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  1. Division 4 - Week 6 Selections

    Bradford/Rotherham over 2.5 1.95 Hibs/Motherwell over 2.5 1.83 10 points on the double
  2. Division 4 - Week 5 Selections

    Wednesday/Forest over 2.5 2.10 Accrington/Carlise over 2.5 1.73 10 point double
  3. UK Football Predictions > Aug 29th - Sep 3rd

    Here is a list of totals I would like to tip up for this weekend. Not a big fan of write-ups with totals, I could always spit out the numbers to support them, but they are there for all to see. A bit of a tough gauge in early season, and with cups going strong, but hoping that these teams continue to be frisky and I win more than I lose. Good luck to everyone with your wagers this weekend one unit per piece Carlisle/Mansfield over 3 2.42 Crawley/Yeovil over 3 2.45 Lincoln/Luton over 3 2.40 Morecambe/Accrington over 3 2.45 Wycombe/F.Green over 3 2.43 Torquay/Chester over 3 2.20 adding on more to this list Coleraine/Glenavon over 3 2.03
  4. Division 4 - Week 4 Selections

    Carlisle/Mansfield over 2.5 1.83 Wycombe/F.Green over 2.5 1.83 20 points on the double please
  5. Division 4 - Week 3 Selections

    Colchester/F.Green over 2.5 1.73 Lincoln/Carlisle over 2.5 1.80 10 point Double
  6. Division 4 - Week 2 Selections

    Was I wrong in thinking that only up to a treble was allowed? regardless, I wouldn't play anything above that anyway Burnley/WBA over 2.5 2.50 Motherwell/Ross over 2.5 1.80 10 point double
  7. Div 4 - Week 1 Selections

    A double for 10pts Barnet/Luton over 2.5 1.91 Notts/Chesterfield over 2.5 2.00 Good luck to everyone Let's have a profitable first week!
  8. Damn right it would take some settling time! My thanks to you for taking the time to sort it all out Billy
  9. Billy, Please excuse my ignorance, had a few questions. Is there a minimum amount required per week....or minimum amount per bet? ......and is there a limit on number of plays that can be made per week?
  10. Weekend > Apr 7th - 10th

    Icongene well done.....yes indeed, simply absurd you were in thinking that Hamburg could score!
  11. English Cups - August 2016

    all-things, Egger.....thanks for sharing the info. some academy wins there.....Everton, Reading, Norwich...Leicester on penalties.
  12. English Cups - August 2016

    For what it's worth, there are 3 matches for all teams in the group stage. I've not a clue about any of these academy squads...anyone know a bit of salt on who might have the stronger sides?
  13. Championship, League 1 & 2 > Jan 30th

    I didn't think touts were allowed around here?
  14. Re: Mid week Non-League 16th-19th March Wondering if anyone can provide me with some insight on Gosport. Injuries, personel changes? They were scoring goals at a brisk pace, 7 straight matches with at least 2 goals, now 2 straight 0-1 losses. The odds on the over 2.5 have now drifted up to 2.14 in some places, Wealdstone concedes quite a few. Got me scratching my head? Thanks in advance for any thoughts:cheers