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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
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    CEO of the Sports Betting Pub (.net) & Thinkdog Sports. Host of #IntotheCosmos for the New York Cosmos Soccer Club. Voice of Sports Palooza Radio.

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  1. Wow, so this site is almost completely dead now? SO I guess posting here really has no point for a handful of people who MIGHT see it here? Nice, well good luck to all of you. You see my Youtube channel pasted the last few days so either use it, or don't. Have a good day!
  2. Come and grab all of the baseball bets you will need for Friday, July 23 in the U.S
  3. Betting on any Major League Baseball games on Thursday? Good, make sure you find out my opinion of what will go down around the diamond today too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrfiIx7cRBo MLB Daily Video #Baseball #BaseballBetting #baseballpreview #BaseballBets #MLBBets #MLBPicks #BaseballPicks #YankeesVsRedSox #YanksandSox #NYYVBOS #Rivalrygames #BettingOnBaeballtoday #TodaysBettingtips #HappyHourSpecials #HappyHour #PubPicks #Moneytree #MakeItRain #Dailybetting #DailyMLB #Diamonds #AroundTheHorn #OnTheDiamond #diamondnotes
  4. MLS betting preview for tonight's 10 matches being played...
  5. First, MLB at 10 AM I go live to dish out 9 bets for today's baseball action around the diamond. Next, MLS show at 1 PM ET to once again dish out the winners on the field. It should be called football on the pitch but not in the U.S! LoL Ready for a big day are ya? Find me and I will do my best to help you along with that. http://www.youtube.com/c/EjRain See you in an hour for the first show! Let's talk baseball!
  6. How about instead of writing out the plays? I return to the site after such a long time to share my VIDEO analysis for the second legs tomorrow? All right then! YouTube Betting Preview I hope everyone is well out there, it has been some time since I have been here!
  7. How about a 3300 word review of what went down around the Serie A pitch this weekend? Oh, and I included a poll to vote on the goal of the weekend for Round 24, so feel free to check that out too.
  8. Italian Serie A Predictions Okay, so you have had limited analysis around here from who knows. One sentence about each match is simply useless, so get your analysis from the Rainmaker. Who yes, happens to be the ID I am now using at social platforms since 2010. Weird to be back here again, but it seems this site needs the boost of actual Serie A tipsters who give you more!
  9. I found one of my Old P.C's and in my favorites was P.Lounge 8 years I have been a member here. Obviously I need to get re introduced to who is here and who I am etc. Anyway, I see a few people posting about MLS, none of which are here in the United States as I am, which gives me so much more access to the players and teams. I host a radio show here in the states as well and we have interviewed 5 NY Cosmos including Coach Gio last week so I get full insight on both the NASL and MLS leagues. Their P.R people hit us with so much information about what is going on around both leagues. You? Do not have that! Look up Sports Palooza Radio and you can find the rest. Anyway, today there are 2 NASL matches and one is indeed the Cosmos hosting Edmonton, in which Edmonton is coming off their best win of the year against 1st Place San Antonio. After not even scoring a goal at all in the fall season, they break out for 3 vs of all teams San Antonio? Was shocked tbh! I am not touching the Cosmos match tonight but I am making a play on the other match with Indy and Ft Lauderdale. The AH handicap on the Total 2.75 @ 1.93 to head on OVER that nicely! 2 - 1 may be a half win scenario, but when you see what Indy has done since coming into the NASL? Give up goals at home is the one thing you see again and again! I could get into plenty about this match and why it will go over but who knows who would want the info?!?! Play: Over 2.75 @ 1.93 Nice to be back here, let's see if I get any type of reception! Don't expect one but who knows!
  10. Re: MLB: May 7th 2012 Picks Why do i think ive seen you before BCrow? Was it BA i know you from, from years ago?
  11. Re: MLB: May 7th 2012 Picks 2 run lines? Ahh, 46 - 72. Ok noted, i mean dude? just because you dont like the price on a team to win? Doesnt mean you should think theyll wn by 2-3 runs because of a price, not suggested at all, but its your record, not mine ! We call those ROOT CANALS at my site... ever have one? Because when you think teams can win by mulitple runs every night? You might as well be in a dentists chair!! Good luck with that!!
  12. Re: MLB: May 7th 2012 Picks MLB Grand Salami Under 105 Reasons not withstanding, the quality of pitchers to start the day, and the amount of injuries piling up for plenty of squads, much less i could probably hand you the totals for most games as well, but it wouldnt matter im sure... Good fortune!
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