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  1. Re: Aston Villa v Manchester City > Saturday October 4th Unlucky! I just thought I would mention that your tip did help me predict a low scoring City win, so it was still of use. Seems like City just have another gear when they need to, which is good to remember for live betting.
  2. Re: MLS 2014 (USA/Canada) Toronto has Defoe back and this is a huge game for them to make the playoffs, something to consider, they are also coming off a big comeback win. LA is better though
  3. Re: Manchester City v Chelsea > Sunday September 21st brilliant!
  4. Re: MLS 2014 (USA/Canada) Henry gave up another penalty kick today, ridiculous, if any bookie carried that line, it would have to have odds much lower than evens for henry to do it again. Anyway nice tip guys.
  5. Re: MLS 2014 (USA/Canada) TFC get a garbage offside goal while fouling the GK of vancouver 4 minutes in, and then park the bus for almost the entire match, Nelsen's strategies at their finest. Good thing you can always count on Henry to give up a ridiculous penalty,(slide tackles the guy from behind while the ball is in the air) He was also lucky not to get a second yellow card on a few occasions. Anyways, Vancouver won 2-1 and then lost on penalties, but the bet won, so it's all good. Never saw that coming with philly and kc. Maurice Edu was out for philladelphia, my guess is SKC were maybe a little too cocky and distracted going in the game, and philladelphia surprised them. Ghostcall handball pk to advance montreal to the next round in the 6th minute of injury time, glad you won meat man but honestly, that was the worst call at the worst time I have ever seen, feel kind of bad for Edmonton, that was the biggest game in franchise history. Crazy stuff anyway, now a weird time is coming up in the MLS as players will be away for the WC.
  6. Re: MLS 2014 (USA/Canada) Yes Montreal should win. I don't trust their defense at all though. The 17 year old Boaki on Edmonton is really good too and this is a big stage for him as well, he was easily the best player last game, and I would say Montreal was outplayed by Edmonton, I don't really know much about Edmonton though. You're probably right. Another thing though is Edmonton usually plays in front of like 3000 people or something so for them this is a huge game as well, and it's on national television, it's probably one of their biggest games of the season, and they seem to have somewhat decent talent for NASL and a good coach. I feel like this is one of those weird cup games where Edmonton could pull out a result or something, but I think Montreal is going to really step up to avoid embarrassment. Overall personally I am just not super confident about Montreal at the moment, this game just has a sense of unpredictability about it for me, but it's I think it's as safe as most bets to take the -1 asian, if Montreal don't win it would be a disaster for them, so I think they win but Edmonton doesn't make it easy. The fact that you like this bet makes me think it's better than I had first though. What I just wrote is what I thought prior to seeing your post, just so that it would be unbiased. So basically I don't know, I think if Bernadello is playing for the Impact though it would make a huge difference, I'm not sure if he is though. I'm pretty sure Di Vaio won't be playing though he has a hamstring injury.
  7. Re: MLS 2014 (USA/Canada) Back Vancouver in the Canadian championships. No real reasoning for this one other than TFC is playing awful at the moment and Vancouver is playing superb, I have a feeling this is the way things are going to be looking for both clubs for some time now, Carl Robinson has been very impressive, Ryan Nelsen, not so much. Odds of 1.8 for a Vancouver are giving too much credit for TFC. Don't look too much at the whole 3 games in a week thing as Vancouver has a ton of depth. Also if anyone can find a bookie that has odds to win the tournament please let me know. You might want to wait for the lineups to come out though. I think Robinson will go with a few young Canadian players again but not to the extent of the game in Toronto.
  8. Re: Sky Bet Championship Play-Offs > May 8th & 9th meh, not a bad price for over 2 goals, I'll take that for small stakes there. some good points about an away team who likes to attack. Also the coach actually said derby are going to play the way they have been playing all season. I know though easier said than done.
  9. Re: MLS 2014 (USA/Canada) ^ I wonder what the price is for Henry to give up a penalty lol. I'll add that caps youngsters are quite good, but overall not a good away team. Expect lots of pace in the Vancouver lineup.
  10. Re: FC Bayern München v Real Madrid > Tuesday April 29th :rollin didn't really see the the set piece goals coming but I'm sure everyone who backed Madrid for high stakes is laughing right now. the bookies are probably crying lol, with those odds they had. Is it Guardiola who taught bayern that zonal set piece coverage? It's not looking good for him, but it's partly the players fault of course as well.
  11. Re: FC Bayern München v Real Madrid > Tuesday April 29th first half= RM +.25 @evens If Guardiola doesn't adjust his strategy My thoughts: Bayern will come out again with pep guardiolas overemphasis on possession and they will keep passing backwards/without enough creative/goal scoring intent, as they will be too worried about at RM counter. So the game will stay close, maybe RM picks a goal on the counter, maybe bayern get's one on a corner or a cross or something. Later in the game Robben and crew will take it into his own hands and maybe part from guardiolas strategies somewhat to get something going, maybe it will work. Obviously that is just how I see things perhaps panning out, I don't know though, but I like RM on the first half line. I also like just RM bets in general at that price.
  12. Re: Manchester United v Norwich City > Saturday April 26th I agree. How many times do see clubs get a new manager and play well. Especially since it's Giggs I think they play a good match here compared to with moyes and get the 3 points. They also probably want to show that they (the players) weren't to blame for the struggles of man u. With that being said, there is basically no value on the Man United win or handicap in my opinion.
  13. Re: Southampton v Everton > Saturday April 26th spot on, alcaraz heads it into his own goal not even a minute into the match.
  14. Re: Real Madrid v FC Bayern München > Wednesday April 23rd Stoked to see guys like you + others thinking along the same lines as myself. Clearly I took the DNB too early at pinnacle at 1.175 as now it is 185 basically I think this is the right bet or RM to win no DNB, Guardiola has only messed up bayerns systems IMO. I'ts the playoffs in Canada so I'm slightly too under the influence to comment but basically Bayern are playing a system that does not favour them, people say RM;s systems is not good for this series because it's not defensive enough to beat bayern but I dis think it is unless the Bayern olayers deside to disregard guardiola IMO
  15. Re: Real Madrid v FC Bayern München > Wednesday April 23rd Firstly, I'm not a Madrid fan at all, but with the way Bayern has been playing I think Madrid should win this. I took the Real Madrid (+O) at 1.75 at Pinnacle, as a relatively safe bet in my opinion. Bayern played Robben and Ribery on saturday and struggled to get by last place in the bundesliga Braunshweig, and it's not as if their performancce against Man U was very good either for Bayern's standards. I'm sure others will have more to add to this, and I'm interested to hear it, but Real Madrid has been good lately and Bayern simply hasn't, what I have seen is enough to convince me to back Real Madrid here.
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