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  1. MLS Play-Off Predictions > Nov 22nd

    We are down to the last four now in the MLS Play-Offs. Columbus Crew, Toronto FC, Houston Dynamo, and Seattle Sounders. There is still a chance we could see a repeat of last year's final. What are you guys betting on this week? @betcatalog, @vasilli07, @Tiffy, @jamiedavies02, @Setup, @dylanphan, @Cumbie, @Marc Kearney, @harry_rag, and @ggm31v.
  2. A-League Predictions > Nov 23rd - 26th

    Sydney United bounced back well after their defeat a couple of weeks ago to get back on track at the top of the table. Newcastle Jets and Melbourne City are the two sides keeping pace with them. Astonishing that 4th placed Western Sydney Wanderers only have 8 points so far. Some big teams slipping up early doors. What bets are you guys all aiming for this week? @vasilli07, @Haakaa, @Frankthetank, @Marc Kearney, and @lockscombi.
  3. Primeira Liga Predictions > Nov 24th - 27th

    Porto opened up a 4 point lead at the top of the Primeira Liga after Sporting CP could only draw their last game. Benfica won to also make ground on Sporting. What do you all think could happen in these games? @Aposta Ganha, @mij0sim, @Simeon Borisof, @btugero, @clubgowi, @Teodore, @George 04, @pulsar12, @helderjma, @AHbettingPT, @Filixlion, and @NoFear?
  4. Eredivisie Predictions > Nov 24th - 26th

    PSV continue their winning ways to extend their lead at the top of the Eredivisie to 8 points heading into these matches. Surely, they're a dead certain for their game away to Excelsior? Ajax and AZ are in hot pursuit but can both get wins to keep in touch this weekend? Let us know your tips here! @Magic0024, @Niceguy, @bettingtime, @winnerwinner. @Mindfulness, @tit@n, @Pep004, @jamiedavies02, @betcatalog, @Marc Kearney, @Valkovets, and @MuineBheag.
  5. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Nov 24th - 27th

    Here are the odds and ratings for Ligue 1 with the Ligue 2 ratings also available. The odds for Ligue 2 will be added when the Monday night game has been played and they get released. For the time being, what do you guys think of these matches coming up this weekend? @DrO, @Icongene, @Pep004, @jamiedavies02, @Pipoca, @FCNA, @betcatalog, @KingSoccertips, @michaelwinsall, @rangers234, @DrBetter, @sajtion, @KikoCy, @Tanktop, @zemo91, @hairline, @mrclubbie, @clubgowi, @neilovan, @sodabrab, @WinningAdvice, @arvee, @Magic0024, @TOTTI3, @Valkovets, and @Lisandri.
  6. Bundesliga I & II Predictions > Nov 24th - 27th

    The next round of Bundesliga I and II matches are coming up this weekend. Bayern Munich starting to open up their traditional gap at the top of the league as we come towards the back end of November. Schalke, RB Leipzig, and Borussia Monchengladbach still aren't fully shaken off yet so it's set to be an important period before the winter break. Let us know your tips for these matches! @Icongene, @vasilli07, @sajtion, @Don Bratwurst, @jamiedavies02, @LEE-GRAYS, @Dylan Lynch, @WinningAdvice, @DW_United, @Mindfulness, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Vcg2007, @mrclubbie, @Duuc, @bet man, @clubgowi, @louis12, @DrBetter, @gogetta, @Neubs, @Redno2009, @Magic0024, and @thornvineembers.
  7. La Liga Predictions > Nov 24th - 27th

    The next round of La Liga matches are fast upon us. Valencia are, perhaps surprisingly, keeping with the pace. It's going to be an interesting next month to see if they can keep it up heading into 2018. What are you guys thinking here? WinningAdvice, @Joachim, @Simeon Borisof, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Pep004, @rangers234, @Tiffy, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @sajtion, @discipline, @michaelwinsall, @JKos, @gabymnk, @Pipoca, @TyperExpert_PL, @mikel45, @penal07, @Magic0024, @Arkadi Manucharov, and @Kunal888.
  8. Serie A Predictions > Nov 25th - 27th

    Right, if you've all just about recovered from that Juventus performance then let's crack on with the next round of Serie A matches. Will Benevento's horrific start to the season continue? A lot to ponder here. Let's hear your tips if you have them. If you don't then don't shy away. Put up the bets you think could be worth backing or any you're thinking of putting down. @TastesLikeTuna, @discipline, @Icongene, @betcatalog, @jamiedavies02, @Pipoca, @sajtion, @Vcg2007, @chris666, @WinningAdvice, @yoju82, @DrBetter, @KingSoccertips, @CloughandTaylor, @Punki85, @DW_United, @KikoCy, @vasilli07. @Simeon Borisof, @Simeone, @fat, @HastGill1, @clubgowi, @MPLouis, @Kumanovac, @AF13, @Jase82, @TOTTI3, @azzurini1976, @Mindfulness, @amygdalate, @thegeneral55, @scommetix, @Kripp222, and @TotoSchillaci.