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  1. Eubanks is not to trust. Although i was tempting to back him, i changed my mind soon. He is a typical error machine player in very easy points. Similar to Bublic. I can't trust him against ANY top player in slams. Tsitsipas would be the jackpot for him but personally i am away. NO BET. Today the best selection in my eyes is Berettini to beat Alcaraz @3 BET 365. The Italian is back to top form, and Alcaraz is not so convincing so far. He is a huge player by any means, but today i fancy the chances of the super strong Italian to pay me Good luck my punters!
  2. Raining raining every day. My mood is has been destroyed from the beginning. I can't do anything correctly. My tip of 1.24 on FRITZ to beat Hanfmann lasted three days to finish. Eubanks is making childish errors. When Eubanks moves to the net, you must pray for him. His selections are simply awful in so many cases. Norrie nothing special. The match with O' Connel is interrupted i guess. My little money is on O'CONNEL.
  3. Teylor Fritz to beat Hanfmann is a combo material. Short price around 1.24 but i can't see losing this one. You can not imagine how bad is Hanfmann, he won against Tsitsipas as i tipped but Tsitsipas is a big fraud this period. Our good contributor Neliovan, informed me that himself is a tennis coach, and that what Tsitsipas is trying with his new one handed backhand may take time, or years to work. Thanks very much, i am not a tennis coach, i am a tennis observer, so i observe what exists now, i can't move to the dark future to observe! And there are NO guarantees in this life. I mean this backhand may work in future, may not work. What i observe now is that Tsitsipas in terrible and fraud. A play boy who change girl friend every week or two. Now he is with Badosa the Spanish tennis player, but it not clear if he has only her or both the Badosa sisters. I am thinking to place a bet on Thiem, but what stops me, is the fact that i didn't see Thiem playing for ages . So i must wait for the second round to attack Tsitsipas, providing that he will pass Thiem Good luck punters!
  4. My tip WON. I must explain why i rated Feliciana or Feliciano Lopez as an operetta. Well, if you bring back Federer, he will win the half players of the current top 100 ranked. As he is now, without practicing at all, just with his tennis attitude. But he would lose to other fifty percent! Sure thing! Because he is lacking training, fitness, and motivation. Federer is wise enough not to continue to play as just an average player losing to anyone passing from his road. Lopez is just a tennis cheater. He continue to plays for money. He won against Thomson who was bored and unmotivated. I watched about 10 minutes of that match, and i said to my self what a joke is this one. I will teach you a lot about tennis. So, don't rush to criticize me, because i am well equipped with observation tools Tomorrow i come here with some new tips! .
  5. Guys, don't tell me that Hanfmann to beat the operetta Lopez is not a gift today. Price is 1.44 offered by the Bet365, but a gift is a gift!
  6. Today Marozcan to beat Elias Ymer is something good. Price is wonderful 1.66 offered by bet365. And again i go in a separate single worth to risk case, Haffmann to beat the only one hand player mister Tsitsipas. Huge price again by 4.33 bet365 Anytime i see Tsitsipas on grass i rate the opponent's probabilities. The German is super server, and he can break the weak Tsitsipas backhand a couple of times, imo. Tell me something please. Why Tsitsipas continues to use his backhand in such ridiculous way? Are his team of coaches composed by blind men? I think yes, they are blind, and they give me. the opportunity to risk against him. Good luck punters!
  7. My simple reply is that Ostapenko may destroy anyone. No matter who is her opponent, she is hitting the ball with such power that it is impossible for any WTA player to return. I am not going strongly on her today, because we are just few days before the Wimbledon, and probably both of players won't give on the court their 100%. Ostapenko small bet.
  8. Ostapenko reminds me Marion Bartoli in 2o13. Extremely powerful hitting of the balls, impossible for the opponents to return such hitting. Of course she is NOT the paradigm of a reliable and consistent player, that's the reason she pays such high to lift the trophy. However, in women tournaments, so many players won grand slams as dark horses! Muchova for me, is the most complete player outside the Polish robot. But the Polish robot is NOT so unbeatable on grass, and Muchova was so near to beat her even on clay! I support Muchova as my favorite player. About Alcaraz? Just think that he is a case of a new Nadal. Not so extraordinary good on clay, but SUPER GOOD in all surfaces. More info soon!
  9. Muchova or Ostapenko in WTA and Alcaraz on ATP wimbledon grand slam. Explanations shortly.
  10. Bet won! Yes you are correct. But the worth the risk bet, is always backed by observations on players bahavior. There is always a background supporting the worth the risk bet. I am so happy! Now i am preparing for the Wimbledon! In addition, i announce to the forum that i am now business pair with the fantastic and the most intelligent ever woman in the world, miss Magda from Poland1 You will see us in our you tube videos soon, from October .2023. I will let you know!
  11. Mister Tsitsipas is the useless player ever as ranked five. He simply cannot use his backhand πŸ‘‰he is simply vunrelanboul to all average to good players. Not even need to mention the top players! Here on grass the conditions are even unfortunate for him. His backhand was terrible against barrere. His service is not that effective as you may think. I watched a lot of that match. Jarry for me is the best of the day. Jarry @3 to beat Tsitsipas. I call it as worth to risk case, but not a value bet, because I reject value theories πŸ˜‰ weii, Jarry worth to risk with maximum confidence! Good luck my punters!.
  12. The value theory is bullshit. Value is when you deal once for ever, for example when you buy a car, a house in auction, or similar. Where is the value on betting? You win and after you lose. You win a 'value' bet and after you lose because you are addicted idiot. Never tell me about your bullshit value theories. Thanks
  13. Unfortunately Ruud is performing like a choker. First time in my life i feel that the women's final was of more quality than the men's final.
  14. Yes, okay, but if any sports person, any tennis player thinks that he/she is patriot, then why they don't donate money for the orphans of the Ukraine? Besides, they do NOTHING useful in their lives aside from hitting balls with a racket...What a shameful thing! To hit a ball by a racket and we the idiots pay them tons of money...Or to hit the ball by the foot and the cannibals on stands cheering them..and they pay them again tons of money...This is unfair and not viable. The end of the world is NEAR, thanks. I hope Ruud to give the lesson to Djokovic today. I noticed that Djokovic wins his opponents by the mental power and attitude more that any other tennis weapon. For me, Djokovic is not the same player as he was in Australia open. He looks much weaker in my eyes. I hope Ruud not to be scared as Katchanov who lost the tie break second set 7-0! I think Ruud to win at least a set is stunning, however i have some reasons to compare this final with the 2015 final between Djokovic and Wawrinka. Let's see...
  15. I mean the colours of the Ukraine flag at her hat is not provoking political action? I am neutral, actually i hate both USA and Russia, why somebody from sports to provoke my ideas? Or it was just a random colour selection? Okay if it was a matter of randomness i leave it here, and i go to check the men's final.
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