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  1. I watched Carlitos today in the final against the Italian Musetti. Look guys, Carlitos BY NO MEANS is a new super star. Go to watch Federer and Nadal how they were performing at the age of 19. I did it. No chance to compare Carlitos with the two legends. Not even to mention Djokovic! This would be a blasphemy. For me, Federer is by far the most genius tennis player ever, both Nadal and Djokovic very ear to him, probably inches away from him. Carlitos is a good player, but not a super man. Not even near to Wawrninca when the Swiss was at his top form. Not even near to Murray, when the Briton was at his top form. See you soon.
  2. What's happening with Alkaraz? Why we don't see him often? Who he thinks he is? Or he maybe thinks that he must copy the attitude of Nadal Djokovic and Federer! To appear only in slams because they are all multi slam champions! And who? A 19 years old boy probably heavily overtrained and he can't move his legs. Lets see....If he makes us the...favor to appear before the US open!
  3. The worst Wimbledon ever in modern times. A big shit for those who decided to ban Russian athletes, a major political manoeuvre from the corrupt British government. What an athlete of any sport has anything to do with wars you idiots? Get Lost all of you politicians. You DESTROY everything. Congratulations to the God Novak Djokovic.
  4. I have an early Christmas gift for everybody Is tomorrow 02/07/July Tsitsipas to beat Kyrgios @ 2.14 offered by Meridianbet. I watched carefully both of them. Tsitsipas is now different player on grass. Perhaps the contribution of the new coach in his team? Probably. He moves better, and he is hitting the ball very accurately. In addition he managed to hold his upsides and downs better than even just a couple of months ago. He stopped doing silly mistakes. He continue of course to make mistakes, but much less than before. Kyrgios is a fool. I wonder how he escaped with the victory over the inexperienced Briton Jubb. Actually Jubb lost it, and not the other way. I am highly confident on this one. 10/10 for me. I know that some others will pick Kyrgios, because they probably didn't notice what a fool is on his head and on his game the Aussie, especially lately. Kyrgios won few weeks ago against Tsitsipas on grass, but now the circumstances are totally different. But i like to take the risk. Besides, betting means risk. Everything has price, even the 1.01 may lose. Happened to witness this in horses final stages when the leading the race was the huge favorite from the beginning, and the last horse that stage which was pricing 1000/1 finally won the race. After the race- back in year 2011- i learned that the rider of the winner horse was a legend rider! I am sure that the fans of British horse races have in mind this story. I was just spending my time on betfair following the lay method. With this lay method on horse races, you may win small amounts of money but with risk to pay a lot if one of your layers finally wins the race, but to me never happened during that era because i stopped in year 2012. This is the best method of betting, providing that you have money, you have time because you have to stay in races for many hours as you understand! And is absolutely no need to know anything about horses and riders. It is pure luck, but luck rarely disappoint you. You just have to select a horse and lay. Many times i selected top favorites, and none won! Now i stopped because i don;t have time and motivation to do such a job. I have my income, i am satisfied, no need to spend 4-5 hours every day to secure 50-100 euros profit. Good luck to Tsitsipas!
  5. Not a single cent on Alcaraz and Kyrgios any more till the end of this tournament. And i don't care if Alcaraz for example lifts the trophy at the end. For Kyrgios what i say is that he deserves a permanent ban from the ATP tour. As player, has nothing to offer, and Kyrgios will be beaten soon.
  6. I like Berettini and Kvitova. I haven't check the draw, but for WTA is no need really. Kvitova to reach QF looks decent. She is at top form. Berettini improved his return game, and looks top strong to go deep in the tournament. Of course i can't pick him as winner because Djokovic and Nadal are there. Especially for Nadal i must remind that he has solid chances to go for all major in the season 2022, which is something incredibly difficult, and i can't remember who achieved that. If i go to google to search, i guess that this is going back decades. I expect many many upsets in all rounds. A lot of super talented young players are now active. I have small doubts about Alcaraz. He must prove who is. Don't tell me mad if i said that he is already heavily overtraining at the age of 19. But i am not sure. There are no guarantees in this life, no certainties neither, so lets see what Alcaraz will show to us xxxxxxx
  7. Tsitsipas is the most overrated player. To lose from Ivashka is something not shocking. I mean i don't trust Tsitsipas any more against any player. And especially on grass, he looks weak player. Dozens would beat him on grass. Zero progress in the last three years on his game. Actually is moving backwards than forwards. And i hate his father. If he doesn't fire his idiot father for ever, don't expect anything from Tsitsipas. I am out of any betting involvement this week.
  8. Zverev did his 'best' to make Nadal looks as hero. He wasted too many opportunities to kill both sets. In many cases he should win deciding points by hitting the ball on Nadal's wrong foot. I am not impressed by Nadal this year. For me, Ruud has huge chance to make it and to lift the trophy in front of Nadal's fans. It is crazy what is happening with fans. In Australia final, the audience was so dirty against Medvedev, something got me disgusted. So, i support Ruud as revenge. See you later with the last pick
  9. Alcaraz reached his peak potential at the age of 18. Personally i changed my mind. He perhaps start to go down. I didn't like him at all today. He was looking weak and very vulnerable to Zverev's heavy and down lined strokes. No chance to compare Alcaraz with Nadal. Big blasphemy.
  10. For me, Alcaraz or Djokovic. One of the two will lift the trophy, and i think Djokovic looks as monster of tennis intelligence against everybody. From the bottom half nobody is even near to challenge either Alcaraz and of course Djokovic Rune is good, but i am not crazy of what i have seen from him today. He has potential yes, we are talking for now. So now Rune no chance to beat either of the two. Tsitsipas was playing as having only forehand. Not a big issue for me to beat Tsitsipas these days...
  11. Rune looks very good. Tsitsipas backhand is terrible. Lets see. I think Rune has great chance to win this match. But to defend the +6.5 games handicap is enough.
  12. Thanks a lot. Based on that, my choice is Rune +6,5 games to beat Tsitsipas @1.78 meridianbet
  13. Does anyone knows Rune? Personally i don't have any opinion about him, but i guess he will be hard stuff to be beaten. Handicap games on him might be interested. Tsitsipas not really impressive.
  14. Tsitsipas cruised against the very weak Ymer. The Swedish was absolutely useless, and i wonder why some of you picked him to beat Tsitsipas. For me, Tsitsipas MAIN weakness is his father. I noticed ZERO progress for the last three years. Truly, Tsitsipas was BETTER in year 2019 than now. If he doesn't get rid of his idiot father, no more progress is ahead for him. His idiot father, is the curse of Tsitsipas.
  15. Iga is super! Bravo Iga, i love you till the eternity. Let's see if there will be any one to stop Iga winning all WTA as adult against children. Iga is a miracle!
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