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  1. Right, @harry_rag, the last club rugby action before we throw in some threads on the British and Irish Lions Tour! What have you got interesting you this weekend?
  2. Cheers @jamiedavies02! Good to have you back involved posting. Keep us updated with your thoughts on this competition. I will endeavour to post regular updates on odds when they are available.
  3. @jamiedavies02 and @Lisandri, here are the latest Eliteserien odds and ratings for the upcoming weekend fixtures.
  4. @jamiedavies02, @vasilli07, @andrewcalo, and @Notorious, here are the latest Allsvenskan odds and ratings for this coming weekend.
  5. The whole Super League schedule for this weekend is covered over Thursday and Friday. What are you looking to bet on for these games, @harry_rag?
  6. @TyperExpert_PL, @Tahador, and @secomento, any thoughts on these games with so much still to play for with just two league games remaining?
  7. Here are the latest Dutch odds and ratings for this week with the play-offs continuing. @Pipoca, @MuineBheag, @betcatalog, @winnerwinner, @Pep004, and @tit@n, what are you guys looking to bet on here?
  8. Another week in Brazil's Serie A so here are the odds and ratings. @gogetta, what are you thinking for these games?
  9. Here are the odds and ratings for the next round of matches in Brazil Serie B. What are you thinking, @gogetta? Lead the way with your knowledge!