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  1. Anyone has an odd on Fiorelli to end top 10 in the first stage? No belgian betting sites provide the odd and I need a reference to request the odd... should be around 6-7
  2. Wilson should recover tonight, right guys?
  3. I agree but I felt more safe with the -1,5 line. Same for Selby tonight. Maguire has a good record but that's it. Selby was on a good run in the champions league so I expect an easy Selby wint against, always-out-of-position Maguire..
  4. I have the same bet. I am cheering for you!
  5. Van Gerwen claims to be able to throw 2 nine darters on the WC. Anyone has an odd for this? @unibet I found a nine darter of MVG @8.00 but not two...
  6. I still feel Brecel has a better flow. Also his breaks were bigger, however Xintong made it everytime over the line.. I am rooting for Lucia. Only over 2,5 centuries at 1,7 is one I like to play on the final
  7. I'm going for Xintong today. The highest break @2,06 and -1,5 frames @2,9 seems high value to me since Hawkins always seemed very Lucky to me in his past wins. My 3 cents... odds are from Bet FIRST
  8. I also had Cao for the win (2.4) and for the highest break (2.0) @BetFIRST. The highest break seems nearly a banker if you consider that Hawkins fails to make any century these days.
  9. I agreed with that. Astley had hij chances to go 5-2 up but still manager to lose. Not to bad of a bet still I feel when you consider the price I could win. I think it is mostly the weakness of grace that made me play this one
  10. Anyone else fancy astley for today? Also +3,5 frames for Yang seems value to mee @1,71 @betFIRST.
  11. I like Bingtao odds more. It seems a coinflip to me. Dont forget hé took 3 frames back and should have gotten a decider last meeting after being 4-0 down
  12. Bingyu highest break of the match @1.71 @BetFIRST This is the trend of the season if you compare them.
  13. I will take under 0.5 centuries in the match of Brecel and Pinches. It seems a negative bet but both only scored 1 century in their last 5 matches. odd of 2.1 @ Betfirst seems more than fair enough for me.
  14. Was Maguire any good? 1,9 odds at betFIRST now...
  15. 8 matches because it is a best of 19 now, otherwise it wasn't possible to play all the matches on one day. Same thing for tomorrow...
  16. She beat williams in wimbledon pretty hard and this will be the continuation, at least that is my idea...
  17. Don't forget to play that Ford makes a century ?
  18. I'm adding Ford to make a century to my list of snooker bets. It worked out yesterday and his match before so at 1.83 again nice value...
  19. I am in with Junxu. I will also play Ford to hit a century at 1.83 (betFIRST). He is in good shape and hit 2 centuries last match. Also in the short format games before, he regularly hit one. It's worth a try I guess..
  20. Its Bingtao for me. Odds are very high on the most consistent of the two. Unless he gets a mental breakdown of course. I also put money on the +2,5 frames line if he would choke near the finish line.
  21. I thought they both should have lost but Selby was seemingly sick and Robertson made a fool of himself letting the match slip away. Anyhow, I like Maguire too since he will try to force Bingtao into the safety play and unless Bingtao comes up with stunning longpots every time, I see Maguire having the most of the chances here. I myself will try Maguire -1.5 frames at around 2.25 odd at betFIRST.
  22. Any news on Ronnie for Today? He seemed lost last tournament.. Although he can also be a genius without any preparations. This time he had time to think the tournament over so it left me clueless... I was planning to play the over 1.5 centuries line but only to play a not 100% Ronnie oriented bet...
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