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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
** November Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd andellio, 3rd Craig bluenose, 4th Redphil57. KO Cup Winner vangovin. Most Winners MCLARKE: **

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  1. anyone still having a go at these ????????
  2. these look like they are going well opole, you watch alot of mma/ufc then.
  3. Watched this one win and showed a good turn of foot around the 2f mark, and thank you Thor
  4. how come you say "roll on the flat season", this is doing great through the NH season. in fact better then great
  5. Blisters she had a medical timeout and never looked good after that
  6. would you say there seems to be more value/ betting oppatunites in the early rounds rather then the later, and as the event comes towards the end maybe the cream comes towards the top. alao anyone on here play tennis or as played at good standards?
  7. how is this going just out of interest? if anyone is still following them/backing them it would be good to hear from you a month on.
  8. wed 16/1 12.39, hove t1 13.04, swind, t1 13.19, swind, t6 13.22, hove, t3 13.51, swind, t3 15.39, mon, t5 16.58, mon t2 18.02, rom t5 18.09, mon t6
  9. tues 15/1 (had something on monday) 11.48, nottm, t4 12.01, cray, t1 12.04, nottm, t3 12.11, kins, t2 12.16, cray, t6 12.33, nottm, t6 12.46, cray, t5 13.12, kins, t3 13.27, kins, t1 16.27, sund, t5 17.28, hove, t5 17.44, hove, t3
  10. should of had punchestown on there as you would of gone through the card there, 7 races 6 winners 1 none runner. for a £1 acca would of returned just over £8000........anyone on ??? lol
  11. Sun 13/1 11.19, belle, t6 11.34, belle, t5 13.28, sund, t2 13.44, sund, t6 14.26, Perry, t5
  12. sat 12/1 12.08, perry, t6 12.24, perry, t4 13.37, cray, t3 14.07, newc, t1 14.42, newc, t5 17.07, newc, t2
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