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  1. Difficult way to choose today between games like Nottingham - Villa, Birmingham - Millwall and Derby - Stoke. The most dangerous game for me is the away win of the Villa but haven`t good odds.
  2. Very sympathy matchday. Has many value bets but want big heart to risk on them. Some of the hosts in ELO`s has big numbers but in my opinion are very beautyful to risk again. Generally elo rating is a nice bible but only to search for value bets and play against for high odds.
  3. After many years of dealing with the betting I understand one thing. The more championships you are dealing such as have more opportunities to lose money. The point is to hunt for 1-2 championships. More adrenaline, better thinking, better judgment. All the rest for me are wrong moves. So until the end of the season cut-off championship and remain only with League 1 and League 2. In my opinion the most clearly leagues in the world, We see open games there with passion. Championship looks like premierleague. Only feasibility, nothing else.
  4. A big safe bet today but nice trap for me. Blackpool surely win and coming a breath of the play-off positions. All people in Blackpool they scream with joy. Ι say one thing. I`m here to protect you from false thoughts. Looking Southend`s 35% away win and look Coventry`s distruction yesterday. A killer maybe strike again. MAYBE.
  5. Wimbledon with killer Appiah in the squad. Very interesting game. The large doncaster in the play off positions. Personally not deserve it. Today is a great favore but all bettors look the four defeats in the row for Wimbledon at home. I see Appiah kill Doncaster at 2017, today play with squad and Wimbledon in the last four matches lost only from Charlton. For me Wimbs has chance today to take the win.
  6. For my opininion Coventry`s win is very difficult today. Simply take a look at the Burton`s next matches. Coventry a, Charlton a, Blackpool h, Accrington h, Sunderland a. For me all this games it`s all the year for Burton albion.
  7. Lookin at the ELO RATINGS the game cheltenham - Notts. Giving the power of the hosts to fall and the power of the visitors to rise. Cheltenham has no problem points this time and yesterday play game so maybe lookin tired. Notts desperatelly need points so has a good chance here. Odds 2.87 for away win now.
  8. Accrington lookin tired at the last matches and against Coventry make a terrible first half. Blackpool i believe haven`t lost the opportunity to fight for the play-off positions. Thrased away from Bristol Rovers but make a plenty chances for a goal. If win today follow Doncaster and Peterborough in the table with 4 points difference. For me today is the last chance to fight play-off group. If the team play seriously can take the win against tired Accrington. Odds in 3.20 for Blackpool but surely cover with draw g/g.
  9. Championship Predictions > Feb 26th - Mar 5th

    Yes United is too short but the odds 2.15 is very bad.
  10. Championship Predictions > Feb 26th - Mar 5th

    ELO RATINGS say me Wednesday is a nice value opportunity today. Has stable performance better than United and team with win remain to the play-off target. Surely deserve for value to risk on her.
  11. For me today BOLTON is high value odd from championship. Follow WIMBLEDON in a straight match against SHREW from league one. And close with COLCHESTER from league two.
  12. Andy cook sent off for walsall and destroy my thoughts. in my opinion if he play walsall would have big chances for win in burton. But now.......
  13. Championship Predictions > Feb 19th - 25th

    Forest has one last chance with a win today to get inside the play-off positions. Follow away game with stoke and another two home games. Derby in crisis in the last two games but must try to inverse the situation. I believe DRAW AND GOAL/GOAL.
  14. All teams in league one has one target. To break the serries of luton`s wins. Today game is very difficult because of two reasons. Firstly because the big away fights for Coventry and secondly for this 38% away wins of Coventry. Ok Luton is the great favor here but i believe is a hard game for her.
  15. For me the absenties except big injuries is a small problem of the team. Problem who can solve. Try to find a formula on ELO RATINGS search to combine only the form with the situation in the field (ELO). Only the ELO`s is a false situation but in combine with forms is a great weapon. My High risk systems in club from here until the end of the seasons add the power of elo ratings.