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    Not sure if this is the right forum guys but ill ask anyway. Hole cards 10/10 and was raised All in pre-flop @ UTG +1. I called with the inital thoughts of this guy would have a Top pair, Turns out he has Ace jack Offsuit Flop shows 5h Jc Kc Turn shows 3d River Qs Naturally he goes on to win and knock me out of the tourny. Aftermath shows clearly that calling an All in preflop was a bad move, however how far should you go with pocket 10's I tend to view most All in's pre-flop as a bluff or someone who is bored of playing. It goes against all strategies of building a pot with a monster ha
  2. Gents, I'm on the hunt for a decent staking plan, i have developed/developing a low odds system that so far is proving very successfull, However as everyone will be aware doing Huge bets to maximise profit can end up disastrous. Odds are usually in the region of 1.1 - 1.25 (1/10 - 1/4) So for example if i had 10 selections at 1.1 and staked £100 each time it would take 10 bets to double the amount, however if any of those bets lost its a huge step back. On paper and in practice my current methods haven't lost as of yet, not to say that they won't. Success with this i feel will come from
  3. Re: 0.5 Roller Bet 2 Germany v Portugal over 1.5 @ 1.1 Sent from my SM-N9005 using PL Forum
  4. Re: 0.5 Roller Bet 1 lands at the 60th. More tomorrow! Edit: changed bet number from 3 to 1
  5. Re: 0.5 Roller BET 1:INPLAY Deportivo Capiata v Club General Diaz Over 0.5 @ 1.2 £14.29 - £17.14 Edit: Changed bet number from 3 to 1
  6. Good Evening all, i've played around for a good while with over 0.5 goal rolling bets. I take the bets in-play to gain the better odds. Never really thought about having an end target however my prior success's have been Converting £10 to £500 and then doing set £500 per stake untill boredom takes over and i lose a silly bet. It works out well taking a inplay Over 0.5 bet at 1.1 returning £50 each time. [TABLE=width: 250] [TR] [TD][TABLE=width: 250] [TR] [TD]Bets Completed:[/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Bank:[/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD] £ 18.88[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Withdrawn
  7. Re: In-play corners, Low risk @Finky That depends really on how many corners have been awarded, experience tells me that by Half time if there has only been 4 corners for example, then the line will offer Under 12. If there has only been 1, then Under 9 will be offered.. @Froment. Yea everything seems nice on the surface haha. Ill be running it concurrently to other things that im developing, hopefully start to build up a decent bank with it
  8. Evening all, first post here so thought id make it a system that ive been working on for a short while. In play Corners Description: The system i have devised takes advantage of the fairly common "under-achieving" games across the world, Betting specifically on Under-Corners, the returns are fairly flexible, owing to how long you are willing to hold on for. Its not the most ideal but this system does utilize the Cash-out option. ----------- Stake Plan: The staking plan that i have been using is fairly simple and 'target-driven'. Starting with £10 or however much you wish to, and contin
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