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  1. I am already fan of Pukki. Incredible player! Here is my prediction Pukki anytime scorer against Southampton @2.5 offered by bet365 And my combo for Premier League completes with Leicester to beat Watford @1.36 again by bet365. Leicester is the hottest team in Premier together with Liverpool. Reminds me the miracle team of 2016. Tremendous team spirit, excellent performances, super players! Go go Pukki and Leicester deliver the money to me!😉
  2. Greece vs Finland As result, difficult to predict. In normal circumstances, if Finland was in need for points, I was going for the X2 double chance. Now, the Finnish are relaxed, after their first time ever qualification to the finals. Greece plays better in recent matches, but I think that their roster is not impressive. Therefore, one thing is the willingness to win, another thing is to achieve it on the pitch. Here I go with a unique bet. Pukki to score anytime @3.50 offered by Bet365 The Finnish and Norwich attacker is on fire, scoring goals on regular basis. I am happy to suggest that bet! C'mon Pukki! Give the lesson my boy! Good luck punters!
  3. Tsitsipas vs Thiem. Absolutely equal. Watch only. Both in terrific shape. Bookies also agree, and offer even odds. Merry Christmas punters! See you in Australian Open!
  4. I apologise. Tsitsipas proved to be the x factor. Huge player. There isn't any player on Earth like Tsitsipas. The next number ONE for the coming 15 years. Such a nerve, such a winning mentality, he NENER stops. He never gives up. Over and above, he has ALL the weapons and ALL hitters. All shots. His Arsenal is beautiful, amazing, impressive, and stronger than any other ATP player at his age. Now lets go for Thiem! C'mon Thiem! Give the lesson my boy!
  5. Cyprus is bad. Bad, bad, bad, and only blah blah blah. The Israeli coach Shimon is a big joke. I am sure that he will be fired very soon. Cyprus line up is so poor! From the starting eleven, only two or three have talent and skills. Some mugs from other countries who received the Cypriot citizenship are called to play as well. But we are talking of mugs. Not a single one to respect. Papoulis? hahaha. Margasa? hahaha. Parndo? hahaha plays in Cypriot third league! LOL..... Both coaches said that they are targeting the third spot, and teams are motivated for this target. Personally I didn't check what third spot means, but I know that both they are motivated. 3000 Scots fans traveled to Cyprus for this match! I predict away win! Good luck my punters!
  6. Federer was fantastic against Djokovic. One of his best performances ever! And yes at the age of 38 continues to play like the Titan of tennis! Tsitsipas in great shape as well, but in my humble opinion he is lucking time to fully recover from his yesterday long and hard match against Nadal. Federer to beat Tsitsipas 2-0 @1.83 offered by bet365 must bet! Also great Thiem to smash unreliable Zverev @ 1.66 offered by bet 365 another must bet! Good luck punters!
  7. Tsitsipas to beat Djokovic @3.50 offered by bet365 Reasons are: Excellent performance by Tsitsipas yesterday, a sign that he is extremely motivated to collect as much more points in this tournament, in order to have stock to defend the semi final points in up coming AO grand slam. Last year here in Paris, Tsitsipas was shot out from the second round Djokovic and Nadal are using this event as preparation for the last remaining big event of the season, which is the London finals. I predict that Djokovic will save energy for London. Always have in mind that top players are tired in this part of the season. For me, a good chance to make profit! Medium stakes, because Djokovic is Djokovic!😉 Good luck punters!
  8. And Rublev won against Tsitsipas which was my main bet yesterday after I read the pick from Czechpunter. Actually Tsitsipas game is more suitable for clay courts. He is the new Thiem in my opinion. Strong tennis on clay, but unstable on fast courts. The reason is his fighting spirit. On clay he has the few crucial seconds to applicate his fighting spirit because the ball 'rebounds' few seconds slower than on hard courts. Nobody from the young players is or will be equal to Federer, Nadal or Djokovic. After those three retire, then some guys like Medvedev, Tsitsipas and De Minaur , Thiem, and perhaps Zverev, may become eventually number one in rankings, but not on permanent basis. There will be a massive rotation in number 1 position like what's happening now in WTA tour. Thanks ChechPunter!
  9. Ael Limassol vs Aris Salonica. I watched the first leg in Salonica. Aris was better for 90 minutes creating a lot of scoring opportunities, while Aris players hit the bar twice. Ael was defending and defending. They created one chance in second half hitting the bar as well. Ael Limassol is not impressive team. I live in Limassol and I know very well this team. Personally I am Apolllon fan, I watched however many of Ael's games. Here I suggest the away win @2.30 offered by bet365. 7/10 Another fact supporting my tip is that Ael will host Aris in Larnaca, a neutral venue. Ael fans will NOT travel to Larnaca, because they continue to have disagreements from last year with the local federation. So Ael will have the support of around 2000 fans, while Aris already sold out with 1600 fans Another option is X2 double chance and total goals 0-3 double bet. 10/10. I don't know the price for this double bet, but I am 100% that is offered by Meridian bet. Ciao, good luck!
  10. Roland Garros final. Nadal to beat Thiem 3-0 correct score @2.10 offered by bet 365. My idea is that Thiem looks vulnerable. In my eyes he continues to carry mental holes in crucial moments. He is weak. His game is very impressive against top players, but the mental holes are visible to everybody. In addition he is under fatigue because of long match within raining stops. He is forced to play the final in less than 24 hours after the 5 setter against Djokovic. Not fair, sure. But we are not here to judge what is fair and what is not fair. Nadal is in top form as always in Roland Garros. He was really huge against Federer. He had enough time to prepare himself mentally and physically. Nadal will win 100% in my kind opinion. Here I go deeper and I risk the 3-0 correct score. Nadal always kills from the very first moment players with mental holes. My confidence is high sky. Good night friends
  11. The only fool is my self. I can't explain logically why I place bets on WTA tour. It is really funny. Now I go for the last one, and afterwards I will sit on the bench where I deserve to sit. Barty-Fart to lift the trophy against Vondrusova. Barty-Fart to lift the trophy @1.62 offered by bet365. See you soon!
  12. Konta to beat Vondrusova @1.72 offered by bet365 After I suffered a shocking loss on money printer, I said to my self - Don't worry boy, we may recoup from Konta next matches.- It is often in WTA tour to see players coming out from space ships to lift trophies That happens almost EVERY year. The spaceship WTA this year might be Johanna Konta However, and because Halep is STILL in the race, I just pick her to beat Vondrusova. I am sorry that I picked mugz in previous money printers like WAW and Stephens. WAW won because Tsitsipas commit suicide by losing tons of break points, and by wasting his energy to shout silly things all the time. Stephens lost because she looked WEAK in front of the spaceship passenger Konta. C'mon KONTA give the lesson my alien! good luck punters! I love you!
  13. Stephens is my second money printer. Stephens to beat Konta. Money printer based on Stephens very reliable returning style, which in my opinion will force Konta to make a lot of mistakes. Konta who? no chance Money printer 10/10 Stephens @1.60 offered by bet365 Good luck my punters! We need luck to support us, as she did in previous money printer on WAW, but today I thing we need just little luck, because Stephens is young and healthy while WAW is old and not that healthy any more.
  14. Money Printer bet WON. WAW was I big disappointment, nothing in compare to match against Dimitrov. WAW actually won because Tsitsipas has a VERY BAD BAD attitude. Money ALREADY in bank, and I wish Federer to DESTROY WAW in the next match Tsitsipas behaves in a really bad way, something like new Kyrgios, and for this reason audience supported WAW against the greek fool. I will try to find a new money printer See you!
  15. Hello. Here I give you the 10/10 MONEY PRINTER tip Wawrinka to beat Tsitsipas @2.20 offered from BET 365 WAW looks in astonishing shape in my eyes, and well prepared to lift the trophy here again after 2015. Look, I don't know if he will lift the trophy, what I know is that with such incredible stamina, and with such a great shape, WAW is TOO MUCH for the Greek young guy. This IS my 10/10 tip, MONEY PRINTER. GOOD LUCK MY PUNTERS! GO GO WAW ! GIVE THE LESSON MY GUY!