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  1. Thanks, it looks as good as anything else I have seen. Similar to what I achieve and tow of today's I had selected, one is also selected by the Sun. Hard to imagine any of us are getting much value on those, but I am not knocking them either, a winner is a winner and it's hard to do. How can I know that somebody didn't just make up that spreadsheet?
  2. Speeds combined with sectionals is excellent over shorter distances, but you cant account for the rough and tumble of racing, luck getting out the gate and tactics over longer distances, plus the ones that suddenly get over their problems and trounce you. You need something else to help you also. Does anyone take heed of price movements? I am not too sure what to make of it.
  3. Is there really any such thing as a reliable tipster who shows profit month after month? Can any of the sites who claim t proof tipsters be believed? I could put a proposition to one or two of these guys if they could prove themselves. Any thoughts? Ed
  4. Hi all, I hope someone can help. Apart from the f/c odds published by RP and Sporting life, I cant find anywhere to get odds tat re compiled ahead of exchanges opening. I don't se journalist putting much thought into it as they are not impacted, I as hoping to find a bookmaker. I hear it referred to sometimes, but never can find it. Anyone? thanks in advance Eddie
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