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  1. KUBAN WIN 1.74 PINNACLE The odds for Kuban win are completely wrong here. The odds should be much lower. Despite Kuban lost a few good players like Sosnin, Popov and Eshenko they managed to find nice replacements like Arshavin - former player of Zenit and English Arsenal; Pavluchenko- who used to play for English Tottenham a few years ago; Kulik from Rubin and Tkachev from Lokomotiv. So overall Kuban have not become weaker, perhaps even stronger compared to the last season. As to Ural, they bought a couple of mediocre players and lost their best player and top scorer Smolov who moved to Krasnodar. So Ural have become weaker compared to the last season. Last year the odds for Kuban win were less than 1.50 and Kuban lost that match. That game was very weird. Ural were fighting to avoid relegation at that moment and they desperately needed points. I am sure that match was fixed. I believe Kuban lost that match under condition that Ural will return a debt and lose the match against Kuban this season. So it is very likely that this game will be fixed and Kuban win it. But even if the match is not fixed Kuban are a much stronger team and will win it if the match is honest. The odds will definitely drop very much. Kuban's clear win is evident for me.
  2. Zenit win (odds 1.26 sbobet) and Asian Handicap Zenit (-1.5) (odds 1.86 Sbobet) Originally the match between FC Zenit and FC Ufa was supposed to take place on a neutral pitch. FC Ufa were supposed to be hosts, FC Zenit were supposed to be guests. But the teams have made a decision that the match will take place in Saint-Petersburg at Zenit's stadium so FC Zenit have suddenly become hosts and FC Ufa have become an away side. So it is going to be a proper home match for Zenit at a home stadium full of their fans. Though the odds have dropped recently they are still wrong. Zenit played against FC Ufa at home this season and the odds for Zenit win were 1.16 in Sbobet. Now the odds for Zenit win in Sbobet are 1.26. So I definitely see value in high stake betting on Zenit win and even asian handicap Zenit (-1.5). If FC Zenit win this match they will become champions of the Russian Premier League. They will do their best to win the title in this match at home.
  3. 08 May 2015 Ural-Ufa League: Russia» Premier League Pick: Ufa+0,5 Odds: 1.65 pinnacle The current odds in this match are wrong now because the bookmakers don't know yet that FC Ural will have to play this match not at home but on a neutral venue in Tumen city located a few hundred kilometers from their city so there will be no FC Ural supporters at this match. The reason for that is the beginning of reconstruction of FC Ural's home stadium. The current odds are as if FC Ural would play this match at home.Ural will play without injured Erokhin (6 goals), Manachuryan (3 goals), Gogniev (1 goal), Fidler and Belozerov. Ural lost the last 3 matches. FC Ural and FC Ufa are equal teams. FC Ufa have earned even 2 points more than FC Ural. Both teams are fighting to avoid relegation. As the match will be played on a neutral pitch both teams have equal chances to win. So fair odds for FC Ufa win would be 2.75-2.80 but not 3.30. So I definitely see value in betting on FC UFa+0,5 which is a very cautious bet. Other handicaps like Ufa+0,25 and Ufa (0) are also worth betting. It is up to you to choose any handicap.
  4. Pick: 2 Odds: 1.77 sbobet Play-off promotion and relegation systems are very complicated in the Netherlands. I am not going to explain it here but you can check it by yourself that even though FC Oss have only one point more than FC Sparta Rotterdam, FC Oss have already secured their place in play-off and they have no more motivation (they have lost the last 4 matches). On the other hand, FC Sparta are very motivated. They need to win the match against Oss to continue chasing for play off spot. So I think the team which have more motivation (Sparta) will win this match.
  5. Pick: FC Jonkopings win Marathonbet 2.20 Originally FC Jonkopings were supposed to be an away side and FC Varnamo were supposed to be hosts in this match but due to bad quality of the pitch at FC Varnamo's home stadium the teams agreed that the match would take place at FC Jonkopings's stadium. So FC Jonkopings have suddenly become a home side and FC Varnamo have become an away side. So the odds are completely wrong now. FC Jonkopings are a much better team especially given the fact that now they will play this game at home.
  6. Rostov (0) Pinnacle odds 1.57 Rostov have improved very much recently thanks to new signings like one of the best strikers of the Russian Premier League Artem Dzyuba (from Spartak Moscow) who scored a goal in the last game (overall 8 goals this season), Granat (Dinamo Moscow)- Russian National Team defender and most of all thanks to a new coach Kurban Berdyev. Arguably, the best coach in Russia. When he used to be a coach of Rubin Kazan, his team won an away Champions League match against Barcelona at Camp Nou. So Rostov have become a much stronger team now, much better than outsiders. Rostov have won 2 of the last 3 games. So Ufa have no chances to grab points in this clash especially given their current shape (5 matches without a win).
  7. Terek +1. Pinnacle. The bookies have isued very low odds for Zenit win. Zenit has almost become a champion this season. Soon they will play against Sevilla in the quaterfinal of Europa League so the match against Terek is the perfect opportunity for Zenit coach Andre Vilas Boas to apply rotation and let his key players have a rest. Two important defenders Garay and Cricito will not take part in the match against Terek. The odds for Zenit win are low anyways. The odds for Zenit win should be no less that 1.9-2.00. Terek is a tough team to beat at home. If you look at head-to-head statistics you will see 2 Terek wins- 2 draws - 2 Zenit wins in the last 6 matches between these teams. So it is worth betting on Terek+0.5, Terek+0.75 or Terek+1. It is up to you to choose any handicap.
  8. Arsenal+1 Pinnacle odds 1.70 The reason why the bookies have provided so low odds for Spartak Moscow win is because they were afraid that Arsenal would be denied to play at home because of the quality of pitch and they would have to play in Moscow. But the officail news has just come out that the match will take place in Tula. So Arsenal will play at home. Now the odds for Spartak win should be no less than 1.95-2.00 or even higher.Spartak Moscow is very weak now. I have seen their last few matches. They are really lucky they have obtained so many points because they did not deserve it. So there is definitely a big value in betting on Arsenal+1 (cautious bet) and even Arsenal+0.5
  9. Re: International Friendlies 29.03 - 01.04 [h=2]International Friendlies 29.03 - 01.04 Ukraine-Latvia[/h]In my opinion the odds for total under 2.5 are too high in this match. This is a senseless friendly match for both teams. Both coaches will use fringe, reserve and young players. So I expect a very boring game with very few goals scored or even without scored goals at all as it has already been in the friendly game Ukraine-Lithuania recently which ended in a dull draw 0-0. If you look at the statisctics of the Ukraine National Team you will see that they have one of the best defences in Europe. Spain managed to score only once in the match against Ukraine. 6 of the last Ukraine's 7 matches ended in under 2.5. And 6 of the last Latvia's 8 matches ended in under 2.5 as well. Ukraine conceded only 6 goals in the last 18 matches. So Latvia will not be able to score in this match. So the odds for under 2.5 are great. Good luck!
  10. Re: International Friendlies 29.03 - 01.04 The coach of Portugal national team has decided not to include in the squad for the friendly match against Cape Verde all those players who played couple days ago the official match against Serbia national team. It means that Portugal will be without Cristiano Ronaldo. Danny, Moutinho, Pepe, Carvalho, Nani, Tiago, Coentrao and other stars. So now there is a great value in betting on total under 3.5. The odds are wonderful. Cape Verde is a so-called "undersih" team. They score and concede very few goals. Portugal without their top stars are also "underish". If you look at head to head you will see that there was a friendly match between these teams which ended in a draw 0-0. Moreover, Cape Verde's last two games ended in 0-0 draw. The upcoming friendly match is senseless for Portugal so they will be relaxed and will not do their best to win. In the the following matches: Portugal against Albania, Northern Ireland and Cameroon the odds for under 3.5 were 1.30-1.35. So it is definitely worth betting on under 3.5 at so high odds. The odds for under 2.5 are also great. Good luck!
  11. Belgium » Jupiler League » Lierse - St. Liege St. Liege win odds 1.70 sbobet There are two reasons to bet on St. Liege`s win. Reason No.1 is that Lierse is the worst team in Jupiler League. They are the last in the standings. They have earned only 15 points and won only 3 of 23 games this season and they have not been able to win last 12 games. Very poor results. On the contrary, St.Liege is fighting for a European place now. St.Liege is the best team in Jupiler League in terms of away matches. They earned more points in away matches than any other Belgian team, even more than Anderlecht and Brugge. Reason No.2. A few days ago Lierse coach resigned and 6 important players were sent to the B-squad which means the atmosphere in the team is very bad. A new coach said he was going to use inexperienced youngsters instead of those players. So I think St.Liege will easily win this game.
  12. Re: TIM Cup > January 13th - 15th Under 3.5. Pinnacle. Odds 1.58 Carlos Tevez (not only top scorer of Juventus but also top scorer of Serie A- 11 goals. 16 goals in all competitions this season) has not been included in Juventus squad for the game against Verona in Coppa Italia. Andrea Pirlo has not been included in the squad either. Verona has not included Luca Toni (Verona`s top scorer- 6 goals) in the squad for the game against Juventus in Coppa Italia. So both teams will be without their top scorers. Even though Juventis is definitely the best team in Italy they quite seldom win with big goal differences. So I see value in betting under 3.5.
  13. Re: TIM Cup > January 13th - 15th [h=1]Parma -Cagliari Parma win (0) sbobet. odds 1.66 Cagliari coach excluded 7 regular players out of the squad for the match against Parma in Italian cup: A. Balzano (regular defender), L. Rossettini (regular defender),L. Ceppitelli (regular defender),L. Crisetig (regular midfielder),A. Cossu (regular midfielder, 2 goals),A. Ekdal (top scorer, 4 goals), Ibarbo (2 golas). All of these players are very important. Futhermore, at the press conference Cagliari coach said that he would definitely field at least two young players in the lineup or even more than two and even told their names: Muru (only 2 games this season), Capello ( he has not played yet this season). It is clear that Cagliari does not care about Coppa Italia.[/h]Parma included all regular and important players in the squad except for long term injured players and those who are playing for their national teams at African Cup. So Parma`s squad for this game is as strong as possible. A new owner has recently purchased Parma and financial situation is getting much better now than it was in the beginning of the season. I think Parma`s players and coach really want to do their best both in Serie A and Coppa Italia to persuade a new owner that he should continue his investments in Parma. In my opinion Parma will go to the next stage of Coppa Italia.
  14. Re: Copa Del Rey > January 13th - 15th 7 regular players were not included in Levante`s squad for the game against Malaga in Copa Del Rey: Casadesus- top scorer (4 goals), Pape Diop (regular DM), Morales (regular midfielder, 3 goals), Navarro (regular central defender), Ivanschitz (regular midfielder, 1 goal), Sissoko (regular DM) and Victor Perez. Levante scored only 13 goals this season. Players who scored 8 of 13 goals will not take part in this game. Levante doesn’t care about Copa Del Rey because they have been always resting their regular players for Copa del Rey games. In the previous cup tie against Albacete and in the first game against Malaga they also rested their regular players. Malaga easily won the first game 2-0. And now Levante need to win with 3 goal difference in order to go to the next cup tie. Of course Levante coach understands it is impossible that’s why Levante will field a weak lineup against Malaga. Moreover in the weekend Levante will play against their direct rival in the relegation battle- Elche. So the game against Elche is much more important for them than the game against Malaga. As to Malaga, their coach included all regular players in the squad. Only couple of long term injured players are missing. And their coach said at the press conference that Copa del Rey is very important for Malaga and he will field the best players against Levante. So my pick is Malaga win. Pinnacle.Odds 2.38
  15. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > January 7th - 11th Lyon-Toulouse over 2.5. Sbobet odds 1.84. Both teams are "overish". Lyon has a great opportunity to take a lead in the standings. Their top scorer Lacazette has already scored 17 goals. Lyon`s last 8 games: 7 times over 2.5 and only once under 2.5. Lyon`s last 7 home games: 6 times over 2.5 and only once under 2.5. Toulouse is a team that always plays attacking football. Toulouse`s last 8 games: 5 times over 2.5 and 3 times under 2.5. Toulouse`s last 4 away games: 3 times over 2.5 and once under 2.5.
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