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  1. hi . I 'm in the same situation with you. I have found this article and it is very useful.


    I'm not a mathematician, so I have made a little progress. But, if you want any help, I am here.

    1. ®γσ ξηg

      ®γσ ξηg

      I read the Cox and also Weibull model few years ago but totally no idea on Live-Betting... Could you shade me a light on Poisson Process modelling (as mentioned in Robert-Talk / Dixon&Robinson1997)?


    2. eler13



      Well, after that article, I found out and this one


      I have made some progress, but I 'm afraid it isn't enough. I have noticed that my odds are overrated if I compared them with the odds of bookers.

      Do you use excel? 


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