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  1. I had Legia-1. Anyway it should be voided. Both yours and mine. Mine was anyway heading to a void, but interrupted matches rarely get graded with the actual scoreline as official final result. I think you'll have it voided
  2. Sorry meatman for the off but I'm curious. Hungarian league champions appointed Bernard Casoni as the head coach. What do you think of him? What can he do with a team which barely conceded any goals but has an effective attack and won the league very confortably? They are heading towards the CL qualifiers and I'm interested what can he do? After promoting Evian he seems like he lost ground. Thank you!
  3. Re: Norway » Tippeligaen » 9-10 May Any thoughts on OM-ASM? I supppose you would've bet away +0 or somethinh similar. Unbelievable anyway.
  4. Re: Norway » Tippeligaen » 9-10 May Usual meatman quality, thumbs up, Steve!
  5. Re: Liga de Fútbol Profesional > April 3rd - 6th Real Madrid away 1-1 Atlético away 1-0 I also think Valencia will win, but it's dangerous to bet on big teams after international breaks.
  6. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > February 20th - 22nd Meatman, you've got quite a following here, you are our underground hero! You should break into the mainstream :D Any ideas for today?
  7. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > February 20th - 22nd Are they capable to defend tightly if the stake is high? Especially if they face technical and fast attackers, mostly on the wings. I expect them to lose Kiev after luckily winning at home in a match they've played against 9 men. DK are currently leading the league in Ukraine, aboe Shakhtar, that says something about them. Anyway thanks for the reply
  8. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > February 20th - 22nd I saw it was interrupted for a while,maybe for fan riots, I don't know, but it's continued, it's the 87th minute. Our bets are safe, I hope
  9. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > February 20th - 22nd Very good previews, mate! Been following you again since you are back in form. Keep it up! I've got a question for you! Do you think Guingamp will lose away to Dynamo Kiev in the EL? COnsidering they only struggled to win against 9 men, I think they could be comfortable to bet against in the return leg. What's your opinion on that.
  10. Re: Liga de Fútbol Profesional > February 13th - 16th Excellent reasoning, been considering it myself, too., but I wasn't sure enough. In the 89th minute it seems like the better decision was a nobet. Tyton saved a couple of total shockers. You deserved at least the void.
  11. Re: Liga de Fútbol Profesional > February 4th - 9th It was closer to a 5-0 than to a 4-1, but congrats anyway. Excellent bet! I wanted to do over2,5 and Atlético+0,25 but acted late and the odds was crap already. I didn't want to risk with the straight win. I should've
  12. Re: Ligue 2 > January 23rd - 26th No, it's not. Otherwise how do you explain that people like Meatman and those of us who follow him regularly make a very nice profit of Ligue 2? Don't talk trash about actually the most profitable league on PuntersLounge. At least, for me Meatman's insight to the first 2 tiers of French football are the cream of the crop. Really.
  13. Re: Ligue 2 > January 23rd - 26th that crappy January form seems to continue... Do you have a logical explanation? Historically Ligue 2 registers the most surprise results or what? Like Guardiola's Barca in February.
  14. Re: Liga de Fútbol Profesional > December 24th - 26th Dídac Vilá is nowhere near the engine of the team, he hasn't played one match in the whole season so far. I wouldn't bet against such a team which drew in Sevilla and sit well above their hosts depsite their name. Sociedad may win at home, but this 1,75 odds is clear undervalue.
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