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  1. I think WAW has the name, and Djere has the power these days.
  2. Today i think Zverev will win. My humble opinion is that Alcaraz is empty of energy after the two battles against the Titans. Here i have to remind that both Titans were not at their best shape. actually they are far from this. I am almost sure that both are just preparing there selves for the Roland Garros, and left the room available for Alcaraz to show to us some extra ordinary super talent, alien talent i would say. Zverev although not a concrete reliable player, i think today will take advantage against the fitness of the young super star. Small stakes, watch and have pleasure.
  3. Today the big match between Alcaraz/Nadal The new legend Alcaraz ready to give the lesson to his grandpa Nadal! Alcaraz you for ever my hero! No mercy to anyone, no mercy to Nadal, ok? I can't wait to see you!
  4. Tsitsipas is over. He continues to behave like Kyrgios, or even worse than him. He never learned to respect the superior to him players. And Alcaraz is not only superior. Alcaraz is a genius player, probably even better than Nadal, Djokovic, Federer. We have a lot of time to enjoy Alcaraz. For me, is my new idol. In tennis, is good to have a player to support as fan. I support Alcaraz, i have 20 years in front of me to deal with tennis with Alcaraz! hahaha
  5. Hello my god friend! I love you. I watch tonight a large part of Tsitsipas/Alcaraz match.They are still playing.... Listen, Tsitsipas is VERY VERY weak player to target the Roland Garros title. Alcaraz? Ohh my God! This is the SUPERMAN of the ATP for the coming 20 years! Alcaraz for me to lift the trophy of the Roland Garros! He is amazing huge player, amazing crazy super man player! ooowwwooo
  6. Extremely important match Tsitsipas/Alcaraz starts in a while... Don't miss it punters! We will all profit some conclusions about the up coming French Open please! Please enjoy!
  7. Both Djokovic and Thiem are lacking fitness. I think Nadal will cruise in France Roland Garros. Alcaraz very strong, really amazing guy, but in my opinion is not ready to beat Nadal especially at Roland Garros. In two years time, Alcaraz will be the number 1. No other player is a threat for Nadal. Medvedev and Zverev are not impressive on clay, while Tsitsipas although a very strong clay courter, still not convincing for a major title. Besides i see a weakness on him, actually a weak backhand something that prevents him to beat the top players eventually.
  8. Wawrinka was my favorite player as well. His back hand is legendary, and i don't see any player from the new generation to be equipped with such a super back hand. Tonight i see Sakkari to win against Inga. Please don't follow me, it is just a statistical feeling also backed with the very well performances by the Greek lioness. By no means my tip is against Inga, simply i rate Sakkari as the winner according to my observations Good luck punters!
  9. Oh, the Robot looks tired.....Fourth set now, if Robot loses this one, good bye Robot....
  10. Unlucky with Tauson, Anyway. Tonight : Bomber Sakkari to beat Pegula @1.44 bet365 The Greek lioness is better year after year. She never stops improving her game. I see that now her game is complete in all areas of the game, keeping at the same time her major weapons, first serve and powerful forehand. Barbora Krezchikova +2.5 games to beat Azarenka @1.90 bet365. Barbora with her unusual playing style is the number 1 DANGER for Azarenka, who no longer is the player of the past. Good luck punters! P.S Carreno Busta is weak player in my eyes, and Berenttini has great chances to beat him, however i decided to stay away, because i am not sure if his ankle is 100% ok, after the small injury in the previous match against Alcazar
  11. Please don't waste your money. Tsitsipas worked very hard to improve his social approve. He is really looking super now. If Paire wins a set, i will be shocked,but NOT dead anyway! I predict 3-0 victory for Tsitsipas
  12. Tauson to beat Collins @1.90 offered by bet365. Nice odd for the extraordinary Danish. She is capable to beat any one here at this very moment. Arina Sabalenka to beat Vondrusova @2.20 offered by bet365 I expect from the powerful Arina to make a good match after all the troubles she faced in the first two rounds. Now, which one of the two is my top favorite? Clara Tauson of course! She is my dark horse here, but i wont place any bet on her because of the strange nature of the WTA tour. But tonight is different story! I bet on one match only, and i trust her to deliver! thanks punters!
  13. Hello to all of us the stupid punters, and hello to His Excellency Advanced Form of Intelligence Lovetennis. How are you punters? What do you think of Alcaraz? I don't know how to rate this guy. He looks overshaped for his age. Is him the new Nadal? I will come later for some tips, having now watched several matches.
  14. The Cinderella is exactly the opposite attitude of the Robot. She is too emotional- fake emotional actually- during the matches. I would advise her NOT to smile again when playing tennis. Smiling is prohibited, because you give the impression that you are loser. I hope someone of her team to advise accordingly, otherwise she will become an average player losing to any one meeting on the way.
  15. Cinderella is back home for early dreams. Now, to be honest, the Robot was not something spectacular today against the ugly comedian called Kyrgios. Perhaps i go back home for early dreams as well? Anyway, i noticed than when i placed a bet, i take into consideration the negative events only, but never the positive. Today the Robot was lucking the normal power and was hitting the ball weaker than expected. Saving energy for coming battles? Probably? But this is not truth, because he would lose to comedian, if the comedian was little more focus on tennis. Anyway, lets see... P.S Is not good someone to come here and call all the members as stupid. If he is so clever and advanced form of intelligence, what he is doing here among the stupid?
  16. Medvedev to lift the trophy @2.30 offered by bet365 First time in my life i feel so confident on a long term bet. 10/10 , i can't see any way how this Robot of tennis will lose to any one. I think the Medvedev era already started. Good luck punters! For me Medvedev= Free money,
  17. Kid Raducanu? No thanks, i can't see her going far in this tournament. She is so immature, so innocent, that for me she will failure rather sooner than later against strong adult opponents. US open was a fairy tale Cinderella for Raducanu. Lay Raducanu Cinderella, she will NOT win the Australian Open
  18. I like the chances of Zverev. I watched him today. Thanks god, i have free time to watch this tournament a lot, despite the time zone difference from Europe. I also noticed that Tsitsipas is trying hardly to improve his social image after what happened in season 2021, when he was in personal troubles with many players because of his attitude, and of his father attitude. But i agree with other's member opinion, that he is vulnerable to be defeated by any player at any phase of the tournament. So, Ymer to win at least a set, sounds to me also a good option. Small stakes because we are at the beginning of the tournament.
  19. For me, is Tsitsipas to beat Diego Swartchsman -or something- @1.72 bet365 Reasoning : I heard Tsitsipas a week ago talking in a Youtube video, and he said that he is now 100% fit after a treatment he received during the off period. He also stated that his target for the new tennis season is a grand slam title. So, i go with the confident one. Good luck punters! I think is value bet
  20. I personally don't expect anything important by Steve Tsitsyrgios or Stefanos Tsitsipas if he doesn't change his attitude. It is unthinkable what he has done against the legend player Murray. Please come in the position of Murray. To wait 8 minutes Tsitsyrgios to return from the toilet! Tsitsyrgios went to the toilet and he returned after 8 minutes just to hold the momentum of Murray. He was not at his house to stay 8 minutes in the toilet. And nobody spends 8 minutes in any toilet private or public. This is big bullshit. And his ridiculous excuse is that 'he didn't break any law'!
  21. Seems that the era of the big 4 is going to end slowly but certainly. Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, Murray..... They will continue of course to be in courts, but none of them is unbeatable any more. And we don't know for how long Federer will be with us. Also we don't know how Nadal will react if loses for second time in a row the French open next year. ...
  22. Very bad tips. I will retire for at least 4 weeks in order to check more closer what the hell is happening in the Cyprus league 1. Sorry, i am out for at least 4 weeks, because i HATE to lose. ciao!
  23. Today is the debut betting day for the Cypriot league 1. Doxa vs Anorthosis This is my first 10/10 bet, and is Anorthosis to win @1.49 offered by Meridianbet Anor is ambitious this year with some impressive transfers and are already qualified to the Europa Conference league. I Like the roster, especially the Egyptian Warda, and i expect him to be the leader of the team. Soccer however is a team sport, and Anor squad is full of talented and capable players, including Popovic, Christodoulopoulos- in great form lately- and many others. Doxa as always an average team, with not any specific target other to avoid relegation. Same story year after year. My second selection is Omonia to beat Aek away @2.18 offered by Meridianbet. The price is high because is away for Omonia, although i expect equal number of fans at the stands. Omonia the champions come here with confidence, and is again the number one favorite to win the league. Coach Berg is by far the most successful coach in the recent history of Omonia, and the squad is super for this league. Loizou is the player to watch together with Tjionis and Bachirou, and many others. Omonia has 3 serious absences but the squad is big. Aek Larnaca is under construction i can say. New coach, many new players, they showed nothing in their first game against Doxa which ended 1-1. A star coach Berg, against the rookie coach Catala of Aek. A super team coming with confidence Omonia, against an experimental team Aek Larnaca. Away win 8/10 Good luck punters!
  24. For today the two matches are NO bet, i.e Apollon vs Aris, and Achnas vs Paek I will watch the Limassol battle between Apollon/Aris, without any bet, because i rate newcomers of Aris as very strong, and i expect them to make a big noise this season, because money talks, and Aris has tons of money. The team belongs to foreign investors. No bet for me Achnas looks good, but the other newcomer Paek is unknown quantity, and number 1 favourite to return back to second division, No bet for me. I have two super tips for tomorrow Sunday. I will post later, Yours, Noah, Limassol
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