***April Competition Winners: Well done to MrJol (NAPS), Silver Fox (KO Cup), Systemight (Punchestown) & PLLofthouse (Poker)***
*** Recent Winners in May: (Darts) 40/1! (Racing) 20/1, 14/1, 9/1, 8/1, 8/1 (Football) 8/1, 7/1 ***


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  1. Doncaster 7.05 Lady of Shalott (11/2 unibet)
  2. 340 P: Tipp Away420 P: Poker Party455 P: Mill Quest530 P: Buvuer D'Air605 P: Battleoverdoyen635 P: Ucello Conti710 P: Cash Back745 P: Aaron's Day
  3. Punchestown 7.45 The big Getaway (7/4 unibet)
  4. 340 P: Drop The Anchor420 P: Bun Doran450 P: Sizing Coal530 P: Unowhatimeanharry605 P: Smoking Gun640 P: Defi Du Seuil715 P: Moskovite745 P: The Big Getaway
  5. 340 P: Musical Slave420 P: Whatsafellatodo455 P: Caribet530 P: Allaho605 P: Kemboy640 P: MT Leinster710 P: Sizing Granite745 P: Daylight Katie