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  1. Re: Friday 3/24 For Saturdays Serie A matchups in case i dont make it in time before they start tomorrow Parma V Inter Wagers Placed .. Inter Single for 1 Unit to take 1.9 Units Juve V Roma Wagers Placed .. Juve Single for 1 Unit to take 1.75 Units Parlay on both Inter and Juve Double .. .5 Units to take 1.67 Units Going for a biggun here hopin to call a score with a sweet Dish out if it hits Milan V Fiorentina 3-2 Final Score in Favor of Inter .2 Units to take a sick 5.2 Units (+2500) 3-2 Final Score in Favor of Fiorentina .1 unit to take another sick 5.1 Units (+5000) Obviously i see a high scoring game here and if you bet at Pinny or where ever, you should be on this Over but for the .3 units ($30) to take home over 5.1 or 5.2 Units (+$500) if either happen, is extremely worth it to me OK 2.8 Units rolling overall, and easily being able to get them back with some or any of these scenarios hitting All bets placed at Betuk.com GL Saturday.. Blow the Whistle Zebra!!!

  2. Ok after a stifling 5-0 NCAA day yesterday its time to follow it up G mason is basically home and i love one of these things i found Michigan St and N Carolina were both in the Final 4 last year The last team in the Dance to beat two final four teams from the prev years dance in the first rounds have made it to the elite 8 or better 1946 N Carolina went on to lose Title game 1952 ST Johns Went on to lose Title Game 1968 UCLA Won it all 1982 UAB Made it to the Elite 8 1987 Indiana Won it all and in 1998 Utah went on to lose Title Game all 6 of those teams beat final four appearance teams the year before and G Mason just did the same Will history repeat itself? I love history stats and this is a little gem i just thought id throw out here G Mason -2 is on the board,, especially with the home court adv theyll have bein so close to home G Mason -2 (5 Units) i know the BC men are just dying to not let the BC women out do them, and with the BC women pulling that massive Upset as an 8 seed in their tourney you just know the BC men dont want to get out done TOO BAD!!!! Season Over ,, Enjoy the Bus trip back home!!!! Nova -2.5 (2 Units) And i gotta play this as an over as a game in the 70s should be easily obtainable and at 139 as i see it now at my site i get lines at ,,,,SOLD!!!! Over 139 (5 Units) 1 Unit = 100 US DOLLARS FYI and all Ncaa bets are -110 NHL today Nashville is just to hot to lay off and the +ML is even sweeter Preds (3 Units to take 6.3 Units) Ottawa has outscored Buffalo in their season series 26-9 ... hello i said 26-9... uh ok Good enough Ott -1.5 to cover since the ML is not worth the time at -150 Ott -1.5 (2.5 Units to take 7.25 Units) Ok you sittin down?? Doing it Write down the date Im takin the Pens tonight NYI at -135 doesnt really tell me that the Isles are going to walk in here and beat them so i gotta do it tonight Pengs ML (1 Unit to take 2.2 Units) Drop the Puck!!! NBA (all plays at -110) Pistons Under 180.5 (2 Units) Charlotte +11.5 (2 Units) Along with the Over 209 (2 Units) And lack of defense leads me to the Denver Over 217 (2 Units) Quite the post... OK B.O.L to you all today and i figured id post this way so theres no debate on what i am playing .. thanks and again GL today

  3. Re: 5-0 Ncaa Posted!!!! thanks fool ,, god that feels good ,, ofcourse i went 0-1 NBA and 2-3 NHL so that isnt that great but its nice to roll out winners to help anyone who cares..feels good..thanks Just tryin to help and for anyone who is confused by the Ucla game ,, the "I MAY place 2 scenarios" to me means that since i thought it would be a 1 or 2 point game i felt both scenarios were good plays.. And if you corrolate with my post with the U.S place i post that i mentioned in a previous post, you'll see i played them both I cheat no one and dont want to mislead sorry if i confused anyone ill try to be more clairvoyant in the future as to not confuse ,, i guess its just how i speak that takes getting used to But thanks for the Props,,, Appreciated ~ Mag

  4. Re: Thurs 3/23

    Atlanta are favourites tonight' date=' not dogs. This is the reason why I'm not backing them.[/quote'] Should have backed them ,,, PAID!!!!!! IN OT NO LESS !!! what a comeback!!! LSU +6 ,, Yeah how about SU WINNA!!! Memphis over 141,, Did i say Winna??!!! Wash TB over ,, OH ANOTHER WINNA!!!! Great start to the evening
  5. Re: Thurs 3/23 wow they are a fav now huh last night when i was gettin my lines i saw them at +105 so i just assumed it would stay there now theyre -125 ,,good call ,,yes they are Favs.. still got em though.. -125 aint gonna scare me enough to Fade them but thanks for updating that for me,, preciate that ill update that in my post

  6. OK at it again March Madness Ncaa tourney is back on and its time to find the Big bucks LSU is gettin 6 with Duke and i dont doubt Duke is takin the game but 6? ,, i cant handle six and im a think dog kinda guy and with this much at stake i hope itll be a close one LSU +6 Same scenario with the Texas game,, W VA played this team tough once allready and again i say with as much on the line as there is and a 5.5 line im again on the dog here W VA +5.5 The Gonzaga game has me wondering .. i love the Pac 10 and have seen over 50 Pac 10 games this season and have a liking for them, but every time i disrespect the Zags they find a way to win, and with Farmars wrist hurting him that scares me too, so again i see the Zags making this a 1 point game but i do see UCLA winning SU somehow to end the Zags run so i may place two scenarios UCLA ML Zags +3 Last game today is the Bradley Memphis game and the only thing im playing on this one is the Over 141..both go up and down and can easily make this game in the 70s and thats all we need for paydirt Over 141 NHL today Edmonton and Vancouver are playing 3 times in a row (Once allready and today and Sat) and Edmonton usually has this teams # and at +110 (which makes them a Dog) the safe money is on Edmonton on the road today and there are very misleading stats about this Over ,, the Over in the series is 8-2 but the 2 in that is the Last 2 and most recent games and neither team is lighting the lamp much so i ll playthis under to see that trend continuing EDM ML Under 6.5 I cant even find the last time Chic and Phoe hit an over together i mean you have to go back Years to find one.. why not ride it out Phoe U 6.5 Atlanta Owns NJ .. 3-0 this season which is shocking as most would think the opposite would be the occurance, and the way atlanta is playing right now, Esp at home ..and esp as a dog << not a Dog ,,they are favorites,, -125 as noted in my post below ATL ML Washington in TB and the only play i have here is the Over All i need to say TB O 6 NBA Today One play Utah at home -2 ..Karl Malones jersey is being retired and that usually gives the home team the life they need to take a game and its not like Utah doesnt need this one ,, been struggling ,,#32 in the rafters and a home win Utah -2 GL today :ok

  7. OK awesome day yesterday again even calling the 3-2 Shootout in Detroit with Nash upsetting the wings got to love when ya call the final score and the scenario that it happens in Ok then .. Selections today are: NHL ... The Phil Flyers havent won more than two games in a row in months and guess what? theye won 2 in a row and they get to go deal with the rangers in the Garden and i know somepeople hate juice lines but -150 aint the worst ML ive seen, but i also see that that the NYR if they win by 2 or more the juice is set at +180 and that my friends is User friendly lol SOLD!!!! NYR -1.5 +180 Two overs for the day also Washington Caps are pretty much F**KED!!!! they have 15 games remaining, they have 3 games in the next 4 days ,, starting a nasty road trip and only have 3 of their last 15 games in their own Digs....OUCH!!!! Smelling a struggle to finish it out and going to a Fla team that is putting up 5 goals like its an open net Over me here at 6.5 -115 And the other Over i am on is the Caro Buffalo game, also at 6.5 and a -110 ML which is totally acceptable got three little gems about this one Every Wed game that Caro is involved with has gone over except one their overs are also 9-2 vs this conferences teams and both meetings between the teams this year thus far have both been over as well THANKS !!!!! Over 6.5 at -110 Ncaa NIT game Just one selection today Mizzouri St is at Louisville, -2.5 for the home Cardinals Louisville is going to NY to be in the NIT Final 4, Quote me on it!!!! Louisville at -2.5 and -110 to win by just a little over a bucket is on my slate for today Louisville -2.5 at -110 And thatll wrap it up ,, i allready nailed Palermo today vs my AS Roma beat up squad, and if youre interested in seeing where i post in the US here is the link http://www.online-arbitrage-guide.com/forums/index.php And no im not trying to advertise, i dont care who goes there as i am not paid by them to advertise, only paid to post my plays every day I am Moneytree at the Grove in the Best of PBS section, so you can see i had Palermo for 50 bucks to take home $112, which the bet was placed at BetUK.com and posted at the aforementioned link, and i post the same plays here as i do there, and you will see these plays listed there, but i didnt get here in time to post my soccer play but i knew we were in trouble today and it paid me (Hate going against my Boys but i had to today) thanks and GL today all May the funds be with you :ok

  8. Re: Tuesday 3/21 well if no one minds i would like to try and keep my threads separate so i can track them ..not for anything else but dont want to be encorporated in nba and nhl threads exclusively,,i have too much action in too many sports and want to just try to keep my plays together and not start an nba thread,,an nhl thread,,an ncaa thread,, a soccer thread,, a baseball thread , id rather all my stuff be together if thats ok like i said, strictly for tracking my stuff and im not trying to be different or offensive.. i just am used to do things this way in the states in the forum i post at there as its easier for me to track each sport without going to 5 threads to keep track of it all if this is a problem let me know and i dont mind the opinions of my stuff or a lean someone may have but i would like to see other peoples plays in other peoples posts,,not mine.. hope im not ruffling any feathers.. that is not my intention Ciao, Mag

  9. Re: Tuesday 3/21 uh randall,, if you want to post plays,,start your own threads man id like to keep my threads as MY THREADS so i can track them ,,,no offense intended but can you please start your own threads if you are making picks in the future,, thanks!!! i tried to Priv mess this message but it doesnt seem i am able to do that?? is there some reason why i cant PM anyone yet?? do i have to be here for a certain time or is this disabled for another reason??

  10. Re: Tuesday 3/21

    Good luck Magica and hope Totti is back sooner than later for you. Been a great season for him this season.
    killin me ,,and hes still on crutches ,,but he is expected back for nationals but we'll see and then we lose De Rossi in the messina game ,,we are so beat up ,,i dont see how we can finish strong with our goalie and two captains out and than throw in de rossi,, not cool going to be a struggle to grab that 4th spot
  11. NHL tuesday Phoe And Columbus matchup today and Columbus has pretty much been involved with nothing but one goal games since the break neither team is scoring so i expect a 3-2 game in favor of someone so ill take the Dog at +1.5 for safety reasons since neither team will win this one by 2 Phoenix +1.5 Under 6.5 the last 5 times Pitt and Ott have gotten together, the 7 total has been achieved every time,,, push at worst so why not try it for a little flow today just to atleast have action on it,,im doin it Ott Over 7 both Nash and Det are riding 4 and 6 gm winning streaks going into this game so im sure they are both saying ahh, not this team again!!!!! someones streak is being snapped tonight and you know what im doin here... takin nashville to stay hot at a +170 to boot and 5 meetings this year so far and not one over to be found keeps me on that trend as well,, 3-2 Nash in OT or a shootout Nash +170 Under 6 DROP THE PUCK!!!!!! GL today OK NIT tonight and the Noles are home vs S Carolina Lines Noles -3 and O/U 130 I love this under as will be shown in my units as both teams play to the 60s often and even if it ends at 66-63 it will remain under and i expect this score to be close but still under regardless ,, i actually am calling for a 65-60 game in favor of the Noles at home asthey are 14-2 at home this year and have even managed to beat DUKE in this building Three plays for this contest Total Under 130 Fla St. -3 Fla St 1st Half Line -1.5 the other NIT game is Minny at Cincy Lines Cincy -8.5 and Total 136.5 Another defensive battle but i wont put any units on this under as Cincy at home may score points but Minny is a defensive team and the Big 10 is a defensive conference so i ecpect Minny to hang around long enough to cover our 7.5 with a slight lean on this under also, but i dont want to risk it but it is noted that i like it Minny +8.5 havent done the NBA board yet so ill posta reply here later if i come up with something GL today all !!!!

  12. Re: USA sports!! MONDAY not too bad ,,and thanks everyone for your hellos and views,,much appreciato 1st post went: 1-1 NHL 1-0 NBA 1-0 NCAA not too shabby,,ill back tomorrow and throw some action out thanks again for all who posted and offered hellos and opinions nice to feel :welcome Ciao!!

  13. Ciao!! i live in NY and from Italy but i cap american sports and italy serie A and want to contribute here as i see the lack of US sports so i hit you with this for monday Ok Monday action baby!!! NHL today.. Who the hell came up with TB AND FLA Total at 6??? Thanks for that las vegas!! These two teams have combined to score 23 goals in each of their last 2 games combined so today is the magic day the under comes in?? Dont think so ,, takin this over gladly!! TB/Fla O 6 Buffalo goes into Atlanta and again a low line for us if were on Buffalo and the way theyre playing and the advantages they have in pretty much everything will have me on Buffalos side today BUFF ML And the Irish are getting 4 again in the NCAA NIT and they dont lose by 4 too often in fact i almost want to take them ML as weve noticed the big 10 is a horrible conference in March so far but ill just settle for me +4 and be happy Irish +4 GL today and i post in the US as an expert in NHL and NCaa but i do have an nba pick for you NBA Lakers at Boston And the Lakers are getting +3.5 but i see them winning so these points shouldnt scare anyone LA Lakers +3.5 OK i hope my contributions are welcome here as i only hope to win some loot for everyone... GL today, Ciao :hope

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