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  1. Strange things happened today. Zero fighting spirit from Djokovic, zero energy, zero mentality. 26 games ONLY played in the final of Roland Garros! Hey punters,, we are not stupid. What happened to the Serbian old man? Doping medicine didn't work for him today? Or perhaps the old man from Serbia received warning about doping test? Is up to you to decide dear punters. Time has come for all those muppets to stop cheating us. Good night!
  2. I am the only one in the forum that i predicted the Swiatek to lift the trophy and relatively early, actually after i have witnessed her destroying Halep. There fore i am the Nobel prize winner for the WTA prediction of the winner. Now lets go to the ATP final, the real final of Roland Garros Listen, i watched both semi finals yesterday. None of them, either Nadal or Djokovic impressed me. They are both FAR but FAR below their good days, Yesterday they both prevailed mentally against the up and down opponent players. What to say about the Argentinian? Sorry i can't hold his name
  3. Hey, we don't write books here, surely is not true. People have more serious problems than to watch all those parasites hitting the small balls and been paid by huge amounts of money. Here it is just a betting forum. OK? I wish i am clear. Do i need evidence to persuade you? People are looking for jobs, are looking for the needs of their families, who really cares about those parasites my friend? NONE. If it was not a matter of betting, i would not waste a single second of my life to watch the parasites. Thanks.
  4. Iga Switaek to lift the trophy! Go go Iga! The whole world supports you! But of course she has a business today against unknown material. Don't disappoint your supporters and backers Iga! Please! I can not afford to see you losing today......
  5. Today Tsitsipas had problems with his eye. If he fix this problem, i think he has realistic chances to beat Rublev in next round. Imagine to play with fear. This was the case with Tsitsipas today. As for WTA i still ask you to pick the winner. It is impossible, correct? hahaha all big names out! What about Swaitek? Why not?
  6. Ostapenko and Muguruza for me as top class choice to make some easy profit from this strange grand slam Good luck punters, flat suggestions just according to what i have watched so far No time left!
  7. The one who can predict who will win the French open 2020 from the WTA, deserves a Nobel prize.
  8. Hello Serbian punters! How do you rate this year Red Star? It is a big match tomorrow in Nicosia between Omonia and Red Star, i would appreciate if some of you give me info about current Red Star, in relation to the last year team.Any NEW important transfers? Is Red Star STRONGER than last year? Thanks in advance!
  9. For me, an asteroid to hit Earth is more probable than Zverev to beat this current super classy Thiem. C'mon Thiem! Give him the lesson my boy!
  10. For me is more of Azarenka than Brady to stop Serena.
  11. Seems that Raonic can beat any player except when he plays against top 3. For a reason, he can not afford to adjust to circumstances. So, it is impossible for him to win a slam, therefore, and after i noticed how he choked in front of Djokovic, no chance to place any bet supporting him with my money. Very good choice Pospisil to win at least a set.
  12. Serena must lose 10 kg minimum to win a slam again. I don't know if she keeps the same weight through ages, but now her legs looking too heavy because of getting older To Lay Serena, is the bet of the year at betfair. Sure money, just think how much you have in the bank, and lay Serena as your early Christmas gift. FREE money for me, wish you to find backers at the most juicy price. Most of tennis backers don't know anything about tennis. This is your chance!
  13. This is the now or never for Raonic to win his first grand slam in us open. Reminds me of Cilic, Wawrinka, Del Potro in the past. But he must start to show his mouth from today against Djokovic..... Azarenka very hot too and too much in my eyes for the every now and then Osaka..... Two outsiders today in a combo, wise medium stakes, not something crazy, I will back Raonic to lift the Us Open, but only a day before the start of the tournament, and i hope the sports to remain aside from the politics and the presidential elections in Usa.
  14. Dubai : According to what I have seen so far in the tournament : Djokovic -4.5 games to beat Monfils @1.62 bet365 Evans +3.5 games to beat Tsitsipas @2 bet365 Doha : Sabalenka to beat Kuznetsova @1.44 bet365 Few words. Monfils just return balls against either weak players like Fuscovic, or totally out of the mainstream like Gasguet. Djoko as always incredibly reliable. Tsitsipas far from being convincing yesterday, and we all know that players like Struff are of moon mood, never worth to be trusted, mentally collapsing out of nothing. Here I have the advantage of 3.5 g
  15. However, every match is unique. Tennis and sports are not mathematics. Me too I fancy Thiem to lift the trophy, but....no chance to place money on this desire. Djokovic is a monster. Impossible to go against him in terms of money. Good luck to Thiem, And Good luck to Kenin. Here yes, I will place money on Kenin to lift the trophy, because there is no woman monster out there. I never trust Muguruza, and at the same time I never trust any WTA material. 50/50 in my eyes the WTA final, I go with the strong and impressive Kenin at higher price. See you with result
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