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  1. I do believe in Shrewsbury. Really I can't understand why everybody expect easy win of MU. MU is full of injures players, team isn't motivated, coach is a bu..shit.. On the other hand home team will be highly motivated to beat famouse rival. 1-1 is good result but I suppose there will be 2-1 (1-0 after first half). There must be the battle. Sbobet offer 29/1 for W1/W1 (HT/FT). I will play it today with very low stake and AH1 +0.75 for 3.10 in Unitet (medium stake). Risky but playable.
  2. Manchester City vs Leicester: BTS for 1.67 in WH/Bet365. Both teams are quite good in the attack, why not? I bought this bet for 1.8, now odds are dropping down...
  3. My bets on today: last two bets just to cover possible losses if Argentina won't win after 90 minutes. [TABLE=class: topmenu innertable, border: 0, cellpadding: 2, cellspacing: 0] [TR=bgcolor: transparent] [TD]Copa America[/TD] [TD]07/04 23:00[/TD] [TD]Chile - Argentina[/TD] [TD]Over 2.25 (Over Under-Full Time Excluding Overtime)[/TD] [TD]1.89[/TD] [TD=align: right]5/10[/TD] [TD]SBOBET[/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [TR=bgcolor: transparent] [TD]Other[/TD] [TD]07/04 23:00[/TD] [TD]Chile - Argentina[/TD] [TD]Sergio Leonel Agüero (Anytime Goalsc
  4. Hi everyone! In Russia says Yarmolenko will score today for Ukraine. Odds = 2 in Bet365 but about 1.4 in Marathon (I can't understand how could it be). It seems to me there will be easy game for Ukraine because Luxemburg isn't good away. I don't know much about this game but want to share this info.
  5. Re: Copa Del Rey Final - Athletic Bilbao v FC Barcelona > Saturday May 30th Are you kidding??? Barca in the best form and will win this Cup, please be sure. Of cause it is valuable to play +4.5 handicup on Bilbao for odd=2 but there are not such high odds :). Messi and Co will tear Bilbao, Neymar will score today - my forecast (odd was 1.9 yesterday as far as I remember). But maybe Barca will score 2-3 goals and conceed one, so +2.5 handicup can be played but I offer don't play any handicups on Bilbao today. I don't think Barca will play in the economic football because of the CL fi
  6. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 there is politics I was talking about??? -))). I am surprises because it is unbelievable to have such high points for my country (Russia).... Let's wait final results!
  7. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Now I think Russia, Italy and Sweden will be in TOP4-5. Odds are low but it is enough for the accumulators (if someone uses them). 1.15-1.25... But that's all I can forecast on the final, my head can't understand this contest more. Really think Italy will be the winners.
  8. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 he-he, funnny results... I can't understand people choices. Again all bookeys favorites won. Maybe I can't understand current situation in music, really don't understand why countries like Lithunia, Poland, Israel and Montenegro won. The songs are rubbish... But again just one little "surprise" - Montenegro instead of Iceland (but I can't understand why...) All rest stake from this event on Barcelona :). There was funny contest. Logic isn't working here (last years I had good results, this - bad.). Maybe is it better to take all first TOP10 favorites in th
  9. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 odds on Czech is shortenning, I hope it is good sigh.
  10. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Dear gazzyg, I don't want to argue with you. I am not professional bettor, Eurovision contest forecasting is just hobby. My bankroll for this contest is only 200$ so even if I lost 20% I wouldn't be very upset. I lost just two bets yesterday and won one. Yeld is negative but let's wait a little - it is just the beginning. Please understand - I am just topicstarter who want to share some thoughts. Tomorrow I again will lesten In Flames or Red Fang in the car and forget about the Finland fail :) You mentioned favorites but couldn't catch main idea - I
  11. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Thanks for the info but I absolutely can't understand what will be in Russia if Gagarina won. Please understand - many countries can boycott contest next year, you really can't understand under which presure we are. I am patriot and will glad to see Russia on the first place but it seems to me Eurovision Anniversary must win some traditional european county with tradition song like Italy. Les't watch football, Uve-Lazio already 1-1!!!
  12. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 firstly, please be more attantive - I decided to skip betting on risky Macedonia to qualify (1%) and Netherlands to qualify (2%). Estonia was qualified as I expected but I decided to skip it as well. So I can't understand your comments. secondly, logic is simple - there are must be surprises in contest. Betting just on the favorites you will receive negative yeld, be sure. But yesterday ALL favorites WON. It is quite interesting. It happens quite seldom. Danmark was outsider by the way. But you are correct: there was one little surprise - Serbia was
  13. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 after 1st semifinal I am worry about my forecast: Chezh, Malta and Ireland are outsiders and lost tomorrow. I thought there was unforseen surprises but yesterday saw picture there bookey won people :). Sweden in TOP4 for 1.22 is very good odd to play now (maybe putting in in the accumulator). Russia dropped down Sweden but it is temporary event. Tomorrow everything can be changed again).
  14. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Punks lost. Pity, good guys. Frankly speaking I can't understand results - all favorites won, no surprises...
  15. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 after lady with beard everything can be:) Russia is the best or in TOP3 but politics will make their business. Our producers know how to make good performance on such events. Unfortunately it isn't contest - the singers lie Sia, Beuonce, Riahna and others from USA would won this contest without any troubles))) Concerning Finland - the sond is rubbish for Eurovision but the artists are special people, I really respect them. I think they will be qualified.
  16. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Aidymac please don't sorry I also just wrote my comments :). I really want you to win. Don't put money on Russia, the risk doesn't deserve it. It is better to place max bet on Barcelona win Uventus :).
  17. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Russia won't win, please be sure. I am from Russia and understand what our "partners" think about us. It is impossible to see Russia as a host of next Eurovision. Contest is very political but not 80%. Maybe first 1-2 places are under big politics pressure but others don't feel the same on their skin. Please note that Estonia, Latvia and other our friendly contries won't vote for us. We have maybe the best song but we will be booed.... So Russia NOT win is good choice for any accumulator. Please check all previous Eurovision (2008-2013) and you will
  18. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Yes, Italy has great chance to win this time. But after Austria last year I won't be surprise any result :). Except last year there were absolute clear who will win: Loreen, Danmark (Teardrops), Rybak - all were favorites with odd les than 2 as I remember. Now Sweden has 2.82 and we can expect something unforseen here. I don't like to bet on winner, it is better to bet on TOP5 or TOP10, the risk is much lower. Good luck with Italy. I will cheer for Finland :)
  19. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Some words about Eurovision 2014: I bet on Austria in spite of I hate and can't understand singer (lady with beard). All Russia can't understand it. BUT it was something new and I decided to bet on it - like on Lordi (Finland) and Lena (Germany) some years ago. After 2014 everything can happen, one russian comic offered to send Tank as a representative from Russia :). This year Estonia has good chances because it has light song, Netherlands is also interesting. I can't understand why Australia is one of the favorites by bookeys. I don't think they can reac
  20. Hi! Hereby I want to share my point of view about the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. But I want to start with introduction: I like football and poker but forecasting Eurovision results became like tradition for me from the late 2000es. That time I decided to watch this contest by TV and check can it be foreseen or not. My first result was bad because I was impressed by some articles and bookmakers odds and chose bad way. All next Eurovision contests were successful for me and this one won’t be exclusion, be sure. I like rock and club music and hate pop songs but it isn’t necessary to lik
  21. Re: Real Madrid v Atlético de Madrid > Wednesday April 22nd because they are not favorites today). maybe something happened? we shall read news and check what's happened. Maybe all in on Atletico??? ^)))
  22. Re: Real Madrid v Atlético de Madrid > Wednesday April 22nd one more bet by my side: 10 points on the 7+ cards in WilliamHill for 1.62 and 6 points on the 4-6 cards for 2.8 at the same place. It is half arbitrage but with 99% of likelihood. Why? Because I don't believe in 1-3 cards in such important game. Only this way we lose bet. Profitability is only 2.62% BUT it is valuable for me to have profit. I believe in 5-9 cards. Last time my forecast wasn't successful but it was just unlucky day. I don't think it will be replay today.
  23. Re: Real Madrid v Atlético de Madrid > Wednesday April 22nd I am with you today except last pick - (away win to nill). I believe in something like 1-1 or 2-2 today. Real will play at home but without thir key players (Modrich, Bale, Benzema). BUT please remember yesterday's game when Bayern faced the same problem. Of cause Porto is not the same as Atletico but I wouldn't be surprised to see 3-0 today and Ronaldo hat-trick (why not?). Red card at the beginning of game (foul on Ronaldo and red card to the one of Atletico defender). 1-0 and Simeone will have to play open game there wil
  24. Re: Atlético de Madrid v Real Madrid > Tuesday April 14th 5 cards... just 5 cards... but it must be 6-7 according to the fouls commited. I am frustrated. Even russian commentator said: I don't remember such "unrude" game... Fortunately Juventus won and Atletico hasn't lost. But anyway I am frustrated) Sent from my GT-N7100 using PL Forum
  25. Re: Atlético de Madrid v Real Madrid > Tuesday April 14th I have found out that I am not lucky when I post my picks on forums: my stats is good (i have blog on blogabet with more than 900 picks) but each time I want to share my pick here - I place wrong pick. I adviced odd 1.37 for over 5.5 yellow card today with high confidence. But.... maybe something will be changed in 2nd half but I am not sure - I see closed game and only desire about the goal scored. Maybe after we will see rude game) Sent from my GT-N7100 using PL Forum
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