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  1. SESSEGNON play for FULHAM, sirs from the paysite INJURIES AND SUSPENSION......
  2. I cant read high odds before we have few matches yet, My grand favore league one Shrewsbury cant lose another match especially at home.
  3. SHREWSBURY - (2.00) NORTHAMPTON - (1.90) BRENTFORD - (1.61) Treble with 30
  4. Too early to searching bombs but we have some targets. CHARLTON (4.00) BIRMINGHAM (4.00) DERBY COUNTY (3.60) PRESTON NORTHENED (3.60) Charlton new in championship and with passion. And passion giving miracles (stoke, blackburn) Here we are punters, no supporters. I`m Forerst until the bones but now my team is fully unstable. Birmingham search from an explode since 2015. The Rams have the same team basis and for another year is really dangerous. And finally Preston really unpredictable as always especially at the championships starts.
  5. I am very disappointed with the team so far after the Fleetwood match. Where I personally saw some good defense overlapping elements in the match with Leeds in yesterday's game I saw the team falling all the way after the goal. And I see another thing that drives me crazy. sir sabri lamouchi this is not a stupid french league. Here is England. You play with a cool Fleetwood and the only thing you do is lie about the eleven you go down, but when the team's performance went straight after the goal I saw no reaction. Saturday sir sabri lamouchi you are playing against Birmingham and if you keep going like this you will have four goals. So wake up and become a hard trainer because here it is not Lans. You came in the morning but with the mind you follow I see you leaving tonight.
  6. I dont know the elo rating formula and the element who play on this formula. I know one thing. I see a nice defense line in the first half, don`t speak for the attack line. The team is at the start line yet. Forest had big defense problems at the staged phases last year and i see big anode there.
  7. Leeds united - nottingham forest (1 - 1) Lovelly for me defense line the first good thing. sammy ameobi very good offensive efforts put the Leeds defense in the fray. The very good element of the defensive line especially in the staged phases impressed me. If he arrives and stays that way and in the future we will see a very good team in the stadium this year.
  8. oxford - peterborough gillingham - burton port vale - northampton my best draws. its too early for good estimations.
  9. The beauty of England seemed to be at the first matchday. I read many comments against Nottingham forest left and right. I see a big devaluation like nottingham forest is nothing. And believe me i like that. I`m a betting dragon hunter and i love those kind of devaluations to risk. For me Nottingham forest is in the best condition in the last years and now i believe can fight the games better than the last year. So all of you believe Forest crash by leeds but i believe in much more better fight than west brom. Odds at 7.50 right now. In the second dragon trap put the Reading. For me team having better season this year and in my opininion giving great oods. Risk at away win 3.80. Nothing else from me this weekend
  10. I aggre for the overpriced teams too. Overpriced teams for me in league one is Bristol Rovers and Accrington Stanley. And one more thing. Keep your eyes on Gillingham this year. Lost Eaves but remain powerfull for me.
  11. Ok. Starting with West Bromwich Albion. Great game in city ground we have problem now with the tranfer of GUEDIOURA in Kuweit. I believe will have good scoring this year and i believe too will have goal or goals against Brom. Ameobi and Adomah are powerfull guns and will see them at next games. My only fear is the defense line. Very unstable again at static phases.
  12. Are you ready. Welcome to england leagues again. Very strange situation for me this season. In my opinion will have a great league because i believe we have strong teams but especially for me great killers.
  13. I see a nice attack line this season but for one more time i believe we have a slow defense line and problem in corner kicks. I wait to see the first game against west bromwich albion and the second away against leeds. Brom and leeds for me is two favorite teams for promotion and those game are very important to check the forest stability between the lines and especially the defense line. I believe this year will be the best at least of the last ten. We will see.