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  1. How about a 3300 word review of what went down around the Serie A pitch this weekend? Oh, and I included a poll to vote on the goal of the weekend for Round 24, so feel free to check that out too.
  2. Italian Serie A Predictions Okay, so you have had limited analysis around here from who knows. One sentence about each match is simply useless, so get your analysis from the Rainmaker. Who yes, happens to be the ID I am now using at social platforms since 2010. Weird to be back here again, but it seems this site needs the boost of actual Serie A tipsters who give you more!
  3. I found one of my Old P.C's and in my favorites was P.Lounge 8 years I have been a member here. Obviously I need to get re introduced to who is here and who I am etc. Anyway, I see a few people posting about MLS, none of which are here in the United States as I am, which gives me so much more access to the players and teams. I host a radio show here in the states as well and we have interviewed 5 NY Cosmos including Coach Gio last week so I get full insight on both the NASL and MLS leagues. Their P.R people hit us with so much information about what is going on around both leagues. You? Do
  4. Re: MLB: May 7th 2012 Picks Why do i think ive seen you before BCrow? Was it BA i know you from, from years ago?
  5. Re: MLB: May 7th 2012 Picks 2 run lines? Ahh, 46 - 72. Ok noted, i mean dude? just because you dont like the price on a team to win? Doesnt mean you should think theyll wn by 2-3 runs because of a price, not suggested at all, but its your record, not mine ! We call those ROOT CANALS at my site... ever have one? Because when you think teams can win by mulitple runs every night? You might as well be in a dentists chair!! Good luck with that!!
  6. Re: MLB: May 7th 2012 Picks MLB Grand Salami Under 105 Reasons not withstanding, the quality of pitchers to start the day, and the amount of injuries piling up for plenty of squads, much less i could probably hand you the totals for most games as well, but it wouldnt matter im sure... Good fortune!
  7. Re: Game 5 May 7th ~ Nash vs Yotes Well how about a prop to go with it? IF you frequent my own forum i host, youll know i also go by Captain Salami... because i play the salami nearly every day (NHL, MLB, Italy A).... if they offer it, im usually on something unless the line is below 1.83, because after that, i tend to stay away because i keep all my plays averaging 1.91 - 2.10 if at all possible (My tracker site i averaged 2.09 for the month of April/play) Thats value! Anyway, it sits @ 1.91 as i see it And if this over does indeed come in and i get a 4 - 3 game in Phoenix? Ill only ne
  8. Isnt that lovely? Is anyone here follwoing the NHL Playoffs? Well this guy has been, and if youd like to see my tracker? Let me know, because if its hockey? I Cover it! Game 5 in Phoenix, and what do they do In Phoenix? SCORE!! 2 Overs in Phoenix, 2 Stone cold unders in Nashville... UM DUH!! Thats rocket science isnt it LoL These two teams get together in this building and score, and if a 2 - 2 Game for one team on the brink of elimination on the road? Its 5 people, OT INCLUDED 5 and 2.30 at Pinny! If its 2 - 2 and they hit OT? Push me, walk away unscaved no harm, no foul... If they
  9. Re: Serie B - 5-7 May I personally cant believe that the over 2.5 in Torino today is about or near 1.91 - 1.85 depending on the book, i mean Padova; i have been commenting at another site for the last month about how that team can not stop anyone from scoring twice... they just cant, they dont know what their doing defensively, now throw in the fact that as Feds posted above? NOW YOU ARE GOING TO STOP 3 GOALS FROM HAPPENING HOW AGAIN? Wont be me thinking they can stop it! Torino vs Padova ~ Over 2.5 @ 1.87 And then the second match today and its hard for me to not honestly think the sa
  10. Welcome Back, Welcome Back my Kinky little penguins im sorry the way the sens are struggling and the fact that BUFFALO KICKED THIS TEAMS ASS RIGHT OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR, and winning 7 of the last 8 meetings i mean what? do you take the sens to snap out of it vs the best team in the NHL AT HOME?? Buff allready handed this team an L IN OTT, so why should today be any diff **** the juice Buff -150 and again with a 7 O/U for the second time this year and 2nd time for Buff (both 7's in their last 2 games) You just ****in know that tonight theyll start Miller and ill be sayin ahh ,, i wa
  11. Re: NHL Week 7 thread... lol i came here to post my nhl today and boom youre here? no shit man what ya doin at my soccer site?? lol never expected to see a Brew post here and i just stopped in for some soccer shit and i see you in here,, GL here too i spose lol
  12. ok well i think this is an easy board today and you may agree or you may say we shall see Ok anyone who has Vancouver on their board today should be shot on location!!! Yeah the Nucks are going to snap this streak? Ok so yeah Van beat this team Oct 5th in Detroit 3 - 1, and maybe Detroits Schedule over this streak hasnt knocked your socks off either, but my god Vancouver cant beat this team guys!! ok i see NO POSSIBLE WAY THE NUCKS WIN THIS GAME ...... PERIOD!!! Det ML -145 Ok the Ranger game is tough for me as you may have noted I am a ranger fan (GO BIG BLUE) and i have trouble capping
  13. Re: Friday 3/24 ok cool,,, ill be in america if youre lookin for me, just me and my ego lol Ciao!! and Taza, the guy even admitted that he knows why i took it as Harsh towards me so uh, ill get right on that learning how to read comment, and i think ill just have to muddle thru in the states and give to the guys who want my stuff every day, not in the mood, and somewhere in this place is a link to the site i post at in the states, if it means that much to anyone, theyll come find me there... Take care and thanks for lettin me post here, you guys have a big place and growing!! Good luck in
  14. Re: Friday 3/24 ahh ok i see hey man ,,what sport doesnt involve a game where a 1/2 point gets ya or a last second something does you in ,,come on man ,, i aint tryin to fight ,, im too busy for it im just wondering what ya meant by the post is all ,, sorry than man ,, again not tryin to fight ,uh MATE but if youre going to mention this stuff IN MY THREADS mention the things that did happen for us.. made quite a chunk today man and tomorrow ill do it again hopefully, its a chance we as gamblers take every day.. sorry if i offended ,, just trying to pick some games to help you guys ove
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