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  1. Re: The top vs bottom strategy Hey everyone, been away for a bit again. However i remember beeing very interested in this system last summer when it was in swing. Im also very interested by the idea of doin doubles and trebles. Im also having a punt on the scousers tonight, lets hope they produce! Best of luck with this matty, i will be following closely. Saul :ok
  2. Re: The top vs bottom strategy This is looking good matty!, will be interesting and they all get in full swing and we can do the perms that were backtested, i think they will be promising.Cheers and keep it up :ok
  3. Re: The top vs bottom strategy So by the loks of your table then matty, perms may be a profitable addition for next season?
  4. Re: The top vs bottom strategy Im loving this thread! Its getting interesting. good look topweight! Matty, have u bacjtested you system doin the perms? I was thinking maybe doin all doubles and trebles, on days with more games maybe quads, i dont think doin all perms would help things, but i think they maybe some profit in doubles and trebles. Might be worth a look, i would do it for you but i havent got the tie at the mo. Saul:ok
  5. Re: The top vs bottom strategy Hi Matty, Just been reading through your system, seems very inmteresting and this style of betting has always interested me. Do you (or anyone) think that it might be worth throwing accys in on some days as ive noticed youve taken all 4 or 5 in one day before, or maybe perms? What do you think? Saul :ok
  6. Hi all http://www.claypokerchips4free.com/ anyone come across this before? seem genuine? i havent signed uo to partypoker before so it might work for me, is partypoker the one u guys use for your tornys? Saul :ok
  7. Re: Is Betfair Down? Cheers Jay, its not just me then. :D
  8. Hi, my betfiar poker just says "system error" everytime i open it up? Anyone else experience this? Or know why its sayin it? Was just in the mood for a torny as well! Cheers Saul :ok
  9. Re: In Running Betting Bet 2 W.B.A V Liverpool, Back, No Next Goal @ 3.00 1 Unit placed Bank: 98 Units
  10. Re: In Running Betting Right first bet, things in my head still need sorting out, and will need some help after bets!!!! But still placed this at half time. Lay liverpool @ 1.15 @ betfair, 1 Unit Staked Current Bank 99 Units. Sorry for not saying before match i was going to use it, thanks Saul
  11. Just been playing some sit and go's at betfair, and i must admit i was shite, not been playing poker for a few weeks/months and i feel i am right out of form, i mainly play torny's, 10 man, small buy in's and i used to feel in charge of alot of tornys and used to expect to finish in the money, now im lucky if i finish in the top 5 :wall Just really want some advce on how to make poker appealing to me again and how to get back to my old form, i know you will all say PRACTISE!!!, but there must be something else that will help rekindle the poker flame for me, because i used to really enjoy it
  12. Re: In Running Betting cheers Data, I have made some rules up very quickly which i may change/add new rules as i go along, this is not going to have alot of strict rules, but will have obviously basic rules that i intend to stick to. I will mainly be betting on H/T result, Next Goal, F/T Result Over/Under 2.5 goals, ALL will be in running, ALL Betfair, Back OR Lay I am going to paper trial this system on the PL for 50 Bets, starting with a 100 units, i am goin to stake 1 unit per bet, may carry this on to 100 bets if i choose to. BTW, does anybody know if the winnings calculated on t
  13. I know this probabaly wont count as a system,(cant think of n e where else to put it) but this is something i have beeen having a go at for a few weeks now, making a little bit of money, but i want to maybe start something with this, laying/backing certain events on betfair to see how it does, obviously selections will be at my discretion. But just wanted to see what everyone thinks about it or has tried anything similar before? Thanks in advance :ok Saul
  14. Re: The "snyena" system Good luck mate Keep up the good work!!!!! A very good strike rate
  15. Re: £100 a week??? :welcome Hi, i would have to agree with Danny here, a weekly target so high will at one point or another end up with you chasing losses by putting bets on that you wouldnt of normally included with your system, Still, i wish you good luck with this system and hope you get some winners under your belt!!! :ok
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