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  1. Hello, it's been some time since my last post. So, in a nutshell, this thread is not dead yet. I've worked a lot on improving the data quality and the whole data acquisition process, improving the data model, simplifying the codebase and making this whole thing more reliable and maintaiable. Still, some way to go, but I estimate I will be ready with new predictions in 3-4 weeks. Until then, good fortunes!
  2. Bankroll Last selections: -0.21 pts from 20 bets Overall: +83.52 pts from 1276 bets (+6.55% yield)
  3. Hi @makkad. Depends on what kind of data you need. If you need results + shots, corners cards and odds, then I think football-data is a very good source and the data is easy to get. They also have an API. For odds I use oddsportal, but betexplorer has the same data and they use the same match ids as oddsportal. My data sources for events (text commentary) have been bbc, espn and onefootball.
  4. Next selections. Sorry for the bad foramting. Date League Match Side Bmk.odds My.odds Value Bookmaker Timestamp 4/30/2017 12:00 E2 Northampton vs Gillingham home +0 2.17 1.92 0.13 Pinnacle 4/30/2017 9:25 4/30/2017 12:00 E2 Bristol Rovers vs Millwall home or draw 1.89 1.68 0.13 Pinnacle
  5. Last selections: +2.36 pts from 28 bets Overall: +83.73 pts from 1256 bets (+6.67 % yield) Here is a spreadsheet with the table I use to track my bank. Somewhere along the way, 3 bets got lost or were not recorded properly and there is a slight difference in the bank value (84.20 vs 83.7 reported here). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tG2ge6Dw8qb9BgxE0roa2kVqm2wnLcQZ_sJWsGxzvcg/pubhtml?gid=1696433211&single=true I've been pretty busy this week and didn't have time to make new selections...I'll try to come up with some for Sunday and the next week.
  6. @Dumyat Yes, you are right. Thanks for the correction, I modified that now. Initial recommendation from my system was home or draw, but I couldn't find the odds specified anymore, so I just took home, but forgot to modify the side. Yes, that is possible. I will post it at my next update.
  7. Next selections: Date League Match Side Bmk.odds My.odds Value Bookmaker Timestamp Stake 4/17/2017 18:00 DEN Aalborg BK vs AGF Aarhus away 3.70 3.37 0.10 Pinnacle 4/10/2017 20:52 1 4/17/2017 12:00 E3 Cheltenham vs Grimsby away 3.98 3.33 0.20 Marathonbet 4/17
  8. Bankroll What a great roll! Latest selections: +14 pts from 42 bets Aalborg vs Aarhus still to be plated. Will be added to the next selections which will come tomorrow. Overall: +81.37 pts from 1228 bets (+6.63 % yield) Here's the breakdown by league: League bets_no profit yield ARG 42 -1.06 -2.52% AUS 31 -1.58 -5.10%
  9. Next selections: Date League Match Side Bmk.odds My.odds Value Bookmaker Timestamp Stake 4/10/2017 22:00 ARG Defensa y Justicia vs Olimpo de Bahia Blanca draw or away 2.36 2.16 0.09 Pinnacle 4/10/2017 20:52 1 4/11/2017 0:15 ARG Gimnasia La Plata vs Temperley draw or away 2.23 1.97
  10. Bankroll Latest selections: +6.8 pts from 32 bets Overall: +67.37 pts from 1186 bets (+5.68 % yield)
  11. Upcoming selections: Date League Match Side Bmk.odds My.odds Value Bookmaker Timestamp Stake 4/8/2017 10:50 AUS Western Sydney Wanderers vs Melbourne Victory away 3.58 2.98 0.20 Matchbook 4/8/2017 9:21 1 4/8/2017 12:00 AUS Perth Glory vs Brisbane Roar away 2.89 2.53 0.14
  12. Bankroll Terrible restults. Latest selections: -12.33 pts from 39 bets Overall: +60.57 pts from 1154 bets (+5.25 % yield) It was a very busy week, I will post some selections for the weekend and the upcoming games very soon!
  13. You are right about Espanyol vs Betis, it was my mistake, I edited it now. Thanks for pointing that out. About Amkar vs Terek, it was also my mistake. I was looking at the game from the youth league. I removed it now. http://imgur.com/qVbzqHZ
  14. Bankroll Latest selections: -0.77 pts from 17 bets (Albion Rovers vs East Fife was delayed and played 1 week later) Overall: +72.9 pts from 1115 bets (+6.54 % yield) Next selections: Date League Match Side Bmk.odds My.odds Value Bookmaker Timestamp Stake 3/29/2017 19:45 SC1 Hibernian vs Morton draw or away 3.27 2.80 0.17 Betfair 3/29/2017 12:03 1
  15. Next selections: Date League Match Side Bmk.odds My.odds Value Bookmaker Timestamp 3/21/2017 19:45 SC2 Albion Rovers vs East Fife home 3.36 2.85 0.18 Pinnacle 3/21/2017 8:43 3/21/2017 19:45 E3 Newport vs Luton home 4.20 3.59 0.17 bet365 3/21/2017 8:43 3/22/2017 0:15
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