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  1. Today is a very difficult day for High value odds. Only Peterborough i believe deserve a risk. Hylton out for Luton, The team diagram stop to rise and maybe turn around. And finally Peterborough looks ready to give the final battle for promotion. All the other games are open to all results. Put my final estimationn and my ticket inside my blog. If you wish to make comments it`s all right.
  2. Premier League Predictions > Jan 12th - 14th

    Read picks left,read picks right all playing cardiff`s win so easy. The biggest trap in my opinion. Simply add a table of the last 6 Huddersfield games. So tell me what you see in the table.....??????
  3. GREECE FOOTBALL LEAGUE (2018 - 2019)

    Panionios today has big absenties. Manager take only 18 players for this match and unleast 3-4 subs are injured. Be carefull. My lovely team in greece is Atromitos. Say one thing. Atromitos and panaitolikos have friendship under table. Help each other.
  4. Accrington Stanley continous to lose positions from the top. The last two games without goals and without striker Zanzala giving big attack problems. Near to this an unstable defense line with 7 goals negative liability in the last two games. Six loan players leave team last month and makes the problem bigger. From the other side the "Pirates" need points to move away from the relagation zone. Great last serries of win points and better goal difference from Stanley at this moment. Rovers continues with Hard game program and need desperately points to take morale for the future. I believe Bristol Rovers giving high level passion in this match for points, is in better condition and closer to away win. AWAY WIN (3.10)
  5. Exeter close fireguns ??????. For me is the biggest mistake for Exeter this season. To give best top scorer Jayden Stockley to Preston this time period. For me cut-off hopes at the half to fight play-offs. I believe Forward line destroyed with this move. It may indicate that the team maybe not interested yet this year. Morecambe six points up from the relagation zone and i believe the problem is the defense line. At the last four away games lost the three but against top teams. So how can react against team without good striker and with the points rope around her neck. Lost Leitch-Smith with injury but continue to have power in attack line. I believe we have a straight match here but for me the hopes turn to the Morecambe. We have great odds and there is no chance to not risk at this away team. Medium stake and wait to see how the team react. AWAY WIN (5.00)
  6. Sparta has a much better defense line until now and this is a big advantage for this game. Last in the table and with difficult program at the next games want points. For me Sparta is a team with good elements and a great manager Andrey Chernisof. Yesterday club change the old owner with a new George Pololos and hopes in much better days in the future. I believe team must be win this match and to show better things in the football league. HOME WIN (3.00)
  7. I take the big risk here. System 2-3-4-5 and three singles for cover.
  8. Fighting near to the relagation zone for two teams . But Dales has the same power inside and outside of Crown Oil. Burton power at home games with poor results away but in relagation zone all things change. Nigel Clough is a manager with great mind for me and i believe he can fight and win the game. The power of the Dale`s are is the first 10 minutes and the last ten minutes of the game so Burton must be carefull at this timezone. If Clough set up the team with strength ta at this timezone has big possibillities for win today. AWAY WIN (2.80)
  9. CAMBRIDGE - STEVENAGE. Great equaly battle here but the visitors in 3.75. Stevenage fight well in away games but i believe it`s a game with very big risk but want thoughts and conversation before bet.
  10. At my last estimations all high odds coming from the home games. Here we see a home team with great need of points against to a team with a bad away dynamic behavior. All strength from Crewe is at home games and away nothing. A great home positive streak break from play-off team Carlisle but this game is a great opportunity for Morecambe to take morale again for the upcoming matches. This is my second best bet for saturday. HOME WIN (2.90)
  11. Here a simple thought. If we look stats we see Yeovil without a win and with bad streak but we can see one more thing too. The 4ths Bury low strength at away games. Some bettors tells "Bury fights away" so come to see to the next table. Ok here i see one thing. Almost all points for Bury coming from home games, away is a medium/bad team for 4th position team. And i see one element too. Yeovil has the worst home team of the league. That`s ok but look Bury now. Goal difference is negative for Bury and her defense eat the same goals in compare with Yeovil. She has a little better attack. I believe we have a great straight fight here and give many chances to Yeovil`s win. The only thing push me back is the absenties for Yeovil but the team learn to live with them. I have in my mind this match and i wait to see odds movement But if i make a move i go to the Hosts with low stake.. HOME WIN (4.00)
  12. Three wins on the row for Coventry but this says nothing for me. Coventry hasn`t the dynamic to hit play-off positions. Six points back but the upper teams is much more stronger so for me Coventry hasn`t hopes. From the other side scnuthorpe is in danger at the relagated positions. Has two overall wins on the row but have a great element here who can change all situation. The big win at ABAX against Peterborough. This means excellent morale at this time. Now look the scnuthorpe next games. And make a simple question here. Scnuthorpe will not fight this game when she know has a difficult series of next games. Coventry avoid Scnuthorpe`s home without fight. I believe Scnuthorpe know this element and start fight from the win game against Peterborough in ABAX. This is one of the best saturday bets for me and i believe the odds fall the next days. HOME WIN (3.20)