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  1. i think conor wins, somehow........and we will have rematch. that's what the fans want, as a boxing fan tho, this outcome will be pretty disappointing. but it is what it is entertainment. money money money money
  2. benteke and zaha at liverpool, hmmm 1.36 does not look so good
  3. i think benitez is a good manager and newcastle are a good team. This will be a interesting game, maybe will be similar to the man city game, only i think newcastle can trouble spurs more than Brighton did city. harry kane to score. over 2.5 spurs nick it
  4. should be a fun 4 days! good luck to all of us
  5. l'm liking Qarabag DNB 1.77 and under 2.5 goals at 1.51 prediction 1-0 to Qarabag
  6. Re: 2014 Six Nations i hope u did'nt make that no brainer bet. wales at home were always gonna do well.
  7. Re: Manchester City v FC Barcelona > Tuesday February 18th man city draw no bet at evens seems pretty good to me
  8. Re: February 10 - February 16 yeah i see what your saying, u got the value price, you got pretty close in those 2 and Belrocq last nite did well, just faded in the third. yeah heartbreaking to watch but ur in there fighting, with the good bets, which is great! Good luck with ur picks
  9. Re: February 10 - February 16 its an interesting why of going at it, i do like the big prices, i know the strike rate will not be so high but returns when they hit must be pretty sweet. I find tennis a great sport to bet on the exchanges, when these big dogs take a set, do you secure profit on both outcomes? Tennis is pretty crazy, prices going all over the shop in-play alot of these games, great to make profit on if the 2 players make a match of it! i'm just looking at tennis live score here, plenty 3 set matches. i think 3 sets = profit and i mostly look for this in tennis.
  10. Re: February 10 - February 16 Hey torque, i just came across this thread and i really like tennis and what ye are doing on here. was just wondering do u always back the big dog in these matches. great prices but do alot of this guys/girls turn over the big favourite? i know they are upsets, just not in alot of the games
  11. Re: Olympiacos v Manchester United > Tuesday February 25th i think man u would settle, just not to get beat here as like what happened when they went to arsenal. so i think maybe a draw but i would lay them as they are just a mess all season and it really don't look like they will get it sorted. olympiacos could even get the win in this one. maybe better to go at this in-play, if man u score, lay them.
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