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  1. Andy Murray -6 (3-way handicap) @ 2.20 v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Tsonga is abysmal when it comes to big matches and Murray has his eyes set on the ultimate prize.... Murray needs to win by 7 games, that is 2.33 games per set.... Murray can do much better that in his current form.... Expect an easy win for Murray with multiple sets going 6-3 6-2 to Murray...
  2. Hello friends I'm done with my examinations and now it's time to enjoy some lawn tennis.... So Djokovic lost, that opens up the first half of the draw especially for Milos Raonic. I remember watching him at the Aussie Open and had a huge feeling that he will be a major force at Wimbledon (Yes, he's come a long way :)). Now the only real threat between him and his goal to reach the finals of Wimbledon is Roger Federer who, if I am not mistaken was dealing with an injury and still having some after effects of that. I think a resurgent Raonic will be too much for Federer to handle even though he has been traditionally good against big servers. Then there's Murray who I think has a very easy path to the finals now that both Wawrinka and Delpo are out. A final between Raonic and Murray, on grass, at Wimbledon - ypu don't need to be rocket scientist to know that Murray has total advantage over here. But i think an E/W bet on Milos Raonic at 8.00 will be a good wager as the runner up part will pay most of the money wagered back... Winning will be an extra bonus... There's also Milos Raonic to reach the finals at 3.75 which seems attractive. What do you think guys and esp. my man Czech? P. S. Can anyone please explain how the decimal odds change in E/W bet??
  3. After a decent end to a horrible RG, it's time for me to rest my betting for a bit with the biggest examinations of my life coming up in a month's time. It have been a truly memorable last 5 months on this forum, certainly the most clean forum and good respectable guys posting their plays.... I might be back for Wimbly depending on how my preparation has proceeded, but until then ADIOS AMIGOS!!! MAY THE BETTING GODS FAVOUR YOU ALL MY FRIENDS
  4. Novak Djokovic v Andy Murray Not the match many wanted but certainly the match that should culminate the clay court season with Djokovic and Murray both playing tantalising tennis throughout the months of April and May. Many have given their opinions and they all are very strong. But this match here is a contest of mental strength more than their skills. On clay, at this moment, if both play at their peaks, Djokovic might just edge out over Murray. But it's the mental ability that would make the difference today. Djokovic has got nerves of steel but nervous he will be nonetheless for many a reasons. As liquidglass mentioned, this may very well be his best and last chance to claim his career slam (and the golden slam, but more on that during RIO). Last not because Thiem is rising, but because if Djokovic loses today he may very well NEVER win this slam. Another thing is the fact that he has been so close yet so far in this tournament since 2011. He had a genuine chance every time but extraordinary performances from Nadal and Wawrinka have just kept Djokovic at bay and the Djoker knows that his opponent today is nothing short of spectacular when playing at his best. Djokovic may well be hoping that Murray just doesn't turns up. But if Murray starts playing well, you may very well see that Djokovic will simply fall apart. Murray on the other hand has been a contender for far too long now. He has improved not only his game but also his mental toughness to a level that matches the best player on the planet today. Murray knows that the final at Rome makes no difference today because a grand slam is a completely different beast. And he knows that he's got nothing to lose and everything to win today because the "experts" have already written him off. This match is Djokovic's to lose and Murray will not care about what happens on the other side of the net as he will just keep hitting ball after ball, backhand after backhand and pummel Djokovic into submission. Just look at the Scot's eyes for Christ's sake. Andy Murray to win the French Open
  5. Thanks mate.... Had a feeling Muguruza had a big chance.... Didn't think she'd do it in straight sets though..... Now I just hope she doesn't fade away like many before her have....
  6. Yes one more twist... Take out Serena or Novak maybe
  7. Hello everyone.... I don't usually bet on soccer but enjoy watching big European tournaments (UEFA CL and EURO)... I would like to start betting on football and I think this tournament is good for that.... I would like to know how to prepare myself and gain some good knowledge regarding the favourites and underdogs this year.... Some good websites or videos would be appreciated.... Thank you and may the betting gods favour us all....
  8. Alas!!! Can't see the video in my country (India).... Well anyway Djokobitch is stupid.... I thought he would be a better person after he became a father and having an astounding season last year.... I actually started to like that jerk in January..... Well let's just hope he doesn't wins this grand slam.... If he does his tantrums will reach another level... I so hope Thiem wins that set Czech... It's actually fun watching that retarded freak being frustrated.....
  9. I think it will be a close contest and will be decided by how Wawrinka plays... If his unforced errors to winners ratio is low, Murray will have a very very tough time.... A lot of ifs here for me.... I'll just enjoy the freakin' contest....
  10. Gosh I so hope Putintseva somehow does a Kerber today..... Serena is more pathetic today that that AO final... Giving away 6 games worth of unforced errors in first set alone.... Fingers crossed
  11. That is exactly why I like to call him Djokobitch
  12. Thiem will probably win this but the games line looks good.... Will probably be a 4-5 sets match.... Thiem 3-1 looks most likely outcome but we never know with this years RG....
  13. Berdych has been really surprising throughout the tournament.... I thought he would lose to Cuevas but he didn't... Then against Ferrer he doesn't lose a single set.... Hopefully he comes with similar attitude against Nole.... He's got all the weapons to atleast take a couple of sets from the Serb.... I will also take the games handicap at +7.5 games for Berdych along with over 3.5 sets.... Gud luck Czech....
  14. Well what a time for bet365 to send me some loyalty bonus Just when Muguruza is back in riveting form of last year's Wimbledon and it looks like the final is poised to be another showdown between Serena and Garbińe.... Been following her since last year's Wimbledon and she really impressed with the vain fightback in the finals in the second set when she had probably lost.... She has got all the credentials to beat Serena and now that Serena isn't in her form of 2015 the result can certainly come.... I was eager to pick her up a bit earlier but she wasn't really going on in 2016 until now.... And also the loyalty bonus means I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.... But I'll still take the each way bet just to ensure some free returns Garbińe Muguruza to win Roland Garros @ 3.25 E/W on bet365 Good luck my friends
  15. Exactly it's been wierd right..... Especially when your money is locked on a bet for 2 days..... I had Halep handicap against Stosur which she looked comfortable to cover when the play stopped.... 2 days later she blows it away.... Although good thing was Pironkova winning against Radwanska