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  1. Near to the end and interesting coming up only in few matches. In my opinion big opportunities disappear so i play small yankees in my club. DONCASTER has big defeats at away games but today must prove the power to stay at play-off positions. Today in my opinion play all the year so odds 2.45 for me is value bet away against Oxford.
  2. For me today southamptons win is a great value. Leicester has the first speech for win. And City maybe crash Spurs for champions league retaliation.
  3. Something keep me away from Yeovil and Macclesfield. Smell a lost game for both of two. I say to play on Scnuthorpe tommorow but blackpool has a full team. I believe to the Exeters win too. All the other match are unstable and we haven`t strong high odds values in my opinion. Inside my club the last and stronger choice for me.
  4. very difficult matchday with crucial matches We have derby`s, we have match points, we have strange matches. Especially in league two looking the Yeovil and Macclesfield games. We see at the next days.
  5. The best chances for Lutons defeat after many time is today. We have Charlton to fight for fully promotion and many strong absenties for Luton, Today the hatters maybe play with clear new front line. Fantastic value odds 3.60 for home win here.
  6. The hosts has two crucial next matchdays at home with Swansea and Blackburn. If take points there save the season. Today play against a team without targets so must try to win. Great odds 3.40 for home win here and with 40% home wins this year we have a nice value bet here.
  7. Today my bet on Rotherham united and draw with goal. Rotheram with 35% home wins against Villa with 35% away wins. Ok Villa has five wins in the row but this is not a strong reason for me to make one more win. My personal opinion..... Aston Villa can`t accept the pressure of the last matches of the season and fallen down from the play-off positions.
  8. I`m going with Leeds united today. Much better at away games, need points, and Preston unstable at the last two matchdays. I believe away win is closer today.
  9. Very difficult fixtures until the end. We have too much teams with points problem like Bolton, Notts County, Macclesfield etc. I want all of you to see the next games until end of the Port vale. We have a crucial match there in my opinion. Difficult choices but surelly will play Wimbledons win today.
  10. A line of bad results and southend in danger again. But for me is the best team at the bottom area of the table. The return of Simon Cox in attack line is powerfull today. At the last two games has score problems but today this condition return. Inside the relegation zone must fight to save the season. The big key for me today is the bad history in the Roots for southend and some crucial absenties for shrewsbury. For me the hosts will try to break history and take the win with leader Cox in front line. SOUTHEND UNITED to win (3.00)
  11. The most difficult situation for Wigan is now at the end of the season. Has a dangerous program until the end of the league and games with opponents like Brentford must take only wins because some of the next opponents in championship is top teams like Leeds, Norwich, Bristol city. Today team is in better condition than Brentfprd and coming from win against Bolton. Three points over the relegation zone and fight with other three teams for one relegation place. For me all other results except win today showing league one and this is a great value bet. WIGAN ATHLETIC to win (3.30)
  12. We have a nice value here for my opinion. Yeovil this year has shown that when she wants to win she can get it only if play with mind. We are at the end of the championship and do not allow mistakes. So Yeovil with only two points over the relegation zone need only win in this match because Macclesfield and Notts County coming closer from the back and situation is clear dangerous. Newport with 9 points under the play-off zone i believe haven`t other power. YEOVIL to win (3.00)
  13. At the last fixtures of EFL follow only league one. For me is the best league right now to fight good performance. The best odd for me today is Bradford home win (2.80) because i believe is the last card for the hosts. If lose points here, they burned. Doncaster has two big absenties today and i believe can`t fight the strong Luton. I believe today will have enough draws at league one. Nice value for me is Walsall`s home win against Barnsley. Walsall can do big damage today.
  14. Difficult way to choose today between games like Nottingham - Villa, Birmingham - Millwall and Derby - Stoke. The most dangerous game for me is the away win of the Villa but haven`t good odds.
  15. Very sympathy matchday. Has many value bets but want big heart to risk on them. Some of the hosts in ELO`s has big numbers but in my opinion are very beautyful to risk again. Generally elo rating is a nice bible but only to search for value bets and play against for high odds.