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  1. Took me some time to place a bet in the German top flight. But, I'm backing a FC Koln draw no bet!
  2. Nice vs Lyon will be a tough one but I'm taking my chances. I'm tipping in a Nice victory at home.
  3. It's been a while and I'm happy to be back. To mark my return, I'm going to stick to my favourites, Barcelona. They will beat Valencia 1-3.
  4. Following their Champions League exit, I believe that Barcelona will strive for a huge win against Real Madrid. Betting on Barcelona Asian Handicap +0.25 @ 2.04 in SBOBET. Leaning on a correct score of 0-1 as well.
  5. Definitely excited for Monaco. After qualifying to the Champions League semi-finals, I can see them winning Ligue1 as well.
  6. Rooting on Juve and Atletico all the way! Just defeat Real Madrid
  7. WOW! Just wow. Didn't see that loss to Malaga coming. What a waste for Barca.
  8. Been absent for a while. But I want a PSG upset. A draw can suffice. So I'm backing a Guingamp/X @ 4.60 in SBOBET. This is definitely a RISKY bet. But, what if!
  9. Fresh from their upset in La Liga, I believe Barcelona will be on fire in the 1st leg of their UCL clash with Juventus. On the other hand, I'm looking for a draw in Bayern vs Real Madrid.
  10. Can Argentina save themselves? Is Messi enough? Hopefully my questions will be answered positively tomorrow. Haven't placed a bet on this one because my biases might cloud my decision.
  11. Looking forward to China vs Korea. Heard that security is tight for this match. Hopefully, nothing eventful will happen out of the pitch.
  12. The Merseyside Derby and Arsenal vs City look interesting. Definitely backing Liverpool for a win. Thinking of placing a bet on Asian handicap but still having doubts. For now it's a simple 1x2 bet for a Liverpool win. On the other hand, it's a City win for me. Correct score of 0-1.
  13. Haven't placed a bet on this week's sets of Champions League matches but dang! I'd like to congratulate those who went against Man City. What a treat.
  14. Playing it safe with a 1X2 Manchester United @ 1.22 in SBOBET and Asian Handicap:-0.50 Borussia Monchengladbach @ 2.12 Hopefully, no upsets on these matches.
  15. Tired from Europa League and all that, I don't think Mönchengladbach will have a chance against Bayern, does anyone think otherwise?
  16. Barcelona wasted an opportunity last week after making history in their Champions League comeback so I expect them to exact revenge this weekend. Barcelona to win against Valencia, CONVINCINGLY I supposed.
  17. Took a break \ But definitely back now. Made some bets on a lot of Premier League matches but I made some huge risks. A lot of you will argue with me on this one but after their Champions League exit, I think the Citizens will be out to prove themselves. I'm backing a Man City win with correct score 2-1 against Liverpool.
  18. Given the Milan and Torino both lost last week, I think both will give a good fight this weekend. I'm backing a Milan win for 1.71 and Torino although far from upsetting Inter, I'm placing a bet on them with +0.50 handicap @ 1.93.
  19. Wasn't able to bet on these La Liga matches but I just want to brag. Barcelona are closing on Real Madrid. Given that they are currently No.1 but with Real still a game behind. Hopefully, no upsets will come Barca's way.
  20. After acing my Leicester bet last week, I'm definitely still backing them to win against Hull with -0.74 @ 2.12 in SBOBET. Also put bets on Man United win and a draw (my favourite) on Liverpool vs Arsenal clash.
  21. Wow. You surely have time to produce that list. Nice idea btw. It surely brings out the competitiveness within me. Not!
  22. Easily won my bets on Bayern and Leipzig but got a draw on Hertha. Still waiting if Schalke can upset Hoffenheim and end the game in a draw.
  23. Placed a bet on Leicester City + 1.25 @1.65. Counting on the Foxes to go all out as statement for Ranieri's departure. I think they'd be boosted emotionally, somehow?
  24. Agreed! Man City played it safe and chose to strengthen their defence than score more goals. Of course it was pretty much the correct thing to do. Just unlucky for me.
  25. Since they earned me some money, I'll be backing Celta this week again. Will always put a bet on Barcelona winning big in La Liga after their shocking Champions League defeat to PSG.
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