colchester to WIN - Crewe to WIN - Doncaster to WIN - Grimsby to WIN.
  10. Hi sajtion, let me explain, I am following the '' Fibonacci System '' to the letter. I have linked it to my own strategy, and my strategy is - I chose the 3 teams relegated from the Premiership last season + 3 promoted from League 1. The 3 teams relegated from the Championship + 4 promoted from League 2. The 4 teams relegated from League 1 + 2 promoted from the National League. These make up the 19 teams which I bet individual stakes on every week but only on their league matches. I use the Football Index Ratings and statistics from the weekly paper called Racing & Football Outlook ( which comes out every Tuesday - and is also available on line ), whilst also using my own extensive knowledge to make my decision if each match will be a Home Win / Draw / or Away Win. Every team has a overall rating + a rating for Home & Away and these ratings can and do change every week depending on each teams last result and it takes into account the quality of the opposing teams. However, there are exceptions. For example, when Aston Villa play Wigan - there is in effect a 2 division gap between them as Villa were relegated from the Premiership whereas Wigan were promoted from League 1 - so the obvious bet would be a Home Win. But Villa are in terrible turmoil and not guaranteed to get promotion back to the Premiership. So Wigan would be a good bet.
  11. Championship. Aston Villa to LOSE Barnsley to LOSE Burton Albion to LOSE Newcastle to WIN Norwich to WIN Wigan to DRAW League 1 Wimbledon / Bolton - AW Bristol Rovers / Oxford - DRAW Charlton / Northampton - HW M.K.Dons to DRAW League 2 Colchester to WIN Crewe to WIN Doncaster to WIN Cheltenham to DRAW Blackpool to WIN Grimsby to WIN Those of you who are following the '' Fibonacci ''system will know that the first two stages of the system are both 1 unit bet - won or lost - it's from stage 3 that the betting unit increases.
  12. Hi all, well I correctly predicted the results for 12 of my 19 teams on the opening weekend of the English Football League. My individual stakes were 1 pound - so my total stake was 19 pounds - my total return was 26.64 - I know it was only a 7.64 profit - but it was a profit all the same - and a better result all round compared to the same weekend of last season.
  13. Hi St.dom, Ihave just one bank which I use for all the teams. Yes, I do follow the Fibonacci staking for every team, every week ( including any midweek league games they play ). I don't use my bank for any cup games. Last season my biggest single team stake was 233 pounds on Shrewsbury to lose @ 15/8 - thankfully I predicted correctly. - my total stake that day was 367 pounds and my total return was 433 pounds. My largest total stake was 644 pounds - I had a total return that day of 700 pounds. My biggest return, which also happened to be my biggest weekly profit was on the last day of the season - stake 246 pounds / return 731 pounds / profit 485 pounds The remarkable thing is the first & last six games of the season are so unpredictable because teams don't settle down till after the first six games - and the last six weeks teams at the foot of the leagues are fighting for survival, but I like the challenge of first to last games lol.
  14. Hi St.dom, I bet on each of the nineteen teams as single bets ... every Tuesday I buy the Racing & Football Outlook and using the Football Outlook Ratings for each team and the Trend / Form results .... plus my own knowledge and assessment. Last season I returned a profit in 30 weeks out of the entire season. Of course the law of averages says you win some & lose some and luck does play some part in the outcome of each match because you cannot allow for red cards and injuries during a match .... all I can do is select wether a particular game is going to end in a HW / Draw or AW. I do however keep card index systems for all of my 19 selections throughout the whole season. I spend hours studying the stats and form figures every week. I don't know if you have noticed how I make my team selections, but I will explain later if you are interested.
  15. This season I will continue to follow the '' Fibonacci System '' using the same number of teams from the same divisions - My teams this season are :- '' Championship '' - Aston Villa, Barnsley, Burton Albion, Newcastle, Norwich, Wigan. '' L1 '' - Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Charlton, M. K. Dons, Northampton, Oxford, AFC. Wimbledon. '' L2 '' - Blackpool, Cheltenham, Colchester, Crewe, Doncaster Rovers, Grimsby. Hopefully will have another successful, profitable season.