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** December Poker League Result : 1st muttley, 2nd LIKE2FISH, 3rd kevsul **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Like A Roughie, 2nd Paperclip, 3rd Kingdom for, 4th Alastair, 5th Gray306 **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st BARNSLEYCHOP, 2nd SADDLESORE, 3rd ZIDANE123, 4th ADAMROSS. KO Cup Winner BBBC, Most Winners: JCW **

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  1. Stone wall last the poor runs continue
  2. WEEK 5 Buccs and the Bears start off the weekend ***Some of the spreads and prices have been taken from USA books as not all are priced up in UK a.t.m, but all prices and spreads are correct at time of posting from my sources , better prices may be available elsewhere ***
  3. WEEK 4 UPDATE Chiefs & Pats played last night according to my results this morning but it wasn't on the to be played page last night Anyway had the Pats +7 which wasn't a bet and they lost 26-10 so its in final updated results. 8 from 15 on total selections this week 53% so an average week for them Both Nap and NB winning again
  4. Speechless RIP BH Deepest sympathy to Suzy and all his family VT.
  5. Ive only had 1 winner which was Jaboticaba , but a few runs in the money The total net prize money so far this year from my 3 horses which have run (1 hasn't run yet) is £3051.05 from which I am supposed to get a share. As of yet Ive received nothing maybe they pay out on a certain date or deduct the winning when you renew your shares I cant seem to find anything about payment on the site. Maybe @BillyHills knows I think he's had a payment. Not even had my VAT back yet Its not something Ive done to make money ,Personally I just think that anyone who likes to bet on horses should hav
  6. Hes running again PL's version of Quixall Crosset
  7. Both NAP & NB won again this week The Ravens just scrambled over the line by 0.5 on the spread While the Saints did more than enough to bring home the bacon Full update after the Packers / Falcons game later
  8. WEEK 4 Broncos started the weekend selections off with a win No spreads for the Titans game Chiefs v Pats game Postponed Just the NAP & NB bets again for week 4
  9. WEEK 4 Sunday selections Saturday/Sunday morning
  10. Things arn't that bad your turning to Bogomilism are they Things will pick up on the AW ATB VT
  11. Week 3 Update 10 from 16 total selections correct (62.5%) The NAP and the NB were both shoo ins
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