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  1. I made the final table of a small Sky tournament last night and recorded it. Watch it here :)
  2. Anything goes in there. People post tournament stuff pretty often. The only rule is pretty much don't be a nuisance
  3. Thanks. It can be quiet in there at times, lots of lurkers, not lots of active posters but it's getting busier all the time. I hope that it gives people a place to talk about hands, ask the simple questions without being trolled by the types of posts you see on reddit and twoplustwo by many anonymous posters. There are some real nice guys in the group and I'm hopeful that it will continue to grow as the year goes on and be a place that recreational players can feel comfortable chatting about the game they love.
  4. Just uploaded a video of me reviewing the bigger pots I have played on Sky over the last 48 hours. Cash game pots
  5. Thanks. Facebook Group I'm absolutely certain that some of the members would be interested in joining the league. Please feel free to join the group and explain how it works. My youtube channel can be found here This year, I intend to make shorter videos with more hands, less waffle by just reviewing big pots on a weekly or half weekly basis, which will hopefully appeal to recreational players and gamblers. Thanks again for letting me post and I hope to see you in the facebook group soon.
  6. This is mostly a message to admin. I have a small youtube channel and facebook group aimed at mostly recreational poker players/punters rather than hardcore poker players. Would it be ok to post links to my video's from time to time in this section please? No problem if that is not cool. Thanks, Reg