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  1. I personally don't expect anything important by Steve Tsitsyrgios or Stefanos Tsitsipas if he doesn't change his attitude. It is unthinkable what he has done against the legend player Murray. Please come in the position of Murray. To wait 8 minutes Tsitsyrgios to return from the toilet! Tsitsyrgios went to the toilet and he returned after 8 minutes just to hold the momentum of Murray. He was not at his house to stay 8 minutes in the toilet. And nobody spends 8 minutes in any toilet private or public. This is big bullshit. And his ridiculous excuse is that 'he didn't break any law'!
  2. Seems that the era of the big 4 is going to end slowly but certainly. Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, Murray..... They will continue of course to be in courts, but none of them is unbeatable any more. And we don't know for how long Federer will be with us. Also we don't know how Nadal will react if loses for second time in a row the French open next year. ...
  3. Very bad tips. I will retire for at least 4 weeks in order to check more closer what the hell is happening in the Cyprus league 1. Sorry, i am out for at least 4 weeks, because i HATE to lose. ciao!
  4. Today is the debut betting day for the Cypriot league 1. Doxa vs Anorthosis This is my first 10/10 bet, and is Anorthosis to win @1.49 offered by Meridianbet Anor is ambitious this year with some impressive transfers and are already qualified to the Europa Conference league. I Like the roster, especially the Egyptian Warda, and i expect him to be the leader of the team. Soccer however is a team sport, and Anor squad is full of talented and capable players, including Popovic, Christodoulopoulos- in great form lately- and many others. Doxa as always an average team, with not any specific target other to avoid relegation. Same story year after year. My second selection is Omonia to beat Aek away @2.18 offered by Meridianbet. The price is high because is away for Omonia, although i expect equal number of fans at the stands. Omonia the champions come here with confidence, and is again the number one favorite to win the league. Coach Berg is by far the most successful coach in the recent history of Omonia, and the squad is super for this league. Loizou is the player to watch together with Tjionis and Bachirou, and many others. Omonia has 3 serious absences but the squad is big. Aek Larnaca is under construction i can say. New coach, many new players, they showed nothing in their first game against Doxa which ended 1-1. A star coach Berg, against the rookie coach Catala of Aek. A super team coming with confidence Omonia, against an experimental team Aek Larnaca. Away win 8/10 Good luck punters!
  5. For today the two matches are NO bet, i.e Apollon vs Aris, and Achnas vs Paek I will watch the Limassol battle between Apollon/Aris, without any bet, because i rate newcomers of Aris as very strong, and i expect them to make a big noise this season, because money talks, and Aris has tons of money. The team belongs to foreign investors. No bet for me Achnas looks good, but the other newcomer Paek is unknown quantity, and number 1 favourite to return back to second division, No bet for me. I have two super tips for tomorrow Sunday. I will post later, Yours, Noah, Limassol
  6. Hello folks. I can't go against my principles. My number one principle is to support players that i rate as exceptional. So i HAVE to support Raducanu since i rate her as the next number 1 on WTA tour for the next 15 years . For me, Raducanu, the super girl-lioness is the new Federer. Stop looking to find the new Federer on the ATP tour. Here is the new genius tennis players, and she is female. The female Federer has just arise. I explained in the morning my estimations as tennis player about her. No need to repeat them. My female Federer plays against Fernandez. Do i know anything about Fernandez? The answer is simple, and is NO. However the Federer is one. It is impossible to have two new Federers ok? And me as a legendary punter, i don't need to know so many details to make my decision, which is Raducanu-Federer to lift the trophy at 1.61 bet365 10/10
  7. My betting scenario, was that the Sakkari was going to continue to serve as monster. He failure absolutely. Her first serve was very weak today. Hey we talk about tennis, and we talk about WTA tour! One day they show us something interesting, and the next day they are lost in space! Sakkari choked as amateur! She chocked big time as amateur and first timer at the semi final of a grand slam! Raducanu, is another level. Huge talented player with plethora of reactions, with SUPER first serve, and with SUPER attitude in all areas of the court, and in all areas of the court's perception. She is getting adjusted to any opponents selection of game, she has extremely advanced iron nerve system, and she is simply amazing, sophisticated, and elegant tennis player. For me, Raducanu is the Pride of all people in UK. That's was the case. I watched full match of Sakksari/Raducanu from Eurosport, but as i posted here very early in the match, and after i noticed that Sakkari missed 0/7 break points on Raducanu's two first service game, i came here and i posted that everything is OVER for Sakkari, and i am going to the soccer. I am very happy!
  8. Raducanu super woman at the age of 18. I don't know Fernandez to compare. I haven't seen anything from Fernandez. Sakkari built the whole of her game around her first serve. So far nothing works. Sakkari missed 0/7 break points in the first two serve games of Raducanu. I am shocked of the young briton's attitude. She is iron nerve at so young age. Prepare your self for the next number one om WTA tour for the coming 15 years. I will return to the soccer from tomorrow.
  9. Sakkari to lift the trophy @3.60 bet365 The Greek lioness looks in her life form. She is now a really big server, and she is more consistent than ever before. Mature lioness against baby lioness Raducanou in the semi final, which Sakkari will win 100% according to my criteria, and then is the final with Sabalenka, and this is the reason price is so generous at the moment. But can you imagine to have a Sakkari/Fernandez final? So, a wise punter jumps at the price now, and then waits...For the semi final against Raducanu, and because i watched very carefully both players, i estimate that the baby lioness Raducanu can not afford the pressure from the mama lioness Sakkari, who is ripping shots with tremendous power and confidence, and of course from the first serve which is almost equal in effectiveness to an ATP star. For the other semi, my prayers are on Fernandez of course without any money! The bet is one only, and is Sakkari to lift the trophy. I inform the punters that from this weekend i will start again to post my precious tips for the Cyprus league 1, or super league, they changed the name of the league, i will let you know, but i mean the top league anyway. I will use the forum for the European leagues soccer, and every week i will post my top selections for easy money earnings! Good luck punters/folks!
  10. Hello again tennis folks! How are you? Tonight we have another very interesting battle on WTA tour between Pliskova and Sakkari. Here is my estimation; There isn't any clear favorite, Both players can win but only according to the bookies. For me however, Sakkari will win this match. I know very well the Greek female Lion- Do you remember me during French Open- I wish you do remember! The Greek female lion is once again in great form, and in great momentum, also in great attitude as i can confirm from her super shots both forehands and backhands. Pliskova is enough. No more chance to do something big, because she is just enough. Sakkari 10/10 @ 2 on bet365 Good luck folks!
  11. Hello! I am the God of Tennis! RAducanu proved tonight that she is the next big thing for sure. Bencic, was exactly as i predicted; A loser and a very weak player who could not have any sufficient first serve delfino =God of TENNIS! '
  12. Raducanu for me folks! Sorry to go against our great tipster vvararu....But i never trust any wta tour favourite, and over and above, i never trust Bencic. To be straight, this is a bet against Bencic, but of course i fancy the young Briton who finally seems to be as the next big thing in WTA tour, even if some of you smile, and i understand the smile, because the nature of the WTA tour is something so uncertain and unpredictable 'league' material, that no one can make a serious and well equipped prediction! Bencic might think that winning the gold Olympics medal is a passport visa to win every game, and according to my estimations, and because Bencic is not a huge player by any means- rather an every now and then player- she will be trapped today by the mind of the very strong young briton player, who i like very much, and i hope her will not kill my euros today. 5/10 stakes, in order to save money for the soccer matches, which are Sweden and Switzerland both to win in massive prices! Good luck folks!
  13. Murray got mad of Tsitsipas behavior. Murray is not alone, is not an isolated player. Murray belongs to the big 4, the best ever team of tennis players playing at the same period. Murray is a legend. Tsitsipas is a Kyrgios. The whole original tennis community is now against Tsitsipas. Tennis by no means is on need of cheaters like Kyrgios and Tsirsipas. We can live very well WITHOUT them-delfino
  14. Ok, Karpin is the name of the new Russian coach. A very well known personality both as player and coach. Very cautious approach by Karpin, and really i see a zero goals from Cyprus. 0-2 or similar.
  15. Cyprus vs Russia Cyprus is always better at home. However few days ago Cyprus lost away to Malta 0-3! So the momentum is poor, and very few local fans will go to support them today. Actually i expect at least equal number of fans. So, the home advantage is relative anytime Russia plays in Cyprus due to large number of Russian people living here permanently. Looking the squads, Cyprus is lacking experience, although talent is not small. Russia under new coach Carpin- if i spell it correctly- is without any doubt two classes better than Cyprus at any moment. Away win. 10/10
  16. Tsitsipas is a comet. Not a real tennis player. He is the next Kyrgios. Very very bad attitude. I am so happy he is out of the tournament. I am so sad because Murray didn't punish him from the first round.
  17. although after the result we are all wise, i think however that today Pliskova totally disappointed me. After the second set, i said to my self that Barty is over, she started to choke, however Pliskova gifted her the title with the losing attitude in third set. Congratulations to the very nice tip of Czech Punter, i followed him on that, and now i expect Brazil to win tonight to go to the cash.
  18. instead of Raducanu, my choice is Krejcikova to upset Barty. Here i am more familiar and confident to back the Czech than any comet like Raducanu. I like the Czech player very very much. I know her style very well, and i know how untrustworthy is the Australian from time to time. Here is the boom boom today- if will happen of course- cool stakes, i keep my bank for the Euro where i support England to lift the Trophy
  19. Today my eyes are to Senego. To my observations model of tennis, Federer today will announce his retirement from the sport after the shocking defeat from the Italian. However, no bet for me, because when i want to enjoy a tennis match, i never place money on results. Just cool and calm. I am also scared to place money on any wta tour match. Who is this Raducanu? A comet? Just another tennis comet who you will see again after 3-4 years? No bet for me.
  20. I think time has arrived that Federer will announce his retirement during wimbledon. He can't beat any of the top players any longer, and in addition, any average player may upset him. For me, both Federer and Serena are not anymore necessary to the sport. Despite i am Federer's fan, at the same time, i can not afford to see him losing to anyone passes from his road. If i find any bet about the legend's retirement, i will do it. For Serena i don't bet anything, because i am 100% that she wont make any noise here.
  21. You will lose your money in style. I guess that you have never watched Sakaraki in the tournament. Sakkaraki is is like a female lion, super powerful tennis, she will destroy the innocent barbora more easy than she destroyed Iga today. Where was Iga today? Did anyone see her? Because i haven't seen her sat all.
  22. On WTA tour, no result will cause even the slighted surprise to me. Anyone can beat anyone especially now at last 8 phase of the tournament. My evidence are the results of the previous Grand slams. Where is Barty? Where is Halep? Where is Ostapenko? Where is Muguruza? Where is Stephens as finalist? Where are...... tens of others? So, i remain focus on the ATP tour. Fokina +7.5 games to beat Zverev @1.83 bet365 Medvedev to beat Tsitsipas @2.75 bet365 For Fokina i thing he is very strong and devoted player especially on clay courts to cause all kind of troubles against the lucky drawer Zverev. For Medvedev now. He is the oowwoo player of the tournament, although obviously not so comfortable on clay surfaces. But i can't see how the always nervous Tsitsipas can break his incredible service game. Medvedev is a statue, a monument of cold killer. Tsitsipas sometimes get upset without any reason. Sometimes looks too much emotional, under too much pressure. For me Tsitsipsas is not mature and complete player yet. Perhaps in one-two years to be ready, not now. Here i go with the monumental killer Medvedev to give the lesson to the greek at such a massive price! Good luck friends!
  23. I watched the match together with many other matches thanks to Eurosport. Sakkari serves better than many ATP players. She looks like a king kong as body building material. Someone here, and BEFORE the tournament starting, predicted Sakkari as winner of the WTA Roland Garros. I can not find a reason to disagree. I also fancy very much Pavluchenkova who also is hiiting the ball like crazy. Very strange tournament. Anyone of the last 8 of WTA tour can lift the trophy punters. This is the nature of the WTA tour.
  24. From the WTA tour, i can't see any way that Badosa will lose today. For me Badosa is another safe bet. However, we all suffered heavily from the results of the WTA tour in all tournaments in all decades. So 5/10 confidence on this one
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