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  1. I hope pokerstars allow you back in soon Ian. You wouldn't do anything wrong. Maybe it is just a simple thing like you and Adam both previously using the same home address or IP address flagging up on their system. I think my 46o hand was a pretty standard BB defend which I could throw away if I missed the flop. The implied odds made it the correct decision. I'm sure you are just teasing me
  2. Thanks Ian I enjoyed it. It won't be the last you see of me. Did you manage to get in?
  3. Ha Ha Ian, the Club has no money and staff haven't been paid wages for two months. I am more interested in poker than football these days. When I named my username on pokerstars I used to go to every match home and away. I am not that much of a fanatic these days.
  4. What time does late reg finish? I haven't been accepted in the home game yet. It is my own fault I didn't find out about it until quarter of an hour before the start. #lastminutedotcom :-)
  5. I have applied on Pokerstars Home Games and it is pending. ZozzyBWFC @avongirl @Sir Puntalot