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  1. @harry_rag Overwhelmingly letting the selections run to completion would result in very high losses, as due to the large liabilities involved the bank balance would get wiped out in much larger chunks than the managed trade out small losses that I've been able to limit things to over the last 4 or 5 months. Just leaving it to variance is not what I hope and expect that my Lay Correct Score strategy to be about. Bizarrely a small loss is good if it has avoided a much bigger hit to the funds by not actively withdrawing from the market. 👍👍👍
  2. Is was on the 18th Aug Steve - see below To the address and contact on the Punters Lounge home page, so in checking not actually to yourself. If this area is a better home then fine, your call. Thanks Toteam@punterslounge.com 18 Aug at 23:11 Hi, Message for Paul Ross. I have not been active on Punters Lounge for a couple of years, but I am trying to locate an old thread that I started so that I can add some updated progress on how I am getting on. My selections as proof of evidence have been on my Twitter thread for the last 4 months, so that my good strategy results can be checked. So are you able to help me locate my previous thread to add to, as I've searched via my user akitson but without success. Or alternatively can I just start a new thread and direct people for evidence to my Twitter thread? I don't want to break any forum rules, by just inserting a Twitter #. Thanks
  3. No problem on you being sceptical harry_rag or skittle, but if you check my Lay Correct Score Twiiter selections through July & August all were prior to matches and with results & wins/losses shown. September has been on an open-to-all-Telegram page, which again details all selections prior to the matches starting. Again with a daily position, UP or like today DOWN, as applicable. https://t.me/joinchat/xhEgq6tqiGtjOGU0 Due to the number of selections per day (22 over the last 2 days and generally 3 or 4 each weekday) then cutting & pasting across multiple platforms is too time consuming when trading has to be and always will be my priority. I did email Steve/a moderator before putting this thread up as per the forum rules to check my approach was correct or not, but I never got any return. No criticism as I know they are busy guys. If a moderator wants to remove this strategy and proven results since April this year then fine, but the forum is for the benefit of all to share and understand how we can all exchange improvements to strategies = winnings for everyone. Good luck everyone & be kind to all and have success.
  4. Thanks for the various DM's for further details and for the ability to share match selection criteria for similar strategies that you have out there. Appreciated. I'm recovering well from a couple of losses early in September. +10pts last week & a further +3pts from today alone. Same again required to get back in to +ve profit for the month. @slowandsteadyp1 on Twitter to see all selections advised pre-game, daily/weekly summary of results, etc. Continue to reach out with questions, advice and ideas on how to improve things. 😀😀😀
  5. So at the end of August I finish UP 34 points, which is a 40% increase when compounding of profits throughout the month is taken in to account. Come on September. See pre-game selection evidence via Twitter - @slowandsteadyp1
  6. 10% profit for the 7 days ending Friday 20th August 😀😀😀 A further 4.2% profit over just this weekend. 👍👍👍 Avoided the match selections of Real Madrid & Lyon respectively, which as they ended 3-3 would have harmed my bank. 😯😯😯 Let's see what the next week brings. 🤞🤞🤞
  7. I posted a football lay 3-3 strategy a while back, but have been away developing and fine tuning the following evolution. Strategy Pre-match Lay Football Correct Scores, namely 3-3, 3-0 or 0-3 & AOHW or AOAW depending on meeting match selection criteria. Aim To clear at least 10% profit on the starting bank each calendar month, but hopefully sooner!!!, and then either withdraw profit or re-invest profit to benefit from compounding it in to future months. Communication of Progress General progress will be made via Match Selections being advised each day in advance via Twitter account @slowandsteadyp1 On average two or three matches that meet match selection criteria will be used each day. Some days more and on some days no selections will be made if the match selection criteria is not met. Investment Liability No one Football match Correct Score selection will have any more total bank liability than 30% liability at match start. During in-play, no more than total bank liability of 20% (usually less) will occur as also trading out in-play for a small loss will happen rather than risking up to the full 30% liability loss in one match. I paper traded the above for some months and then started real money trading at the start of April. Results below. I started with a £500 bank, withdrew, reset and now continue with profit only. Final total for April ---- UP 63.88 pts. What a 1st Month & turned £500 in to £819 !!!! May total finishes at UP 90.56 pts. Just shy of £725 profit in a month. June total ended at UP 14.01 pts (some losses and reduced number of games - mainly Euros) July ends at UP 31.78 pts. More than 30% profit for the month!!! August total now at UP 18.87 pts Overall total is UP 225.78 pts (100 point bank, re-assessed at the end of each day) Match selection is crucial. I've expected some big reversals, but I've managed to limit losses to a handful of points in certain games. Anyone else out there with a simple strategy then always interested to compare notes. 😁😁😁
  8. I'm after advice. I had a successful arbing strategy some years back using Pinnacle in the US and other UK bookie sites, however as Pinnacle band UK accounts directly I've gone off to other things. What are people's thoughts regarding using AsianConnect as a broker in to Pinnacle? What are the costs, is it a secure broker? Any other advice on to this or alternative recommended brokers? Thanks
  9. I'm stopping this thread now and banking the profits made. Some extra money to spend at Christmas on the kids. £278.89 up / 111% profit. I'll consider another strategy in the New Year.
  10. New total 629.57 Middlesboro v Burton - HT/FT - Lay Burton & Burton; 7.4 @ 18. (Liability 20% of pot) Fortuna v Dortmund - HT/FT - Lay Fortuna & Fortuna; 8 @ 16.5 (Liability 20% of pot) Wolfsburg v Stuttgart - HT/FT - Lay Stuttgart & Stuttgart; 10.9 @ 12.5 (Liability 20% of pot) Mgladbach v Nurnberg - HT/FT - Lay Nurnberg & Nurnberg; 6.25 @ 21 (Liability 20% of pot) All at BF.
  11. New total 663.28 Sevilla v Girona - HT/FT - Lay Girona & Girona; 8 @ 17.5 (Liability 20% of pot) Southampton v Arsenal - HT/FT - Lay South & South; 8.5 @ 8.8 (Liability 10% of pot) RB Leipzig V Mainz - HT/FT - Lay Mainz & Mainz; 8.8 @ 16 (Liability 20% of pot) All at BF.
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