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  1. Re: Bayer 04 Leverkusen v Paris Saint-Germain > Tuesday February 18th Leverkusen didn't win the competition in 2002.
  2. Re: New Zealand vs India - Test Series I'm getting seriously fed up of having to come on here and bemoan ridiculous losses but Bangladesh have Sri Lanka at 67/8 in their one day match and they can't win the match from there? Seriously? What is the point in playing cricket if you're going to lose from positions like that and what is the point in us betting on matches if teams are going to lose from positions like that? That's just farcical.
  3. Re: Arsenal v Manchester United > Wednesday February 12th Nobody in the media seems to have mentioned this so maybe I'm going mad but I just can't see how you can play Rooney and Mata in the same team. They both play in the same position as far as I can see. Spending £37m on a player who plays in one of the few positions Man Utd were already alright for is madness.
  4. Re: New Zealand vs India - Test Series I'm gonna need all kinds of analysis on this match because I've lost out on a huge amount of potential winnings here and I'm not really sure why. Any input much appreciated, Kevshat you seem to know your cricket, I'd like to hear a breakdown of what's happened here please. How on earth can a match go 500-200-100-350 in terms of the innings scores? I've never seen anything like it.
  5. Re: New Zealand vs India - Test Series Ok, normally I can make good money betting on cricket but this match has tied me in knots. So much to be picked apart and analysed. Firstly, why is there no DRS in place? I don't get having different rules for different matches and there have been a couple of pretty key incorrect decisions. Secondly, I hope that all teams can learn from the mess New Zealand made of a dominant position and take the follow-on when it is offered in future. A match is only won by taking 20 wickets so you have to give yourself as much time as possible to achieve this.
  6. Re: New Zealand vs India - Test Series Answers on a postcard as to why New Zealand chose to bat again. Hopefully it won't cost me big money but it just might.
  7. Re: BDO Darts Trophy - 6-9 Feb Wesley Harms man :( The guy is spoken of as a potential PDC player but that was an absolute horror show. I hit more treble 20s than he does and that's really saying something!
  8. Re: Premier League - Week 1 Debutants have a history of coming out flying for the first few weeks (or longer) in the Premier League so it's a bit disappointing to read all the tips for Thornton on here.
  9. Re: February 3 - February 9 Why isn't everyone tipping the same bets for Karlovic - Dodig (tiebreaks, overs etc) as they did for Karlovic - Brands the other day? What's the difference here?
  10. Re: New Zealand vs India - Test Series Yeah that bet stood out to me as well but I also like 8/11 on a century in the first innings. What are your thoughts on that one?
  11. Re: Manchester City v Chelsea > Monday February 3rd I want to get involved because I believe Man City win this over 80% of the time and they only need to win it 55% of the time to make the bet profitable.
  12. Re: Manchester City v Chelsea > Monday February 3rd (My last post was a reply to this, sorry.)
  13. Re: Manchester City v Chelsea > Monday February 3rd You are joking? How many did Man City average at home to the top teams then? (Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd and Spurs.)
  14. Re: Manchester City v Chelsea > Monday February 3rd I think the odds on Man City are unbelievably that good that things like draw no bet at 4/11 and Man City to win or draw at 1/5 come into play. Even Man City win with cover on the 0-0 is an option, I'm between these three alternatives at the moment, I'll decide nearer kick off time which to go with.
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