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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure Lukaku is the £70m striker he's valued at but he can turn draws into wins which is exactly what Manchester United want. Mourinho took over such an unbalanced side. Crucially, I think Pogba will have a stormer this season. He is settled now and I expect us to see him at his best this season. I feel United still need another defender but otherwise they are looking strong. Lindelof is the shrewdest signing of the window in my opinion.
  2. This one has come out of nowhere! I've always rated Dzeko and thought with more backing and regular football he could have been a quality player in the Premier League. Not sure how he is now a few years on.
  3. @vasilli07, what are you thinking for this next batch of Chinese fixtures coming up this weekend mate?
  4. Here are the latest odds and ELO ratings for the Brazil Serie A and B matches this coming weekend and beyond. @sandrostocco, @gogetta, @alexbolt84, and @AndreBR, keen to hear your views. The action is thick and fast starting just before midnight tonight BST and there are still a couple of games not listed by bet365 in Serie B on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week so I will update this thread accordingly when they become available.
  5. The first legs of the 3rd Qualifying Round of the 2017/18 Champions League take place next Tuesday and Wednesday. A load of mouth-watering ties coming up. Interested to hear what bets some of you guys are thinking of putting on. It was quiet last round. You're not all running scared are you? Who will be brave enough to put a tip forward? @vasilli07, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @DrBetter, @Duuc, @DrO, @immortal--, @Notorious, @betcatalog, @KingSoccertips, @discipline, @Pep004, @andrewcalo, @HastGill1, @ElPrincipito007, @salmonman, @DW_United, @allthethings, @MightyWell, @liamcorrigan86, @mijOsim, @LePapo, and @MPLouis, and @WinningAdvice.
  6. I think top 12 is definitely achievable this season. I mentioned before that my main concern is the keeper position. I think the strong defence could help that though. My other issue is the lack of striker options. Zohore is the only proven scorer we have but even he only turned it on in the second half of last season. We have no plan B for up front. Everyone had hoped it would be Saadi but he signed for Strasbourg today. It's raised some concerns that we still lack depth. Top 12 should still be realistic though. Top 6 is more 50-50 unless we had 1-2 more players.
  7. @harry_rag, you decided not to place any bets on the Super League action last weekend but is there anything this week that takes your fancy?
  8. News just breaking that Morrison has signed a contract extension so looks like him and Manga as our back two this season. I never bet on Cardiff. Just can't do it. I'd say 12/1 is a great shout. I agree, we won't go up automatically so if you're going to back us to go up I'd say back us to do it via the play-offs. The club finally seems to be entering a period of stability. Tan, whether he's done it begrudgingly or not, is now letting others make the football decisions. Ken Choo has been a great addition to the board and he was the man who pushed for the return to blue as well as doing the donkey work to get Warnock on board. He's keen to work with the fans and I never thought I'd say it but I think the club, under Tan's ownership, is actually on a positive footing again.
  9. A quick turn around this week after last night's games. Here is a full list of the MLS fixtures with the odds and ratings coming up this weekend. @vasilli07 and @Tiffy, you were both heavily involved in last week's tipping. What do you both think this weekend? @Setup, @Icongene, @andrewcalo, and @jamiedavies02, are you guys plotting any bets?
  10. Funnily enough, myself and @Sir Puntalot did discuss the possibility of introducing a forum for it but there were questions over whether we could update it regularly enough after we just introduced all the new football forums but also if there was the interest. It's something that hasn't been ruled out and if the interest is there then I'm sure it can be looked at. My brother's ex-girlfriend played football to a decent level so I've had an interest in it for a while so would certainly back its inclusion.
  11. Morrison has split the fans. He is our club captain but many want Gunnarsson or Peltier to have it. He's not the best leader. He's immensely physical and dominant but in terms of technical ability he's lacking and is prone to a run of poor form and crucial mistakes. The fans wouldn't be overly disappointed to see him go now Manga is staying plus we have Bamba and Connolly who the fans feel are a better pair than Morrison as well.
  12. Hahaha, you just sound like a stereotypical worn down Championship fan. Our fans are very optimistic about this season but I am always pessimistic. I just always struggle to see where the 45-50 points for survival will come let alone the other points for potential promotion. I look at our best XI and it's probably... GK: Etheridge (not great - would have loved to see Marshall return) DR: Paterson (quality addition if he can stay fit) DL: Bennett (another attacking full back - Warnock looking to re-kindle the Blades days when he briefly had Walker and Naughton!) DC: Manga (looking forward to seeing him return to his best now he's committed to a contract extension) DC: Morrison (not the biggest fans' favourite but the physical brute we need to complement Manga's more classy approach) MR: Hoilett (one of a number of potential wide men. Could bring the assists to the table and a huge improvement on the shot Noone) ML: Ward (another player who might not make the starting XI but is my personal choice) MC: Ralls (still think he's a better central midfielder but Warnock keeps playing him out wide. Hopefully, that changes) MC: Gunnarsson (our player of the season last year. Warnock gets the best out of him. Can lead our charge. Amazed he's not captain) AM: Tomlin (sitting him in the hole will work well) FC: Zohore (proven he can score goals up top on his own) When you think that squad doesn't even include the likes of Bamba, Richards, Damour, Mendez-Laing, Saadi, Connolly, or Pilkington it shows how much more depth we have this season. I'm still backing us to make top 6 but it's going to be close. As you said, it's very congested. Wolves and Middlesbrough going all out to appear as the early favourites but so many other teams could be in the mix.